Does Wealthy Affiliate Have A Referral Program? It Sure Does

I think it’s pretty safe to say you’re here because like many people you’re wondering, does Wealthy Affiliate have a referral program?

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate has a referral program. And like any affiliate program, there are pros and cons. And I’m going to share both with you. And by the time you’re finished reading my review, you’ll have a very clear understanding of their referral program. Allowing you to decide if it’s right for you.

Now, before we get into their program you need to know I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. But that will not impact my review.

What works for me, may not be right for you. That’s the reality of being an affiliate marketer. And I’m not foolish enough to think that the Wealthy Affiliate program is right for everyone. Only you can decide that.

Alright, with that said let’s take a look at the Wealthy Affiliate referral program, which is known as the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp.

So What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp?

The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp is WA’s affiliate program.

The Bootcamp training gives you a step-by-step guide on how to successfully promote the Wealthy Affiliate community through your own website in the make-money-online niche (MMO).

There are 7 phases to the training. Each phase consists of 10 lessons. For a total of 70 lessons. I’ll cover each of those phases in detail in a moment.

But first I need to mention this.

Their referral program is in the Make Money Online niche (MMO). Yes, this can be a very profitable niche. But it is also one of the most competitive niches online as well.

Gone are the days when you could break into the MMO niche quickly. Nowadays it’s a lot harder. Not impossible, just harder. And because of that, success in this niche takes longer and you’re going to have to bust your ass to make it work.

Now, I’m not saying this to discourage you from getting involved in the make-money-online niche. Regardless if you decide to promote Wealthy Affiliate or some other make-money-online program. I just want you to be aware that this is a very competitive niche.

And it’s something you need to seriously consider and understand before you make the decision to jump into the MMO niche.

Online Entrepreneur Certification or Bootcamp?

Yes, I’m going to cover the Bootcamp, but my advice for any new member of Wealthy Affiliate is to take the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification before the Bootcamp training.

Why Do That?

Bootcamp is the second training they have inside Wealthy Affiliate. The core training is the Online Entrepreneur Certification.

WA Online Entrepreneur Certification

Through the Online Entrepreneur Certification training, you’ll learn how to build step-by-step your own income-producing website in any niche you want.

So you can build a profitable online business around a hobby, a passion, or any interest you have. And by doing that you can build a business in a far less competitive niche and see results sooner.

This is a much better option because the majority of people that join Wealthy Affiliate are new to online marketing.

Yes, you have step-by-step training. But there is a lot to learn when it comes to building a successful online business. So why make things harder by jumping into a very competitive niche right off the bat? Maybe get discouraged and then quit.

Teaching members how to build a thriving online business around a hobby, passion or interest is at the foundation of Wealthy Affiliate.

However, if you don’t have any hobbies or passions, or even something you’re really interested in that you think you could turn into an online business. That’s ok, you’re not alone.

There are plenty of members that have found a lot of success promoting one of the top affiliate programs on the internet.

Ok, if you’ve come this far and you’re still interested in knowing more about the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp I’m about to spill the beans on everything it has to offer.

How Does The Bootcamp Training Work?

wealthy affiliate bootcamp

Unlike going through the certification course for building your business around a niche of your choosing. The Bootcamp is specifically focused on promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Once you’ve built your website you’re task now is to drive traffic to your website.

And the primary way of getting traffic is through content marketing. Yes, there are other traffic generation methods but content marketing is what you’re going to focus on.

Now as you are in the MMO niche (make money online) this means you can create content around anything that has to do with making money online tools, services, and resources for making money online and this includes Wealthy Affiliate.

And when it comes to the MMO niche you have an endless amount of topics you can talk about that can send traffic to your website.

And for those visitors who decide to check out Wealthy Affiliate and go from being a free starter member to a Premium member, you will earn a commission.

And for as long as any of your referrals stay as a premium member you will receive a monthly recurring commission.

WA has one of the best commission structures of any affiliate program and I will be covering that after I go over each of the training modules in Bootcamp.

But first, I want to clear the air about something.

You may have noticed people saying all the WA does when it comes to their affiliate program is teach people to bash other programs, services, and such just to get people to join Wealthy Affiliate.

That’s simply not true. The WA does not teach that at all.

It does recommend doing reviews of other programs and services and providing an honest review of that program or service. Positive or negative.

Now when it comes to the MMO niche there are a TON of shitty, scammy programs. And I’ve reviewed a lot of them. And unfortunately, I will never run out of programs like this to review.

And if a program or business opportunity is crap or a scam, I’ll say it’s crap and/or a scam. My goal here is to help people avoid these scam programs and business opportunities.

And on the flip side when a program or service is helpful and provides true value I will say so. This way you and others can take advantage of those programs that will help you grow your business.

I also find it quite laughable that the people that are saying the WA is teaching people how to bash other programs to promote Wealthy Affiliate. Are the same people bashing the WA and promoting their own program or one they are affiliated with?

Look, I’m not foolish enough to think that the Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone, Because it’s not.

I will always call out crap/scam programs so people don’t get screwed over. And I will always put a spotlight on ALL the good programs and resources that are available too.

The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training

wealthy affiliate training courses

As I mentioned the Bootcamp consists of 7 phases with each phase having 10 lessons. For a total of 70 lessons.

The Bootcamp is taught by Kyle who is one of the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate. You’re going to be walked through step by step how to build your Wealthy Affiliate website from the ground up.

And you can keep track of your progress by checking off each task related to the lesson you’re taking.


The Lessons

Phase 1 — Getting Your Business Rolling

This is the introduction to the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp and how it works and how and where to access the affiliate resource menu. There is also a video where Kyle walks you through ALL aspects of the affiliate program.

You’ll also learn:

  • Target Audiences
  • Branding
  • Building Your Website
  • SEO
  • The Content Framework
  • Understanding the Importance of Keywords
  • And more

This is also where you’ll be shown the commission you can earn through their affiliate program. I’ll cover the commissions in the next section.

Phase 2 — Content, Keywords, and Conversion

Since content is the basis for all ranking in Google. Content marketing is at the core of the training when it comes to driving organic traffic to your website.

So here you’re going to learn how to create engaging, useful, readable content. You’re also going to learn what content to create.

And you’re going to do that by learning how to do proper keyword research that you can create content around that will rank in the search engines, thus driving traffic to your website.

As you move deeper into this phase you’re going to learn about:

  • Properly Using Affiliate Links
  • Understanding Keywords
  • Creating Reviews and Using Targeted Keywords
  • Enhancing Your Website “Experience”
  • Building MORE Content Through Internal Links
  • Add more

Phase 3 — Giving Your Site Social Value

Along with generating traffic through organic search (Google, Bing, Yahoo), you’ll be taught how to leverage social media and get readers to share your content with their audience.

You’ll also learn:

  • Making Your Social Profiles Brand Friendly
  • Social Waste Vs. Productivity
  • Power Writing
  • Adding Google Analytics to Your Site
  • Making Promotional Use of Your Sidebar
  • And more

Phase 4 — Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media

Appearance matters, media matters, and design matters. In this training, you’re going to learn how about powerful elements including imagery, and videos, and how to incorporate these into your day-to-day marketing activities.

You’ll learn about:

  • Leveraging Wealthy Affiliate Videos for Conversions
  • Creating Logos & Images
  • Pinning Habits Lead to Pinterest Power
  • Customer Perspective
  • And more

Phase 5 — Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals

By now you should have visitors coming to your website.

In this phase, Kyle is going to teach you how to convert those visitors into an invite… and a referral.

Here are some of the lessons covered in this phase:

  • Creating Content With INTENT
  • Getting Your Comments to Convert
  • Leveraging Youtube
  • Product Reviews
  • Signup Campaigns
  • And more!

Phase 6 — Bing, Yahoo & The Power of PPC

PPC – Pay Per Click. Many affiliate marketers focus on Google ads when it comes to paid advertising. And it’s understandable. Google is certainly the big boy on the block when it comes to the search market.

But what a lot of people tend to forget is that Yahoo/Bing owns 38% of the search engine market share. And that’s a lot of potential traffic just waiting to be had. And for a lot less than it will cost you to advertise on Google.

Kyle is going to walk you through step by step how to take advantage of PPC using Bing which can lead to a lot of traffic for your business.

You’ll learn:

  • An Introduction to PPC on Bing Ads
  • Setting Up Your First PPC Campaign
  • Creating Small, Bite-Size Review Ad Groups
  • Setting Up Conversion Tracking
  • Capitalizing on Hidden PPC Landing Pages
  • And more

Phase 7 — How To Scale a Successful PPC Campaign

Now that you’ve been shown how to take advantage of Bing paid search. It’s time to scale things up.

So in this phase, Kyle is going to show you how to scale your business for even more profitability and long-term success.

You’ll learn about:

  • Maximizing Review Pages With PPC
  • Understanding the Google Adwords Opportunity
  • Mastering the Flow of Relevance
  • The “Double Down” Approach to PPC
  • And more

I want to mention one thing. When it comes to doing paid advertising this is not a must. You don’t have to do paid advertising to build a successful online business.

You can build your business very nicely using free traffic methods. And remember when doing paid advertising there is a financial risk. There are no guarantees of success no matter how well you’ve been taught.

The reality is the only time should do paid advertising is when you can afford to lose your money. Of course, you don’t want to. But you have to be prepared too.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Commissions

Every one of your referrals starts as a free member. Including you.

Now you can earn commissions as a free member but they will be much less than what you can earn as a premium member. Also as a free starter member, you only have access to the first 5 lessons of the Bootcamp.

To access all of the training and receive the highest commissions in the Bootcamp you need to be a premium member.

I just want to take a moment to mention that if you’re serious about promoting Wealthy Affiliate it only makes sense to become a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.

This gives you full access to everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. Plus it will give much more credibility when it comes to marketing Wealthy Affiliate.

Personally, I do not promote any product or service that I do not use myself.

Ok back to the commissions.

Wealthy Affiliate has 2 membership levels, Premium and Premium Plus.


A premium membership for Wealthy Affiliate costs $49.00 per month. And you will receive a $20.00 commission for the first month. And then a recurring commission of $23.50 for as long as your referral stays a member.

People can also choose the option of purchasing a yearly membership which costs $497.00. That’s a 2-month off discount. So, your referral is paying for 10 months and getting a 12-month membership. ($91 per year savings).

You will earn a yearly recurring commission of $235.00 from your premium yearly memberships.

wa premium affiliate commissions

If you’re not a premium member and you’re a free starter member your commissions would be a lot less:

As a starter member you would earn $10.00 for the first month, then $11.75 monthly, and $117.50 yearly commissions.

Premium Plus

This is the membership level I’m at. The Premium Plus Bundle includes everything that Premium offers plus the following:

  • 200+ Expert Classes Per Year
  • 50 Premium Websites
  • Advanced Website & Hosting Package
  • Advanced Hosting Security Suite
  • Priority Expert Private Help
  • Jaaxy Enterprise – More advanced keyword research

The Premium Plus membership costs $99.00 per month or $697.00 per year.

Anyone who signs up for a Premium Plus membership paying monthly you’ll receive a first-month commission of $40.00, and then you would earn a recurring commission of $46.50 for as long as your referral stays a member.

And for people that pay for a yearly Premium Plus membership, you would earn a yearly recurring commission of $320.00.

Note: Paying for a yearly membership is the best option compared to paying monthly. When a person pays monthly over the year they will spend $1188.00. If they pay yearly they pay $697.00 and end up saving $491.00. This is something you want to point out when promoting the membership costs.

premium plus affiliate commission

And like commissions for premium memberships. If you’re a starter member your commissions for people that join at the Premium Plus level your commissions are lower.

You will earn $20.00 for the first month and then a $23.25 monthly recurring commission and a $160.00 yearly membership recurring commission.

What Tools Are Available?

Along with the training and the Wealthy Affiliate community, remember I mentioned you have access to your affiliate resource menu? This resource menu can be accessed by clicking the $ icon in the header of the member’s area.

wealthy affiliate resource menu

Here you’ll find:

Your Affiliate Link – This is the unique affiliate link that you can use to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Program Details – This is where you can go to get full details about the Affiliate Program.

My Stats – This is where you can see detailed information about stats and all commissions/transactions.

Tasks – This is where all the interaction and communication is taking place within WA with respect to your referrals.

My Referrals – Here you can see all of your referrals that have joined through your affiliate link, both Starter, and Premium.

Links & Tracking – This is where you can get all of your affiliate links, and even create your own custom tracking links.

Messages – These are automated, follow-up messages that you can create for your referrals.

Banners – These are banners you can use on your website, social media, or anywhere you’re promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

How’s The Support?

Right from the get-go, you’ll have my full support as you go through the Bootcamp as well as the support of the community and the support of Kyle the co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate.

Anytime you have a question or a challenge while going through your lessons you can jump into live chat and get instant support and answers to any question anytime you need it.

Live chat is 24/7 so no matter where you are in the world you have help waiting for you.

As a free starter member of the wealthy affiliate including Bootcamp participants, you have access to the live chat system for the first 7 days.

You can also contact me anytime through my profile page with any questions or challenges you may have.

And of course, as a premium member, you’ll continue to have 24/7 access to live chat as well as full access to all the other support channels within Wealthy Affiliate.

This includes Private Messaging. So anytime you need a hand or have questions you can send me a PM. Not only can you PM me, but you can also PM any other premium member including Kyle and Carson the owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

Pros Of The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

  • Easy to follow the step-by-step training
  • Strong support from myself, the owners, and the wealthy affiliate community
  • Ability to build a recurring monthly income
  • Lifetime cookies for affiliate sales
  • Huge targeted audience to market to
  • Generous commission structure
  • A very trusted and established brand
  • Unlimited earning potential

Cons Of The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

  • You have to be a premium member to earn the higher commission
  • To get the advanced training of the Bootcamp you need to upgrade to a premium membership
  • The MMO (make money online) niche is a very competitive niche

Alright, Wrapping It Up

I’ve been a full-time affiliate marketer since 2005, and I’ve seen a lot of affiliate programs during this time. Some great, and some complete crap.

And in my opinion, there are not very many other affiliate programs that compare to the depth of training, support, and potential for success as an affiliate for the Wealthy Affiliate.

However, no matter the potential for success in promoting Wealthy Affiliate, this will only work if you’re willing to do the work.

So, if you’re still looking for that get-rich-quick thing. Wealthy Affiliate is not for you. It’s going to take time to build your business, months even years. But it’s well worth it.

When I started promoting Wealthy Affiliate it took me 9 months to earn my first commission, and it was $38.00.

But as I kept working on my business (and still do every day) and as my traffic and conversions increased so did (does) my revenue.

If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer promoting a product you can be very proud of, that not only helps you – but also helps others.

The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp is your first step.

Zig Zigler said it best.

You Can Get Everything In Life You Want If You Will Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want

I hope you found this review of the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp helpful.

If you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate feel free to leave them below.

Or if you’re ready right now to get started building your Bootcamp website click the button below.

wealthy affiliate

I believe in you!

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