Don’t Treat Your Mailing List like an ATM

One of the steps of building a successful online business is to build a mailing list, and we have all heard The Money is in the List and this is true.

But once people are on your mailing list it’s now your responsibility to start building a relationship with everyone on your list and you do that by providing them with even more helpful and useful information and other content.

You need to build the… Like, Know and Trust part of your relationship with your list first before the Buy part happens. The stats show it takes 7 to 10 contacts before most people will consider purchasing.

Selling online is like dating. You don’t start out in bed. You grow and nurture a relationship – taking one baby step at a time. You don’t ask to meet his/her parents on the first date… right?

Well the same concepts hold true when selling online. You have a much greater chance of making money from your list if you nurture and truly care about your list.

If you provide your list with top quality recommendations people will buy from you over and over again, if you decide to launch your very own product or service, you will have a built in sales force just itching to buy it as well as sell your product for you. This is how you are going to earn your long term income.

Plus a devoted mailing list will also…

– Build your credibility
– Promote you
– Defend you

If you start by building relationships with your list they’ll look forward to hearing from you – again and again.

And that’s when you’ll really start seeing your profits soar!

I hope you get the point I’m trying to make here… if you don’t approach your list as an ATM and simply a list of names ONLY there to make you money.

But on the contrary you develop a relationship with your list and truly work on helping THEM achieve their goals as well…chances are you’ll have a goldmine of opportunity at your disposal – your greatest asset – a responsive, targeted list eager and willing to spend money with you at will.

Here are my personal rules for my mailing list.

1) Treat everyone with respect. These are just not numbers in an autoresponder these are people looking for help and guidance, and just like me and you they have dreams and goals, so respect that.

2) Provide great content and resources that will actually help people. Don’t send messages just because you can. Make sure everything you send people has value.

3) Do not constantly be selling something. Yes your mailing list is there to generate income but do not think of your mailing list as an endless supply of cash. You can easily burn out and piss off your list, so be mindful of that.

4) Do not add to information overload, there’s enough of that already. Many people have tried to figure out the perfect sequence for sending mailings to a mailing list. Every mailing list is different.

I do recommend sending more mailings in the first few weeks when you’re fresh in their mind, but personally after that I find once a week is plenty, and any special messages that need to be sent in between, such as webinar announcements and such can be done as warranted.

5) Never stop growing your mailing list, it’s a numbers game. People will opt out, so you constantly need to be building your list, but if you’re doing your job right many will stay and become loyal followers. And as your list grows so does your income.

Follow these guidelines and you will have a very profitable and happy list.

Happy list building

Leo Emery

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