How Affiliate Marketing Beginners Can Get A Head Start

The following post is from my good friend Dom who’s an incredible affiliate marketing coach and owner of Human Proof Designs.

Take it away Dom…

One of the most neglected aspects of online business training is the initial learning curve that affiliate marketing beginners go through.

Sure, you’ll see people harping on about how their method is hands-free, automated, and requires no previous experience; but once you’ve finished wasting your money on their scams, there’s only one real truth left:

It takes time to get competent enough to actually start earning money.

Affiliate marketing attracts a lot of beginners because of the low start up fees and outlandish claims of instant successes, but in truth it should be treated like a real business that needs a realistic approach.

Think about it, there is so much you have to learn. In the beginning, you probably don’t even know what it is that needs learning. I once heard it put like this:

  • Initially you are unconsciously incompetent (you have no idea how terrible you are).
  • Next you are consciously incompetent (you know what needs learning).
  • After some hard work and a steep learning curve, you are now consciously competent (you do a good job, and you know why).
  • Finally, you are unconsciously competent (everything you do is great and you don’t need to think about it.)

So for those of you either in stage one or two, you’ll want to get rolling on towards stages three and four as quickly as possible.

This is where most scams come in and take advantage. If you are “unconsciously incompetent”, you have no idea what is legitimately going to help you, and what’s going to rip you off.

In the rest of this article, I’m going to highlight how you can save yourself time, difficulty and countless mistakes by buying a ready-made niche website, and let you know what exactly to look out for.

I’d hate to send you off with great knowledge, only to see you buying something junk.

Why Affiliate Marketing Beginners Should Buy A Ready-Made Website

I know that a lot of you want to get started for free. I get that. You’re in this to make money, not spend it.

However, I also want you to actually succeed in earning money in the first place.

To do this, you’re going to need the face of your business, the website, to look excellent right from the beginning.

I’ll tell you a little secret. Most beginners put up an average looking website with the belief that they will improve it as they learn more.

The problem is, they then realize how much OTHER stuff there is to learn (they’re now consciously incompetent), that they never get around to it.

I’ve seen people muddling over landing pages, email auto responders, and the finer points of A/B testing, all the while sitting on an UGLY-AS-HECK website.

Think of it like a real bricks-and-mortar business. It doesn’t matter if the product you are selling is amazing. If your shop is ugly, I’m not coming inside.

Buying a ready-made website is the best way for beginners to get started in affiliate marketing without worrying about the set up process. It’s not exactly “turnkey”; you still need to do some work and development, but it’s the closest thing you can get.

Slashed Learning Curves

Remember how I said that there are so many things to learn? By cutting out the web development process, you’re literally saving yourself MONTHS of learning.

While other beginners are trying to figure out how to add an image to their website, you’re already working on the more advanced things like how to get paid and how to grow your site’s readership.

It’s like learning how to parallel park on your first ever driving lesson.

And by the way, you’re driving a Ferrari.

What To Look Out For

Unfortunately, there are some people out there who love to take advantage of unconscious incompetence, and sell junk.

They’ll come with shiny labels, catchy slogans, and endless claims of wealth over night.

Chances are, they’ll only cost $47 too. I always wonder, if these junk sites are as good as they claim to be, why don’t they cost more?

When looking at potential sites, never fall for any of the following claims:

  • No experience necessary
  • Fully-automated (or even partially automated)
  • Guaranteed success/profit/passive income (there’s never a guarantee online).

Also, be wary of sites that use the following things to make themselves look better:

  • Number of searches in Google (who cares how many people search for that word, there’s no guarantee any of them will find your site).
  • High number of “unique” articles included (I’ve seen sites that come with over 100 articles, yet they only cost $50 to buy? Where’s the profit? Chances are, those articles are either copied from elsewhere, spun, or very low quality).
  • Any other outlandish claims and promises.

At the end of the day, websites that offer quality and acknowledge hard work are the ones that succeed online. The ones that claim automation or overnight success are the ones that fail and make you waste your money.

Always focus on quality.

Human Proof Designs – Ready-Made Affiliate Websites

At Human Proof Designs, this is exactly the kind of philosophy that we want to instill in you. Quality comes first, and we make sure that’s what you get.

We don’t just give you a “Ferrari” website; we teach you how to drive it. Our websites come with full training on how to take them forward, and many advanced techniques as well.

There’s no point in us selling you something that you won’t know how to use, so we put more effort into our training than we do anything else. You can take a look at what we mean by checking out our niche site builder page here.

Giving yourself the best possible start in affiliate marketing is giving yourself the best possible chances of success.

Dom is the owner of Human Proof Designs – A website that creates websites. Visit his site for latest news and to check out the niche sites he has to offer.

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