Don't Post Just To Post -

Don’t Post Just To Post

Posting When it comes to posts – here’s a big rule – Don’t Post Just For The Sake Of Posting

My posts are now only when I have something good to share that will help you, I’m not posting for the sake of posting.

Honestly I have a business to run and that comes before everything – my business is not blogging – I don’t make my money blogging – I have this blog because I like it.

If people happen to enjoy what I do – that’s the best reward – if they sign up for my list to be notified on my posts – that’s the best reward.

I may be one of the few people who blog that really don’t care if people get on my list or if they leave my list – It is What it Is

Trying to please everyone is a complete WASTE of time.

Which reminds me of an email from a subscriber that said I did not post enough. Really!! – here’s what I said to him (the very condensed version) – To bad!! If I don’t post enough leave my list and get on one that feeds your needs it’s as simple as that.

Look, I’m not hear to do things the way people want me to, never have, never will.

How stupid is it to live your life according to someone else. Well it’s not only stupid it’s pathetic.

My point is this; post according to what works for you – and don’t worry you’ll find many, many people that find what works for you – works for them.

I believe in you!!


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