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Site RubixYour online business starts with your website.

Simply put:

No Website – No Online Business and No Revenue, which means you’re dead in the water.

Your website is your foundation. All methods for making money online stem from your website.

This is the core to your business, your hub, think of it as your store front this is where you’re going to hang out your shingle and advertise to the world you’re in business.

Years ago getting a website setup was a major undertaking – most people had to hire a website designer to get their website built.

And once you found a website designer you were on their schedule – you had to wait for your website to be completed.

Then once it was done anytime you needed to make an update or make a change to your site you had to call the webmaster.

And then wait for those changes and if they weren’t done right you had to start the process over again. And it was a real headache, not to mention costly.

But now-a-days using the right tools you can have a professional looking website up and running in no time.


I’m sure you’ve heard of WordPress. It’s the most commonly used website framework to build websites.
And there’s a reason for that. Nno longer does the average person need to know coding HTML, or have advanced technical skills to create a beautiful website.

Plus WordPress has thousands and thousands of website templates to choose from so there is a template for every market and every niche.

However with any website there are some very important functions your site must have for it to run quickly and efficiently

And by not taking these important functions into account means the difference between a quality robust site with a great user experience to one that is lacking, slow and a bad user experience for your visitors.

importantThe 4 Most Important Functions Of A Successful Website

1) Your Site Loads Quickly

If your site loads slow people aren’t going to wait around they’ll simply leave and find another website. You site should load in less than 2 seconds.

2) Clean Professional Design

If your site is hard visually. Meaning lots of banners, blinking and flashing, popups and all that stuff again people will not stay on your site. They’ll simply leave and find a site that does not look like a circus.

3) Easy Navigation

People don’t want to struggle getting around your site – it must be really easy and have a nice flow. If you make it hard for people to navigate they’ll get frustrated and leave your site.

4) Easy Engagement

It must be easy for your visitors to engage with you on your site such as allowing comments, and the ability people to contact you, and this ease of engagement leads to a more successful website and ultimately a more success online business.

Now I will admit there are other factors for having a successful website, such as SEO, google authorship, ranking and things like that.

But by making sure your site has these 4 essential functions will put you light years ahead of most people wanting to build a thriving business online.

Building Your Site

For many people the thought of installing WordPress onto their host can be a little scary especially if they haven’t done it before, mostly because they don’t want to make any mistakes, which is totally understandable.

So this is when you need to decide do you want to work hard or do you want to work smart?

Site Rubix

Using the free web builder provided by wealthy affiliate is working smart. Wealthy affiliate’s site rubix web builder allows you to build beautiful websites in 30 seconds or less with no need for ANY technical knowledge.

All it takes is 5 easy steps.

  1. Pick a domain name (here’s a tutorial I did on choosing a domain name)
  2. Give your site a title
  3. Choose a category (what’s your website about)
  4. Choose your theme (this is the look of your site)
  5. Click “build my site” and you’re done

Plus the wealthy affiliate also provides you free hosting for your site and for as long as you have your website. Actually wealthy affiliate allows you to can create 2 free websites using their free web builder.

And this is fantastic for you because now you don’t have to spend any money on getting your website setup and there is no expense for hosting. So by using this resource you’ve just created the foundation for your thriving business for free.

So let me quickly show you how easy it is to build your website with site rubix.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Site Rubix?

  • It’s totally free to use
  • You get 2 free websites
  • You get free hosting for each website
  • Free training on how monetize your website
  • In less than 30 seconds your site is up and running!!

What’s The Catch?

There is no catch. To begin using site rubix all you need to do is simply sign up. No personal info and no payment info will be asked of you.

Just fill in your name and email address a username and a password and you’re good to go. Once you’ve finished with the steps you’ll be given your administrator access where you can edit and customize your site anyway you want. Try it out.

Huge Bonus

Once you’ve created your site rubix account you also now have free access to wealthy affiliate. Wealthy affiliate is the #1 resource for training not only on how to build a website but it has step by step training on how grow and build a thriving online business from your website.

If you do decide to access the free training in wealthy affiliate I recommend completing your account profile (setup). This will give me a better understanding of what you want to achieve online and I will personally help you achieve those goals.

Now whether you decide to take the free training available to you or not still try out the site rubix web builder at least once to see how the program works and how quick and easy it is to use.

Remember these sites are yours and you can do what you want with them.

I hope you found this information helpful. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

And as always if you need a hand with anything you can email me anytime.

I believe in you!!
Leowealthy affiliate

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