Here We Go Again -

Here We Go Again

Hey whats shaking?

Well YouTube is at it again – just a few days ago they changed the design for YouTube channels.

Some people like it and others down right hate it – personally I like it.

The changes are designed to increase subscriptions, which is a good thing.

Here’s the changes:

Channel Art

This is the branding for your Channel. I have a few images below.

But I will warn you it is a pain in the butt to figure out. Let me explain:

Since your channel is now viewable on all devices in the new design you have to create a very specific channel art design.

At 2120 x 1192 your channel can be seen on TV’s but on your channel the visible viewing area is only 1280 x 350, and for a tablet it is 1536 x 350 and for a desk top it’s 2120 x 350 (max)

So you have to create your channel art at 2120 x 1192 but have what you want seen on your youtube channel within the minimum view area of 1280 x 350. and what you want seen on a tablet at 1536 x 350 and what you want seen for desk top at 2120 x 350.

Confused yet? You’re not alone.

Your channel art should include, your channel name, a picture of you or your product a logo and tagline. Also make sure to allow space for your profile picture because YouTube adds it to the upper left hand corner of your channel art.

Here is a link to a template and the guidelines Channel Art Guidelines

I did not spend a lot of time on this and it will probably change but here’s what my full channel art looks like:


And here’s what you see on my channel. You need to stay inside the viewable area for your design.

Trailer Video

You can now have a video trailer. This is my favorite feature.

So anyone who is not a subscriber will see this video from you – it auto plays. The video you make should be a welcome or what you do or what the channel is about.

And make sure you include a call to action in your video, such as subscribe, watch another video you send them to your website.

Once created click the Channel Trailer button and select your video, and boom you’re good to go.


Edit Your Links

Next you can edit the links – your first Custom Link will show in your channel art and any other links will be visible on your about page. And your fist Social Link will also be visible.

You can set up which links are visible in your channel art.

Add Sections

Sections allows you to add thumbnails of your videos. You can group them into categories.

And you do this by creating a play list and then add your videos to that play list.

Your About Page

You should already have an about page. Simply tell people what your channel is about and how it can benefit them.

And that’s it. You don’t have to make the switch yet but I’m sure it will have to be done by everyone at some point.

Oh and if you have made the switch but you’re just not ready to do everything you can switch back to your old view.

Go here and scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find a link to switch back.

You can subscribe to my new channel Here

Have a great weekend –

I believe in you!

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