Drone Affiliate Program – Here’s 9 Great Programs

drone affiliate program

I remember when drones first came to the commercial market. Man, they were expensive. But since then, their popularity has soared and as they got more and more popular the prices have come way down.

In 2020 consumer sales for drones in the US exceeded $1.25 billion. And is projected to reach 40.90 billion USD in 2027. This is a great growing market to get into as an affiliate marketer.

Now, when it comes to a drone affiliate program you have plenty to choose from. So, to help you elevate your income. Yes, pun intended. Here’s 9 great affiliate programs that I found.

Drone Affiliate Program

  1. AerialTech

  2. ABJ Drone Academy

  3. RC Envy

  4. DroneNerds

  5. SwellPro

  6. GoPro

  7. Cafago

  8. Drones Direct

  9. Horizon Hobby

1) AerialTech


AerialTech carries a wide selection of drones for both beginner and professional drone enthusiasts. They also have a wide selection of parts and accessories.

Not only do they have a great selection of drones they are also western Canada’s #1 drone repair shop.

If you’re a social media influencer or website owner in the drone space they want to partner with you. AerialTech manages their affiliate program using Refersion.

Commission Rate: 4%.

Tracking Cookie Duration: 30 days.

Payment: 30 days from date of customer purchase. Minimum payout amount must be $50. 

You can join the AerialTech affiliate program here

2) ABJ Drone Academy

ABJ Drone Academy

Buying a drone is the first step. The next step is learning to fly your new drone. Sure, you can learn how to on your own. But as an amateur pilot getting the right training will give you the right skill set to operate your drone at the professional level.

So where do you go for this type of training? ABJ Drone Academy that’s where.

ABJ Drone Academy offers a full range of specialized drone training courses for drone pilots of all skill levels and backgrounds. You can take these training course either online or in-person.

All of their courses are ISO (International Organization for Standardization) approved. And you get lifetime access to your course(s) which also includes any updates.

They even have a drone simulator that has over 100 training modules.

Commission Rate: 40% to 70%.

  • 1-9 sales in 30 days = 30% commission
  • 10-39 sales in 30 days = 50% commission
  • 40-99 Sales within 30 days = 60% commission
  • 100 or more sales in 30 days = 70% commission

Tracking Cookie Duration: 30 days.

Payment: Once you have made $50 in commissions you will be paid.

You can join the ABJ Drone Academy affiliate program here

3) RC Envy


RC Envy has a large selection of remote controlled RC vehicles. Such as helicopters, airplanes, boats, quadcopters, and drones.

Now they don’t have a large selection of drones. But the selection they do have is best suited for the beginner drone owner. And with the selection of other RC vehicles, the person looking for a drone may end up buying a RC vehicle as well as a drone.

So, you have the opportunity to make commissions on other products not just drones. Also, as an affiliate you do have access to links and banners that you can use on your website.

Commission Rate: 8%

Tracking Cookie Duration: 30 days

Application Process: RC Envy affiliate program is inhouse.

Payment: Monthly through PayPal

You can join the DroneNerds affiliate program here

4) DroneNerds


DroneNerds is the biggest retailer of drones in the United States. They offer a wide selection of consumer, professional, and enterprise drones. Along with cameras, sensors, accessories, and gimbals. Along with drone repair for DJI, Patriot and other type drone.

Now I the reason I have listed DroneNerds is not because of the commission the offer. Which is a pitiful 1%. I’ve listed them only as a last resort if you can find the product you’re looking for through another drone affiliate program.

Commission Rate: 1%.

Tracking Cookie Duration: 30 days.

Payment: Net 60 – this means you get paid 60 days after you earned your commission.

Application Process: DroneNerds affiliate program is managed by Rakuten. So, you will need to apply to Rakuten first and then apply to the DroneNerds affiliate program.

Creatives: You have access to links and banners.

You can join the DroneNerds affiliate program here

5) SwellPro


SwellPro was founded back in 2013 by Eric Hu. He got the idea of creating waterproof drones after seeing drones crash into the ocean while on holidays in the Caribbean.

They currently have 2 product lines that can help with filming, fishing, boating and search and rescue. They also have a great line of accessories for their drones.

Their drones have been used for enterprise applications such as firefighting, water rescue, patrol missions, marine life research, and many other missions.

Commission Rate: 5%

Tracking Cookie Duration:  60 days

Payment: 30 days after the customer confirmed receipt of the order. And you must have $50 or more in your account before you’re paid.

Application Process: SwellPro’s affiliate program is managed by Refersion.

Creatives: Text links and banners.

You can join the SwellPro affiliate program here

6) GoPro


GoPro is the perfect accessory affiliate program to add to your drone site. GoPro is the go to camera when it comes to extrema sports. These are high quality cameras which makes them an excellent option for drones.

GoPro cameras range in price from $350.00 to $650.00. They also sell accessories such as mounts, lighting, cases, etc. As well as lifestyle gear.

Commission Rate: 5%.

Tracking Cookie Duration: 30 days.

Payment: Paypal.

Application Process: GoPro has their affiliate program managed by Ascend.


You can join the GoPro affiliate program here

7) Cafago


Cafago is a huge e-commerce platform that sells everything from cell phones to RC toys and that includes drones and related drone accessories. What’s great about this site is that it has a budget for everyone and not just for drones.

Think of this site as the Amazon for electronics. Just like Amazon people that end up at Cafago can not only buy a drone but they may find something else of interest and buy that too. And just like Amazon you get paid commission on whatever they buy.

Commission Rate: Default to start is 6%.

There is also tiered commissions available

  • 0 – $5999 – 8% commission
  • $6000-$11999 – 9% commission
  • Above $12000 – 10% commission

Tracking Cookie Duration: 45 days.

Payment: 20th of each month.

Application Process: They belong to several affiliate networks including Share-A-Sale. You will need to apply to Share-A-Sale first and then join the Cafago affiliate program.

Creatives: Banners, coupons and text links.

You can join the Cafago affiliate program here

8) Drones Direct (UK)

drones direct


Drones Direct started in 2011 and at that time they were named ProFlight-UK. And in 2015 they teamed up with Buyer It Direct. And at the same time changed their name to Drones Direct.

And now they are the largest supplier of drones in the UK. In fact, they have the biggest range of drones in the racing, hobby, and professional markets. Add to that the huge selection of accessories. They are definitely the one stop shop for in the UK when it comes to drone.

But it doesn’t stop there. They also provide aerial photography and videography services for both business and personal use. And if you need training they offer that as well.

And for the budget conscious buyer who wants to save more money they have refurbished drones available too.

Commission Rate: 1%

Tracking Cookie Duration: 7 days.

Payment: Weekly. And for UK based affiliates payment is direct into your bank account or by cheque drawn on HSBC.

Application Process: Their affiliate program is managed by Webgains (UK).

Creatives: Banners.

You can join the Direct Drones affiliate program here

9) Horizon Hobby

horizon hobby


Horizon Hobby specializes in radio control hobby products that includes airplanes, boats, cars, trucks, trains, and helicopters. They opened their doors in 1985 and they’re still going strong.

You’re not going to find the high end super expensive drones here. Horizon hobby focuses on the hobby market so pricing ranges between $50 to $600.

They also have a wide selection of accessories.

Commission Rate: 3%.

Tracking Cookie Duration: 30 day.

Payment: 20th of the month. You must have a minimum of $50 in commissions to be paid.

Application Process: CJ (commission junction) manages the Horizon Hobby affiliate program. You need to apply to CJ. Then you can join the Horizon Hobby affiliate program.

Creatives: Banners and links.

You can join the Horizon Hobby affiliate program here

Marketing Idea

YouTube is a perfect marketing tools when it comes to drones and RC vehicles. While there are many affiliate programs to promote.

Owning a personal drone or RC vehicle and then making YouTube videos using your drone/RC vehicle is one angle you can use when promoting these products.


When I set out to find affiliate programs for drones I thought I would find a ton on them. And that simply was not the case. Which is very surprising considering how popular the drone market is for both hobbyists and professionals.

But despite that, the ones I did find do offer incredible potential for earning.

Like any niche you’ll need to put in the effort. And with a little out of the box thinking this can and is a great niche to get into if drones and RC vehicles are your thing.

I always tell people the best niche to be in is the one that you have a passion for.

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