Fantastic New YouTube Feature Added -

Fantastic New YouTube Feature Added

So have you seen the new feature YouTube has just released?

This fantastic new feature instantly makes your videos look very professional and really helps establish your brand.

So what’s the new feature?

Well now you can add a branding video intro to your YouTube videos.

Whats The Big Deal?

The big deal is by having a professional branding video intro can give you a huge credibility boost with your viewers.

With a simple branding video intro you’re showing and subconsciously telling people that you’re a professional and that you mean business.

So how can you take advantage of this great new feature?

5 Simple Steps

Step 1:

Create a 3 second long or less video intro.

Your intro video can not be longer than 3 seconds, if it is YouTube will not accept it.

Step 2:

Upload your video to your YouTube channel just like you would any other video. Just make sure when you do you select “unlisted” so it does not end up on your subscriber feed.

Step 3:

Go into your Channel Settings and then in the drop down menu look for In Video Programming and click on that.

Then look for the third option on the page called Add A Branding Intro.

Step 4:

Click on the Add Branding Intro blue button. Once you do YouTube will automatically show you all videos you have that are 3 seconds or less. Simply choose the one you want to use as your branding video intro.

NOTE: You cannot use these branding intros as advertisements, sponsorships, or for product placement. Once you’ve uploaded an intro video you will see a link where you can learn more about that.

Step 5:

You now are presented with 2 choices for your intro video.

  1. You can choose to have your video intro applied to ALL your uploads. Meaning all your existing videos on YouTube.
  2. You can have your video intro applied to your uploads after a specific date.
Making Changes

If you ever want to change your video intro you can do so anytime. You can also delete any video intros as well.

When it comes to changing your video intro YouTube recommends that you don’t change things around to often so you can keep your brand consistency.

And if you do decide to change your intro video remember it takes time for your new intro to begin appearing across all your videos.

And that’s it. Easy Peezy.

Here is a direct link to YouTube’s page regarding branding intro videos

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