Don't be afraid -

Don’t be afraid

It’s Friday the 13th –

Which means nothing – so don’t be a fraid –

But the scary part is (no pun intended) that many people are afraid and they don’t need Friday the 13th for it to happen.

Some people are afraid of what other people think of them, afraid of what people say about them and some people are even afraid of success.

Living in fear is not living at all.

By living in fear like this means you’re living a life that is set by other people. First off who cares what other people say or think about you.

If you are doing nothing wrong, not hurting anyone not doing anything illegal – then who cares what others think or say.

Also if you really realized how much other people do not think or talk about you – you would not worry about it.

This is your life and you need to live it according to what makes you happy and the hell with what other people think or may say.

Have a great weekend –

I believe in you


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