Finding A Good Affiliate Program

Choosing The Right Affiliate ProgramHappy Monday…

You know I get many emails asking how do you know you’re teaming up with a good affiliate program?

So I thought I would share with you one way I can make that decision.

My biggest concern when joining any affiliate program is the affiliate support.

If the affiliate support sucks – then to me the whole program sucks – and I don’t care how much they’re offering or the tools they provide.

I’ll give you an example.

It’s Monday so I’m being kind today and I’m not going to mention the program. But it was in the health and diet niche.

The program is offering a 75% commission, which is great, I never promote anything if it is less than 50% – so we’re off to a good start.

They had a lot of tools – videos – brandable content – been around for a while, it looked like everything was ok.

So now it’s time to put them to my little test.

After I have looked over their material offered to me the affiliate, I find something that I can ask them and then I contact their affiliate support and see what type of response I get.

So I emailed their support team and asked a question. I usually contact support several times before making a decision.

So my question to affiliate support was this –

“In your FAQ section you mentioned that I can use the 7 day meal guide as an incentive to get people on my list – I looked all over and could not find it – where can I get this guide and is it brandable?

Now that seems like a very clear and straight forward question – right?

Well here’s the response I got back from this cracker jack support member.

“If you would like to purchase a workout here is the link XXXXX I hope that helps?”

Really!! That’s the reply – that’s has nothing to do with my inquiry.

So far FAIL!!

Ok, maybe I got the only new person and I got them on an off day – it happens – so I emailed them again – same question.

It’s been a week and no response – they do state they will get back to you within 24 hours – plus the owner of the program says he will personally get back to you as well if you don’t get a reply from the support team.

Well that sounds good but right now I have to call – Bullshit!!

Look I’m a pretty straight forward guy – if you say you’re going to do something – then do it!!

Ok s0 far 2 FAILS!! – third time a charm right?

Ok so I email them one more time asking a different specific question.

Here it is:

“Can I use the before and after photo’s from your site on my site?

Pretty straight forward right?

You would think.

Here’s the answer:

“Yes many of our clients have gotten great results – feel free to submit your before and after photos to us”

Are you kidding me!! (oh same person who replied to the first question relied to this one)

Now I’m convinced the person responding is either a complete idiot or they are living in a hut overseas, can’t speak english and is being paid a dollar a day to be affiliate support.

So because of this simple test I would never promote this product.

Look, if they cannot answer simple questions and provide rock solid support – I personally run far and I run fast from these programs.

Sure this is not full proof but it sure gives you a great idea what you’re in for. Think about it, what if you’re promoting this program and a real problem comes up?

Do you want to leave your income in the hands of idiots and people that do not have your best interest at heart? I sure don’t.

So remember no matter what an affiliate program is offering put them to this simple test – it will give to a good gauge of who you’re dealing with.

I believe in you!

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