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DS Domination Scam – My Full Review Will Shock You

ds domination Product Name: DS Domination
Website: dsdomination.com
Price: $19.95 a month up to $99 a month
plus additional $249 or $499 one-time fee
Owners: Roger Langille, Kevin Hokoana, and Hitesh Juneja
Overall Ranking: 2 out of 10

Today let’s take a peek at DS Domination and why you should absolutely avoid this so-called opportunity to make money online.

It’s not a scam – but it is sure as close to one as you can get.

So let me go through things and you’ll understand why I cannot recommend this program to anyone.

This won’t take long.

What Is Ds Domination?

Simply put Roger is going to show you how to find products on Amazon and then resell them on Ebay for a profit, and he calls that dropshipping.

The problem is this program is the furthest thing from REAL dropshipping that it could ever be.

You are not being taught dropshipping you’re being taught Arbitrage. Don’t worry I explain what Arbitrage in a few moments.

I know the difference because I started my business career doing dropshipping.

What Is REAL Drop Shipping?

Have you ever heard of a company called SMC (Specialty Merchandise Corporation)?

If not it’s a company that has thousands of products available at wholesale prices for it’s members.

As a member you can sale these products at retail in many different business models one of them being through a website.

By selling through a website your orders go to the company and the company fulfills your orders and then ships them for their warehouse to your customers with your name on it .

So the products look like they came from you (which they did) but since SMC is the drop shipper they do all the order fulfilment and do all the shipping this way you don’t have to carry and inventory.

That’s true drop shipping.

Here’s Something People Probably Haven’t Thought Of

If you’re reselling products on Ebay from Amazon your customer is going to get his/her product in an Amazon box. Would you not find that odd?

And don’t you think some people may head over to amazon and see what the amazon price is?

How pissed off would you be if you paid more for your product on Ebay then you could have bought it on amazon?

I’m just saying.

www.netwiseprofits.comThis Is NOT Dropshipping

That’s NOT drop shiping. A real drop shipper does not find retail products and sell them for a higher retail price.

What Roger is teaching is called Arbitrage.

Arbitrage as defined by Wikipedia:

In simple terms, it is the possibility of a risk-free profit after transaction costs. For instance, an arbitrage is present when there is the opportunity to instantaneously buy low and sell high

So finding products on a retail site like Amazon and then selling them on another retail site at a higher prices is Arbitrage NOT dropshipping.

Plus it’s a violation of the terms of service with Amazon in a few ways.

The Amazon Terms Of Service clearly states you cannot use their content, images or ANY of their services for resale.

You can see that from the image below it’s right from their site.

amazon tos

If you are crazy enough to use this program keep in mind you’ll also be violating Amazon Prime’s Terms Of Service.

In a nutshell you can’t use your amazon membership to ship resale products. I underlined that in the image below.

amazon tos

So Roger would like you to believe you’re going to be building a solid online business and he has already violated the terms of service of Amazon – twice!!

Doesn’t sound to solid to me, in fact you’re building your business on quicksand.

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dollar signWhat’s The Price?
  • $9.95 a month to be an affiliate (I talk about this more in a second)
  • DS Pro – $19.95 per month
    DS Elite – $99.00 per month
  • DS Unleashed – $249.00 one time
  • DS Monopoly – $499 one time
Here’s What You Get In Each Course

DS Pro – ($19.95 per month)

You’ll get 19 modules each of which as a 15 to 20 minute long video and goes over the basics of dropshipping where you can make commission of up to $100 on each product.

DS Elite – ($99.00 per month)

In this course you’ll find 10 more modules showing you how to find products where you can earn higher commissions between $200 and $300.

There is also a scraping tool to help you find these higher priced products so you can make bigger commissions.

DS Unleashed – ($249.00 one time)

Here Roger shares with you his secrets of how he is consistently in the top sellers list of Ebay, including a few more tools that can “automate” your money making efforts.

A lot of DSD members say this is where the training should of started. So I guess the pro and elite programs are a waste of money.

DS Monopoly ($499 one time )

Here Roger teaches you about amazon and how to maximize your profits by learning how to research amazon for products as well as how to buy at the lowest prices.

I want you to understand something the crap Roger is selling for $500 can be found in books on amazon for $15 or less.

So don’t get too pissed off after you have flushed $500.00 down the drain when you find the same info on amazon for $5.

DS Domination Extreme Pack ($199.95 one time)

This simply teaches you how to market DS Domination to get people into their so-called affiliate program, which is in fact a shity MLM program.

Are There Any Upsells?

Yep sure are.

As I just went over the different courses for you, just know each one of those is an upsell.

Each upsell is teasing you into thinking that their stuff you’re missing, and of course to spend more money. Trust me you’re not missing anything.

There are killer dropshipping courses online – in fact one that comes to mind is Pat Flynn’s free podcast on how to sell stuff on Amazon.

What About The Affiliate Program?

Here’s where most people are making their money not by using the info in DS Domination but by promoting DS Domination.

But here’s the rub this is NOT an affiliate program, it’s a low quality MLM program, with a shity compensation plan.

And like all MLM programs you have to pay to play. And like other scammy programs such as Impower Network to make more money you have to buy the next course level.

A TRUE affiliate program is free to join.

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dollar sign
What About The Hidden Fees Not Mentioned?

When you list on eBay there are fees you must pay as well as fees from PayPal which is Ebay’s payment processor. All of these fees come out of your profit.

eBay’s listing fee is 30 cents per item.

eBay also has what’s called a Final Value Fee which is 10% and this is per item. So if your item is $100 that fee would be $10.

For paypal there is a processing fee of 30 cents per item. As well as a selling fee of 2.9%. So again if your item was $100 that would be $2.90.

I know powersellers on Ebay and they tell me that if you’re not already established on eBay or already a power seller you’re not even going to come close to breaking even.

Because remember you’re paying those monthly membership fees for Rogers program. Which at a minimum is $9.95 to an an affiliate

Or if you bought into the other two monthly memberships you’re paying $128.90 per month, for information you can find for free or for less than $15 on Amazon.

How’s The Support?

There support is done through a support ticket system, which is weak at best. Hard truth is you’re on your own once they have your money.

What I Liked
  • You will get a list of wholesalers
  • The training videos are easy to understand
  • You can make money if you use the program correctly
  • Two ways to make money with DSD
What I Didn’t Like
  • No refund policy
  • Have to pay to be an affiliate
  • This is NOT dropshipping this is Arbitrage
  • Have to buy higher priced items to make bigger affiliate commissions
  • No trial period
  • Little support
  • Program violate TOS of Amazon
  • Chances of making money big money on Ebay just starting out is very low
  • No mention of the additional fees from Ebay and Paypal
AMTMy Final Opinion

Well right out of the gate this program is totally unethical.

First by lying to you and saying you’re going to be taught drop shipping when in fact you’re being taught Arbitrage.

And second by disguising an weak at best MLM program as an affiliate program.

You can bet most people are making money promoting the sale of DSD and it’s weak MLM program not by doing what’s taught in the actual program.

Why the hell would you want to build a business that violates Amazon’s TOS.

And I don’t care what BS lie or method Roger tells you for working around this. That’s NO way to build a solid foundation for any business.

I certainly wouldn’t want to go to bed every night knowing my business could be wiped out while I’m sleeping because I’m violating Amazons TOS.

Avoid this program at all costs, it’s not a scam but it’s as dame close as you can be to being one, and I dare say very close to being a pyramid scheme.

Ok So Now What?

Building a successful business does not include shady tactics and immoral marketing practices.

Don’t you want to build a solid business that you can be proud of?

That was a rhetorical question. Of course you do.

Take a moment and check out my #1 rated recommendation, free from every scam online, the Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll be show exactly how to build your own thriving online business.

You’ll get all the up to date training you need. You’ll have all the support you need from the community this includes live chat 24-7.

And as I’m a member of the wealthy affiliate anytime you need help all you have to do is give me a buzz.

Plus you’ll also get all the tools and resources you need to build your business. And the best part is you can get started absolutely free!!

I hope you found this review helpful.

I Believe In You!

Do you have a personal experience that you would like to share about the DS Domination? If you do, I would love to hear about it.

Your feedback is always welcome and it can help others! If you found this review helpful and enjoyed it please share it.

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