Here’s One Of The Best Things You Can Do For Your Business

So it's another day in my online business. But for some reason today I'm just not feeling it. I can't get my head in the game and do what I want to get done. Now I'm frustrated.

Ever feel that way?​ Hell maybe you're feeling it today and that's why you're here reading my post.

​Well it can't come as a big surprise that you're going to have days like this - it's natural. I have days like this all the time. Hey it's not a walk in the park to build and grow an online business, despite what people say. It's hard work.

​Now I know there may be days when you're not feeling it, but there are things that absolutely have to get done no matter what because it's not under your control. And if that's the case well it's time to suck it up and get shit done. Been there done it.

But on those days when you're not feeling it and there's no chance of you getting your head in the game​ and the stuff that you want to get done can wait. Then here's what you do. 

Walk away - take a break​ - get out of the house, go for a walk, hell take the day off and go do something you've put off doing. Just do something other than sitting at your computer fighting with yourself.

​The absolute best thing you can do is get away from your business for a while. Trust me your business will be just fine if you walk away for a day.

Hell I've walked away from my business for days at a time, and my business did not come crashing down.

And speaking of that, isn't this the reason you wanted an online business so you didn't have to be there every waking moment?

I've talked to plenty of people who think or are completely convinced if they take a break that all their hard work will start to crumble - yeah that's so far from the truth it's ridiculous. That mentality comes for all those idiot gurus saying you have to hustle 24/7 or you'll fail - bullshit!!

Funny thing is, a lot of these so called gurus are nowhere to be found any more.​ So much for hustling.

Yes you have to work on your business, and yes it's hard work. But you're not doing yourself any good working yourself to death over it. So don't.

If you're not feeling it today, then walk away and take break. It could be just going for a walk or maybe you need to take the day off. Your brain is telling you it needs a break, so give it one.​

Personally I think days like this happen because we have so much we want to get done we get overwhelmed ​and overloaded that we just can't get anything done.

So Here's My Secret

Sure I still have those "not feeling it" days - and I will have them in the future​. But what has helped me have fewer days like those is by creating a schedule.

What I have found is by having a weekly schedule I get more done​ and I don't feel like I'm always a step behind.


You may know that feeling?

You want to get all this stuff done in the day so you start multitasking thinking this will get everything done.

And now what happens? If you're like me half of what you wanted to get done get's done. But by creating a schedule and breaking things down into manageable pieces you'll be light years ahead of the game.

I did post in the wealthy affiliate about the 10 tips on how to succeed with affilaite marketing. And in it I included my current schedule and here it is:

Monday: This is the day that I voice, produce and do everything related for my video's.

Tuesday & Wednesday: On these 2 days I create content.

Thursday: This is my keyword research day.

Friday: This is learning day. I set aside this time to learn what's new and what can potentially increase my skills as a marketer to keep growing my business.

Here's The Other Secret

It's great you're going to have a schedule, but you need to do what's on your schedule before doing anything else.

You Need To Focus!!​

So this means you're not checking your email, wasting time on Facebook or any other social media platforms. You're not texting and you're not on YouTube watching the latest cat video. 

Of course I'm not saying you can't do this stuff, but there is a time and place for everything. Once you have what's on your schedule completed, then you can do whatever you want, and that includes watching cat videos.

Trust me creating a schedule and sticking to it will get you further ahead with your business and lessen those "not feeling it" days.

And now you can take a time off, not because you have to or your head will explode. You can take a time off because you simply can​.

I believe in you

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