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Gone Fishing – Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Well not really it’s Friday and the weekend is here so I am giving myself a long weekend.

And you should too. This is the time to relax and look back on ALL that you have accomplished for the week. Give your self a well deserved pat on the back.

Ever little milestone you accomplished this week is getting you one step closer to achieving your main goals.

And what I mean when I say your main goals is that (and I assume you have) is a list of BIG goals, but to accomplish those BIG goals are a series of smaller goals.

So if one of your goals is “I will lose 50lbs by December 31st 2012” your smaller goals are the steps required to accomplish this BIG goal.

So one of your smaller goals could be to take a 30 minute walk every other day as part of your exercise routine.

If you have accomplished this smaller goal CELEBRATE it!! You are on your way to achieving your BIG goal.

So make it a habit to celebrate everything you accomplish and not just by looking back on the week, at the end of every day celebrate your accomplishments.

You are a ROCK STAR!!

I believe in you


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