Facebook Ads That Convert

Now I will be the first one to admit I am not fully up to speed when it comes to facebook. I know I should be and I’m learning little by little.

I have my page set up but I have not done anything to seriously to build my following. But that’s changing.

Like you I know and see the huge potential that facebook offers for marketing yourself and your business – but the trick is knowing how to do it properly.

And one of those ways is with paid advertising – or PPC.

Now I have not done much PPC advertising – well I did do some a long time ago with Adsence – that was an expensive experience. And that’s one reason I never really jumped back in.

It was costing me money to get through this learning curve and honestly I was not willing to spend the money to learn all about Adsence PPC. Plus there was no real teachers showing how to properly do Adsence.

And I am a guy that likes the path of least resistance and I am also a guy that learns from people that have a proven track record of success.

I’m sure you have mentors and people that you watch and follow, so do I. And the one person I make certain I follow is a great pink haired lady named Sandi Krakowski.

She is the best of the best when it comes to facebook marketing. I strongly suggest you add here to you list of people to learn from.

As Sand says “There has never been a better time to market your business on Facebook!”

Sandi has a great quick 5 minute video with some excellent tips for creating ads on facebook that convert. And I mean spending $10 and making $100. Even if you have a small budget what she teaches will work for anyone.

I have a new venture and a new facebook page that I want to build out. So I’m going to put her advice to very good use. And of course I will keep you posted on how things work out.

To view this video Click Here You can also bookmark this page as well as link to her blog.

I believe in you

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