Guest Posting - It's Just Plain Smart -

Guest Posting – It’s Just Plain Smart

guest postingGuest posting is a great way to increase your audience, generate traffic and get those oh so valuable backlinks.

But like all marketing methods there is a right way and a wrong way.

Unfortunately many people are approaching guest posting completely wrong and it’s ruining a great audience and traffic building resource.

Google now considers “low quality guest posting” to be spam under their guidelines.

So you need to be very aware (familiar) with the site(s) you wish to guest post at. If the site is a spammy site you will be penalized due to association. The same goes when someone asks you to be a guest poster on your site.

In this training I’m going to show you how to do guest posting the right way.

Google Likes Guest Posting When It’s Done Right

Finding Guest Posting Opportunities

The best way to find blogs for guest posting is by doing a search in Google. Simply replace the “Keyword” with the topic or niche that you’re involved or interested in.

So for example you can do searches like:

  • Keyword +submit a guest post
  • Keyword +guest post
  • Keyword +accepting guest posts
  • Keyword +guest writers

The Guidelines/Protocol Page

You’ll find most blogs that accept guest posting have a guidelines page or it’s also known as a protocol page.

This is where the blog owner lays out the guidelines for guest posting on his or her’s blog. Make sure you read them – if you don’t chances are you’ll blow your opportunity to guest post on that blog and you don’t want to do that.

Ok, what if they don’t have a protocol page? No Problem.

You can pitch them to be a guest poster. I’ll explain how to go about doing that a little later.

Guest Posting Check List

1) Relevance

Make sure the blogs you want to guest post on is relevant to your blog/niche. Now you’re going to come across competitors within your niche. That’s ok. It’s advantageous to work with your competitors so don’t be afraid to reach out to them.

Also, don’t be afraid to look outside your niche. You’ll be surprised how relevant your niche is with other niches.

2) Make It Your Best Content

All of your guest post must be original and unique. They must provide true value to the blog you’re writing for as well as provide valuable and useful information to those blog readers.

In other words make your content the absolute best it can be.

Remember your content is a reflection on you. The bottom line is if not you’re willing to create your best content your wasting your time with guest posting.

Actually if you’re not going to create great content no one with a quality blog will accept a guest post from you in the first place.

3) Build A Relationship

One of the best ways to become a guest poster is to be active on the blog you wish to post on. Reply to blog posts and ask questions – get involved.

This way the blog owner gets to know you. You have built a bond with the blog owner and have taken the time to build that relationship.

So when you do put in a request for guest posting you’re just not another face in the crowd. The blog owner will recognize you.

4) Send Your Post In An Easy Format

The blog owner has enough to do – so making them do more work is not a good thing. So when your post is ready to be sent – you should have it so it’s as easy as copy and paste.

The best format is to send your post in is HTML. This way everything you have done to the post is already coded and can be pasted into the text editor of wordpress and the blog owner just has to hit publish.

When sending your post – more often then not you can send it as an attached file.

So simply state in your email something like:

“You’ll find my article in the attached file – it’s in HTML all you need to do is copy and paste it – and you’re good to go”

5) Include Your Bio

You’ll find most guest posts include a short bio of the author with a link to his or her blog. Make sure to write this yourself and include it with your guest post. This is that valuable banklink you want.

Make sure to keep your bio short, long ones are annoying and usually get rejected. Also make sure your link to your blog is a full HTML link.

6) Get Involved

When your guest post gets published make sure you monitor it. Watch the comments and if people ask questions answer them. You will need to have access to the website your post is on to do this. The blog owner can set that up for you. Just know not everyone will give you access.

Requesting To Guest Post

Some sites do not have a guest posting page or a protocol page that has instructions for guest posting.

Many times there is simply a link to contact the owner of the blog requesting to be a guest poster.

Some people say just write the post and send it to the blogger and let them decide if they want to use it. I’m not a big fan of that, I prefer to be more professional with my approach.

Here’s what to do if there is no protocol page:

1) Make Things Personal

When you’re sending your email to the blog owner make it personal in the subject line of the email.

So for example: Hi David, fantastic pulled pork recipe.

You’ll notice I did not put Guest Post anywhere in the subject line.

2) Identify Yourself

Tell the blog owner who you are. Let him/her know which website you represent.

3) Connect

This is where you show you know this blog owners blog and what it’s about. If you followed the steps above you have been an active visitor to this persons blog, so tell them that.

Also talk about their blog – tell them what you like about their blog. Go into specifics about their blog, not some generic diatribe.

4) Offer A Compelling Reason

You need to provide a compelling reason why this blogger should have you as a guest blogger.

Not – “I would like to be a guest blogger because I like your blog”

A request email like that has delete written all over it.

If you’re an expert in what you do, tell the blog owner that his/her readers would be interested in what you have to share. You’re telling the blog owner that what you have to say will be of value to their readers. And any blog owner worth his/her salt wants to give their readers valuable information.

5) Be Easy

Make yourself easy to get a hold of of. So include your private email address, skype contact and even a phone number.

6) Make An Offer

Let’s face it having a blog is busy work and witting great content is a big chunk of that work. Every blogger I know has a list of content they want to share but finding the time to create it is a challenge.

So don’t be afraid ask the blog owner if there is some topic that he or she has been meaning to post about but just has not had the time to and offer to write that post.

Sample Pitch

So here is what a pitch email can look like – it’s simple and to the point.

From: Leo Emery
Subject: Hi David – Loved the post on Boosting Your Production

Hi David,

I’m Leo Emery the owner of TimeToBeYourBest which is my personal improvement website.

Like you I’m an avid user of the methods taught by Tony Robbins for boosting personal production and I loved your take on his teachings about boosting personal production in your July 14 post. Time to put what you talked about in that post into action!!

I always come across your site in Google search and YouTube. I just wanted to reach out to you and see if you would allow me to do a guest post.

My thinking was to write about the 10 tools you can use to eliminate procrastination, however if you have a better idea, I’m very open to it!

You can reach me anytime at I look forward to your thoughts.

Take Care
Leo Emery

Start Now

Guest posting is a highly successful form of content marketing and when done correctly it provides a great user experience, lots of valuable information and can generate a great deal of traffic your website.

So make sure to add it to your arsenal of traffic getting techniques.

Guest posting

I hope you found this information helpful. If so, feel free to share it with your audience, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

And as always if you need a hand with anything you can email me anytime.

I believe in you!!
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