My doTerra MLM Review – Is It A Good Opportunity?



Welcome to my doTerra MLM review.

It seems more and more people are moving towards more natural products including essential oils. And with that it’s no surprise there are companies that offer homebased business opportunities for selling such products. And doTerra is one of those companies.

However, as with many MLM business opportunities that raises a bunch of questions.

Questions like:

How much is it to get started? Can you make really money with doTerra? What are the products like? Is doTerra a scam or pyramid scheme?

All valid questions especially when to comes to deciding on a way to make money from home. So, in my review I’m going to answer those questions and a whole lot more.

And by the end of my review hopefully I’ll have given you enough information so you can make an informed decision about doTerra.

Now, as always, I’m simply here to show you the pros and cons of doTerra and give you my personal opinion about this business opportunity.

What you decide to do after reading my review is up to you.

And with that said, let me first say, good on you for taking the time to do your own research before jumping into any business. That alone tells me your serious about finding a legitimate way to make money online.

Alright, let’s see what doTerra is all about.

Quick Overview

Product Name: DoTerra


Price: $35 to start

Type Of Product: Essential oils MLM company

So, What Is DoTerra?

DoTerra, which comes from the Latin word meaning “Gift of the Earth.” Was founded in 2008 by David Stirling, Emily Wright, David Hill, Corey B. Lindley, Gregory P. Cook, Robert J. Young, and Mark A. Wolfert.

They are a MLM (multi-level marketing) company headquartered in Pleasant Grove, Utah that sells essential oils and related products.

And as stated on their “About” page doTerra distributes its essential oils and related products to over 5 million Wellness Advocates and customers. With these products currently being sold in 18 international markets.

The Products

To have success with any business, the products you’re marketing are going to make our break your business. So before getting into the “making money” part of doTerra let’s have a peak at the products they have available.

Essential Oils

  • Single Oils
  • Proprietary Blends
  • DoTerra On Guard – toothpaste, hand washing soap, mouthwash, etc
  • DoTerra Breathe – respiratory drops, aromatic vapor, etc
  • Deep Blue – products to help support muscle and joint comfort and function
  • DigestZen Products – products for healthy digestion

Personal Care

  • Body Care – coconut oil, deodorant, ointment, etc
  • DoTerra Spa – hand lotion, bath bar, lip balm, etc
  • DoTerra Salon Essentials – smoothing conditioner, protecting shampoo, etc
  • Hair Care – shampoo, conditioner, etc
  • Essential Skin Care – anti aging cream, facial cleanser, toner, etc
  • Veráge Skin Care – moisturizers, cleansers, etc
  • HD Clear Skin Care – facial lotion, face wash, etc


  • Weight Management – products to help with weight loss
  • Daily Vitality – General wellness and vitality products
  • Specialized Supplements – calming blend, relaxation and sleep, mental energy, etc
  • Children’s Supplements – fish oil, probiotic powder, etc
  • DoTerra Woman – vitamins, dietary phytoestrogens, etc
  • Digestive Health – gut health and digestion products

Kits & Collections

  • Enrollment Kits
  • Collections
  • Loyalty Reward Kits
  • Leadership Kits
  • Spanish Collections
  • Chinese Collections


  • Product Literature (English)
  • Business Literature (English)
  • Product Literature (Spanish)
  • Business Literature (Spanish)
  • Product Literature (Chinese)


  • Different types of diffusers


  • Mist sprayers, essential oil bottles, cap stickers, etc

Special Offers

  • Herbal tea, shea butter, travel collection, etc

Do Essential Oils Work?

When it comes to essential oils, you’re going find all kinds of controversy surrounding them. Some people swear by them, while other say they don’t do a thing.

There have been many studies that have shown that the smell of some essential oils have shown positive results when used alongside traditional therapy to treat anxiety and stress. Some essential oils are also used as a natural remedy for headaches and migraines.

And the majority of studies have shown smelling Lavender has a positive effects on sleep habits.

But on the flip side you’ll find many studies that say the evidence is not sufficient enough that aromatherapy is an effective therapy for any condition.

Here’s my thought. If you’re using essential oils for things like reducing stress, anxiety or helping with your sleep. And you find it’s working for you. Then who am I or anyone else for that matter to say stop using them.

And if you want to try essential oils just be sure that you’re getting the best product you can. And by that I mean pure.

Are doTerra Essential Oils Pure?

DoTerra does not own or operate the farms where they grow the plants from which these essentials oils are derived from. And because of this doTerra created the CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® protocol to test the oils shortly after distillation. This is where each oil is reviewed for its chemical composition.

Once they have tested the oils for its chemical composition, there is a 2nd test at their production facility. This test makes sure that the oils that have arrived at their facility are the same oils distilled and tested during the first round of tests. And then there is a 3rd test that’s done as the oils are packaged into the bottles.

This protocol checks each batch of oil to be sure it’s pure and free from contaminants or synthetic fillers.

The testing includes these eight main steps:

  1. Organoleptic testing
  2. Microbial testing
  3. Gas chromatography
  4. Mass spectrometry
  5. Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)
  6. Chirality testing
  7. Isotopic analysis
  8. Heavy metal testing

So, from that. I think it’s pretty safe to say doTerra is doing everything it can to ensure their oils are safe and pure.

Important note: Essential oils are NOT regulated. So they are not approved by the FDA.

How Do You Make Money With doTerra?

Ok, now that you know about doTerra and their oils and other related products. Let’s see how you can make money with their business opportunity.

With doTerra you can join either as a Wholesale Customer or a Wellness Advocate.

doterra wellness advocate

As a wellness advocate you get the same perks as a wholesale customer along with your own personalized doTerra website where you can share oils with other people. And of course, you have the opportunity to build a business through their compensation plan.

As with every MLM business opportunity there are 2 ways you can make money.

Retail Sales and Recruiting

With retail sales that’s pretty straight forward. As a wellness advocate, you will earn a 25% profit on purchases made by your retail customers.


This is the business building aspect of the doTerra compensation plan. And like most MLM compensation plans they can be confusing and complicated. And of course, you need to meet certain requirements to be eligible for different levels of compensation.

You can read their compensation plan here. But here’s a quick overview of the ways to earn:

Fast Start

When you enroll new people, you can earn commission from them within the first 60 days. 20% first level, 10% second level, 5% third level. Each enrollee must have 100 PV (points volume) Loyalty Rewards. This fast start bonus is paid weekly.

doterra fast start

Power of 3

With the power of 3 you have the ability to build your business structure in an effective way. By placing people strategically within your business, you can maximize the compensation plan. You can read about strategically placing people in your downline here.

To qualify for the Power of 3, you must set up a 100 PV loyalty rewards order. And all 3 team members that you enroll must also have a 100 PV loyalty rewards order set up. As well as any people they enroll later on.

There are 3 power of 3 bonuses you can earn. $50, $250, and $1500. Of course, you must meet certain qualifications to earn these bonuses. The power of 3 is paid monthly.

doterra power of 3


With the proper qualifications, you’ll receive commission from your downline up to 7 levels deep. The deeper the level the higher the commission. This commission ranges from 2% on the first level to 7% on the 7th level. These commissions are paid monthly.

doterra unilevel

Leadership Pools

Once you reach Premier Level and above you have the opportunity to benefit from the global company volume.

doterra leadership pool

Can You Make Money With doTerra?

Of course, the opportunity is there to make money. But when it comes to building a business through MLM chances are slim that you’re going to make a full time income just from retailing the product.

It all comes down to recruiting people. And that’s not for everyone. In fact, 99% of people that get involved with MLM will lose money (fail). Not the best stats for success it?

The other thing is the cost of the products. Like most MLM’s the price for their products is higher than the market standard. For example, take doTerra’s Tea Tree Essential Oil. A wholesale customer can buy a 15ml bottle for $21.

But if you go to Amazon you can find a 30 mL, 100% Pure, USDA Certified Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil for $14.95. So, you can the same quality oil for less money and get twice as much.

Just a few things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to get involved with doTerra. Constantly recruiting to build your business. And marketing an overpriced product.

What Training And Tools Can You Expect?

DoTerra does offer a Sales Certification Course for $97.00. With this course you’ll learn how to:

  • Master sales skills in order to become a top seller.
  • Practice tried-and-true scripts for each step of the doTERRA Sales Cycle.
  • Answer objections like a pro.
  • Book more classes from classes so that you never run out of customers.

They also have a free sales guide that you can download. As well as some training videos from top doTerra leaders.

You can also enroll into their Essential Oil Specialist Certification course. This is a cost of $97.

With this course you learn everything you need to know about essential oils and how to use them safely and confidently.

What’s The Price?

The cost to get started is a non-refundable $35.00. And then you are prompted to buy a “kit”. These kits range in price from $105.00 – $570.00. So, if you decide to buy a kit. You’re looking at a minimum of $140.00 to start.

Now, you can avoid spending money on a kit and you can simply buy an individual product such as an essential oil for a little as $13. And then continue the enrollment process.

What I Like About doTerra

#1) Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade

DoTerra has created their own protocol (CPTG) to ensure all their oils are pure and free from contaminants or synthetic fillers.

#2) Essential Oil Specialist Certification

With this training you’ll learn everything you need to know about essential oils and how to use them safely and confidently. It does cost $97.00, but I feel its money well spent because it will ensure you’ll know what you’re talking about.

#3) Name Recognition

DoTerra has been around for some time now. And they do have a good reputation in the industry and many happy customers according to the Better Business Bureau. And that’s important. Because if you’re going to get involved with a company it’s reputation and customer rating can make or break your business.

#4) Growing Trend

More and more people are moving to more organic and natural products such as essential oils. And with that there is an ever growing market.

What I Didn’t Like About doTerra

#1) Recruiting

As with all MLM compensation plans in order to have the opportunity to bring in the big bucks you have to recruit people into the business. And the majority of people cannot overcome this challenge.

And it’s because people don’t like recruiting and people don’t like being recruited. And the word “recruiting” is just another word for being sold. And people don’t like being “sold”.

And the numbers don’t lie. According to research 99% of people that get involved with MLM will lose money. In other words, they fail. And these numbers don’t include the time people have invested.

The bottom line is MLM is just not a viable way of creating a full time income.

#2) Not Your Business

No matter how you decide to make money online, and when I say that, I mean build a business that is going to satisfy all your financial needs.

You need to own that business right from the get-go. This way you have complete control over your business.

With an MLM business you have ZERO control or ownership. You are using all the company’s assets in order to build your business.

So, if at any time doTerra decides to make changes to how you can access these assets or makes changes in regards to how you can make money through their compensation plan. There is not a single thing you can do about it.

They are in control of your business. It can go even so far as your business being taken away from you. I’m not kidding. There have been MLM companies that have been in business for over 20 years.

And then overnight they closed down the company and at the same time terminating hundreds of thousands of people’s businesses and income.

There is no way I would ever put myself in the position where I’m not in complete control of my business and financial future. And nor should you.

#3) Pay To Play

When I say “pay to play” that means you need to spend money in order to achieve enough PV (personal volume) points in order to be eligible for commissions. That’s absolutely ridiculous to me. And it should be to you too.

I make a full time income online as an affiliate marketer and I don’t have to meet idiotic eligibility requirements in order to get paid.

The MLM business model is not set up in your favor. Never has been and never will be. It’s always set up to favor the company.

#4) No Farms

Unlike companies like Young Living where they have their own farms where they can grow the plants from which the essential oils are derived. DoTerra does not. So they are not in complete control of the production chain.

#5) Overpriced

DoTerra’s essential oils cost a lot more compared to essential oils that you can find on shopping sites Amazon or in retail stores.

My Final Opinion Of doTerra

Sure, there is the opportunity to make money, but the chances of you (most people) really turning this into a full time livable income is very slim. The odds are just not in your favor when you’re working within an MLM compensation plan, as many studies have proven.

Only 1% of people that get involved with MLM see any success (profitability). And besides horrible odds of achieving success, who wants to spend each and every day recruiting people so you can build your business. I sure as hell would not want to.

And because of that this is not a business opportunity I would be comfortable recommending to you or anyone else.

Now on the other hand if you think you can beat the odds and don’t mind being a serial recruiter (seller) then go for it. I wish you all the best.

There Is A Better Way

Imagine building a thriving online business that meets all your financial goals and you NEVER have to recruit anyone; you never have to sell anything to anyone. And you don’t have meet ridiculous qualification in order to be paid.

Would that interest you?

If so, I’m talking about affiliate marketing. This is where you can build your business around your hobby or passion.

And it makes no difference your level of experience online. You can turn your hobby or passion into a full time online income no matter what that hobby or passion that is.

If this sounds exciting (it is) then take a moment a check out Wealthy Affiliate.

Since 2005 wealthy affiliate has been providing the training, tools, resources, and one-on-one support using the most up to date state of the art training platform available online.

In fact, wealthy affiliate has helped me build my affiliate marketing business into a multiple 6-figure a year passive income.

And the great part is you can see everything wealthy affiliate has to offer you absolutely free. So put your wallet away you’re not going to need it.

I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I answered any questions you may have had about doTerra and its business opportunity.

Of course, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below and I’ll get back to you right away.

And if you did find this review helpful and enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your audience. And as always anytime you need a hand don’t hesitate Emailing Me anytime.

I believe in you!!

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