Dollar Coffee Club – Javita – What’s The Deal?

dollar coffee club

Welcome to my Dollar Coffee Club Javita review.

Did you know on average people drink 3 cups of coffee per day? That’s a lot of coffee and a pretty huge market.

And because there are so many coffee lovers out there you may have come across the Dollar Coffee Club (Javita) business opportunity through social media. Or got an email about it. Or maybe their business opportunity was recommended to you by a friend.

Either way, the opportunity sounds pretty good. You get to drink coffee and you get to make money. Sounds like a win-win to me.

But is it really a win-win?

Well, that’s what we’re going to find out today. Now, I’m not going to get into the quality of the products. I’m just going to dig into the Dollar Coffee Club (Javita) business opportunity and let you know what I think of it.

I also want you to know that I’m not an affiliate or an associate of Dollar Coffee Club (Javita) so I’m not here to pitch you or sell you on anything.

Of course, after reading my review what you decide to do regarding Dollar Coffee Club (Javita) and its business opportunity is totally up to you.

And with that said, good on you for taking the time to do your own research before jumping into any business opportunity.

Alright, let’s see what Dollar Coffee Club – Javita is all about.

Quick Overview

Product Name: Dollar Coffee Club – (Javita)


Price: The initial membership fee $49 and a yearly renewal fee of $19.95 . Puls and additional fee of $99 or $299

Type Of Product: Multi-Level Marketing

Overall Rating: 2/5

Recommended: No, Not as a business opportunity

So, What Is Dollar Coffee Club – Javita?

Dollar coffee club is a rebranding of Javita Coffee which markets a variety of different coffee and tea products as well as weight management and energy boosting drinks.

The company was founded by Stan Cherelstein who is also the CEO of another company called Waiora, which also provides “healthy living” products.

Not only is the dollar coffee club a resource where you can buy coffee, tea and other products. The dollar coffee club also offers a business opportunity.

And like I said that’s what I’m talking about today, the business opportunity. But before I get into that, let me go over the type of products the dollar coffee club (Javita) has.

Dollar Coffee Club – Javita Product Line

Like most health products that are available to us they do come with a caveat.

And that is:

None of these products have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. And none of the products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

And you’ll find this caveat at the bottom of each page on their website.


Dollar Coffee Club ActiveBlendz

ActiveBlendz™ Control (Pomegranate Punch)

ActiveBlendz control is their weight management drink. And they claim it helps control your appetite and cravings, helps with fat burning, and support healthy blood sugar levels.

ActiveBlendz™ Defend (Mixed Berry)

ActiveBlendz Defend helps your body to stay healthy and strengthens your immune system.

They also say that it helps support healthy T cells, combat stress, and defends against free radical damage.

ActiveBlendz™ Fiber+ (Peach Mango)

ActiveBlendz fiber+ is designed to help you keep your weight loss efforts on track by making you feel full which improves your portion control and helps curb your cravings.

They also say that it helps maintain the good cholesterol in your body as well as stabilizing healthy blood sugar levels.

ActiveBlendz™ Flex (Strawberry Lemonade)

ActiveBlendz flex is designed to help joint function, joint stiffness and help improve mobility.

Coffee & Tea Blends

Dollar Coffee Club Coffee & Tea

Burn + Control Coffee

There burn plus control coffee is said to help with weight management, appetite control, fat burning, and help with your stamina during exercise.

Energy + Focus Coffee

Their energy and focus coffee is designed to improve and increase your focus and attention as well as increase your energy level and at the same time reduce stress and anxiety.

FocusFusion Cocoa

The focus fusion coca drink is said to help increase your focus, attention, cognitive function, and recall. As well as help balance your mood and reduce your stress and anxiety.

Lean + Green Tea

The lean + green tea is said to help with appetite control, fat burning, improving your blood sugar levels, as well as reducing your cravings.

Weight Management

Dollar Coffee Club Weight Management


They claim the benefits of their burn product helps support healthy weight loss, and increase your metabolic rate and calorie burning. As well as helping with appetite suppression.


This is their body cleanse product. And is designed to flush away the toxins that are built up in your body.


This is their protein powder which helps you build muscle, provides you more energy and boosts your metabolism.

Now when it comes to all of their products, I can’t tell you if they work or not because I have never personally tried them.

And honestly, I have no desire to try their products. I see these claims all the time of how products such as these are supposed to deliver all sorts of benefits.

Now it’s been my personal experience that more often than not most products of this nature overpromise and under-deliver.

So, you’re going to find people that are on the positive side of these products and say they do everything they claim they can do.

And then you can find just as many people on the negative side saying these products don’t do what they claim they can do and some even say that the products are unhealthy.

The only way you’re going to know for sure is if you try the products yourself.

How Can You Make Money With Dollar Coffee Club?

Now the dollar coffee club (Javita) has two ways that you can make money.

Customer Rebates

As a member, you can purchase the products at a discount which ranges between 15% to 30% off the retail price. And then you can simply market the products directly to customers.

And the math is simple. The more products you sell, the more money you can make. So, you’re just a salesperson. And the customer rebates are paid on a weekly pay cycle,

Referral Bonuses

These bonuses are earned when you introduce people to the dollar coffee club business opportunity. Just like the customer rebates the Referral Bonus is paid on a weekly pay cycle.

And depending on the join box the person you refer starts with, you’ll earn the corresponding bonus.Dollar Coffee Club Referral Bonuses

There is also more ways you can earn money through the dollar coffee club business opportunity.

You can read the details of how to earn with these bonuses by clicking here. But here’s a quick overview of those bonuses.

Product Box Bonuses

Not only do you earn money on people that you personally enroll. You can also earn Product Box Bonuses on anyone who joins up to six (6) levels below you.

Power Up Box Bonus

To earn this bonus, you must have enrolled with the $299 power variety box. So, you can earn Product Box Bonuses from $1 per box to $2, $3 and even $4 on all your boxes on levels 3, 4, 5 & 6.

Annual Performance Bonus

This is where club affiliates can share in an annual company bonus. $1 from every box that is sold is set aside and then given away at an annual event.

Now you must meet 4 levels of criteria to be eligible to share in this bonus.

  1. Number of new Personally Enrolled Club Members
  2. Number of boxes purchased by Personally Enrolled Club Members and Customers
  3. Number of boxes purchased within your first three (3) levels
  4. Number of boxes purchased within your first six (6) levels

What’s The Cost?

There is a one time registration fee of $49.00 (which annual renewal fee of $19.95). Then you choose between the 2 different Club Boxes.

  • Variety Club Box – $299 (8 product choices)
  • Starter Club Box $99 (2 product choices)

Either one of these boxes is an auto shipment. This means you’ll automatically be sent either one of these boxes each month and automatically billed.

After starting you also have the option of customizing your monthly box with any of the beverage options they offer.

If you want to earn some bonuses included with the business opportunity you have to purchase the $299 Variety Club Box.

Can You Make Money With Dollar Coffee Club?

If you’re okay with the way they have their compensation plan set up. Yes, you do have the opportunity to make money.

But with that said…

Here’s Why I’m Not A Fan Of The Dollar Coffee Club Business Opportunity

#1) This Is An MLM Business Not An Affiliate Marketing Business

They call the people that get involved with their business opportunity affiliates. But this is not an affiliate program this is an MLM program.

And the way you can make that distinction is as an affiliate, which I am, you make a commission when someone purchases a product or service that you’ve recommended.

And you only earn that commission for that one sale. As an affiliate, you’re not earning any additional money from anyone that’s purchased a product through your affiliate link.

However, the dollar coffee club gives you the opportunity to earn money from people that you’ve personally enrolled in their business opportunity down to six levels deep. That’s an MLM compensation plan.

Another reason why this is not an affiliate program and is a multilevel marketing business opportunity. In order to grow your business you have to recruit people into your business (downline).

As an affiliate marketer, you don’t have to recruit people to build and grow your business. Your business is not dependent on that.

When it comes to multilevel marketing your business is absolutely dependent on how big of a downline you can build.

So, don’t be fooled by the terminology. This is not an affiliate marketing business opportunity. This is a multilevel marketing business opportunity.

#2) Forced Onto Autoship

Now adding to my point that this is a multilevel marketing business opportunity.

You’re forced to buy products each and every month to be eligible for the bonuses and commissions you’ve earned.

So, this means you need to be what they call an “active member”. And if you’re not an active member and by their standards that means you must have two or more shipped boxes during the month.

And if you don’t meet their monthly qualifications. You’re not going to be eligible to receive your commissions or bonuses.

However, as an affiliate marketer, I don’t need to pay someone for products on a monthly basis in order for me to make money. Affiliate marketing doesn’t work that way.

#3) You Really Don’t Own Your Business

When it comes to any MLM business opportunity and it doesn’t matter who the company is. You don’t own or control your business.

And what I mean is, the dollar coffee club (Javita) can make changes to its compensation plan at any time including terminating it altogether.

And if they do make changes or like I said worst-case scenario they terminate the program altogether there’s nothing you can do about it.

So this put your business in jeopardy every single day because you really don’t have total control over your business and its future, someone else does.

And you never want to put yourself in that type of position no matter how you decide to make money online. You always want to be in control of your business right from the start.

I’m an affiliate marketer and I represent different companies and their products and services. But the worst-case scenario is if one of the companies that I represent decides not to have their affiliate program anymore or change the compensation plan.

Sure, that would suck and it would temporarily hurt my business. But it’s going to kill my business like a multilevel marketing company can do.

Because I can simply go find another product of equal value and quality and join that company’s affiliate program and then just continue earning money. And I can literally do that within hours.

But if you’re with a multilevel marketing company if they shut the program down altogether. You’re not going to recover within one day (or at all) from your business being taken away from you.

Whereas me being a true affiliate marketer, I can recover within hours if something like that happened.

And don’t think an MLM company won’t shut down. There have been companies that have been in business for 20+ years and the distributors received an email telling them the company is going out of business.

And with 1 email, thousands of distributors lost their business. And there wasn’t a single thing they could do about it.

Not a position I would ever want to be in.

#4) You Constantly Have To Recruit People

As with all MLM companies, the focus is on referrals. So that means you constantly have to be recruiting people in order to build your business.

join dollar coffee club

Yes, they have the opportunity where you could just do retail sales. But honestly, you’re not going to make life-changing money just retailing coffee products.

The way you’re going to build your business with this company is by recruiting people so that you can build that residual income from the people that you’ve recruited.

So, I really want you to think about something. Does the thought of constantly recruiting people every single day get you excited about building a business?

If you answer as most people do. The answer is no. And I don’t blame you, I would never get involved with the business where I had to sit there and constantly sell to people to try to make my business grow.

I hate selling. And if you talk to most people they hate selling to. So that is something you really need to consider. Because you’re going to have constantly be selling and recruiting people to build your business.

#5) High Failure Rate

There has been study upon study proving that the MLM business model is it absolutely horrible business model to follow.

I’m not sure if you’re aware of it or not, but 99% of the people to get involved with the MLM – lose money. And the majority of those people also end up being in more debt after they left the MLM company.

And the reason why there’s such a huge failure rate is that people are sold the dream when they’re getting recruited into these companies.

The person recruiting you into any MLM business opportunity tells you what you want to hear. And that’s typically the amount of money you can make and then the freedom you’ll have once you have all this money.

But once you’re in the company and then the reality of what you have to do to make your business grow hits. And I spoke of that earlier and that’s constantly recruiting people.

People get frustrated, disappointed, and discouraged, and then they quit. It’s a story that you hear over and over again.

My Final Thoughts Of Dollar Coffee Club – Javita

Dollar coffee club’s (Javita) products may be wonderful and if you want to use them then by all means do so. But that’s not the issue here. The issue is the business opportunity and the way the compensation plan is set up.

They can call this an affiliate program all day long, but the reality is, it’s an MLM compensation plan. And to make money with these types of compensation plans that means you have to constantly recruit people to build your business.

Sure, you can simply retail the product, but let’s be honest you’re not going to be making life-changing money by just selling the product.

So, if the thought of constantly selling and constantly recruiting people doesn’t get you excited, plus a 99% chance you’re going to lose money. Then this is not a business opportunity for you.

Become A Real Affiliate Marketer

I’m an affiliate marketer and have been earning a full-time income as one since 2005.

And during that time, I have never sold one product or service. Nor have I had to recruit a single person to grow my business.

And as an affiliate marketer, you would never have to sell or recruit anybody to build your business either.

The other cool thing about affiliate marketing is you can build your business around a hobby or passion that you have. You’re not getting involved in a business opportunity just because someone says you can make money within that market.

And that’s the real secret of making money online not getting into a business just because someone says that’s the market you need to be to make money.

The people that make money online are building their businesses around the things that get them excited and keep them passionate and want to wake up every day absolutely jazzed to build their business.

Now if the thought of building a business around something that you have a passion for, sounds exciting. Then affiliate marketing is definitely a business model you should check out.

And the best place that I know of to learn how to build a thriving affiliate marketing business that not only provides you with the training. But also provides you all the tools, resources and one-on-one support you’ll ever need, is Wealthy Affiliate.

In fact, it’s wealthy affiliate and their training and resources that have helped me grow my affiliate marketing business into a multiple 6-figure year income.

So, like I said. If the thought of building a business around your hobby or passion excites you. Then you definitely owe it to yourself to at least give wealthy affiliate a look.

And the great thing is you can see everything wealthy affiliate has to offer absolutely free. So, keep your wallet in your pocket, you’re not going to need it.

I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I answered any questions you may have had about Dollar Coffee Club – Javita.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them below and I’ll get back to you right away.

And if you did find this review helpful and enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your audience. And as always anytime you need a hand you can Email Me anytime.

I believe in you!!

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