Do This And Succeed – Don’t And …

success-focus If you’re like many people who get online your goal is to make some money.

And there are two sets of people;

The first set just wants to make a few extra dollars every month.

The second set of people have the goal of replacing their “job”  income so they can work for themselves and make even more money.

Most people fall into the second set.

And if you’re in this second set of people and you’re just starting online then this post is a MUST read for you. You’ll save yourself years of failure and frustration, not to mention a TON of money.

Ok scary part coming up…

95% people, who get online with the goal to make money, will never see a dime. Actually they will end up spending more money then they will ever make.

And here’s why…


Forget the programs, the systems to make money, the tools, the resources, forget ALL that for now, that’s a whole series of other posts.

People Do Not Make Money Online Because They Have ZERO FOCUS!!

To make any money online you need to focus on just ONE thing.

Now I’m not talking about what you’re marketing, meaning the stuff you’re selling. I’m talking about focusing on the method you’re going to use for marketing your stuff. What are you going to do to drive traffic to your site?

Let’s say you want to sell “Self Help” products, ok, how are you going to get people to your site so you can sell these products?

Are you going to use Article Marketing, are you going to use Ezine Advertising, maybe you’re going to use Pay Per Click, how about Banner Advertising, it could be Ad Swaps or YouTube Marketing.

No matter what it is you decide to do, ONLY choose one method – focus on just one way of marketing your product.

The people that MAKE money online are 90% good at 1 thing!

The people that are NOT making money online are 10% good at 9 different things!

Now I’m not saying that you cannot use other marketing methods, I do, but I have my primary marketing method (youtube marketing) which I know inside and out.

What I’m saying is get good at one marketing method first. This way you when you add another marketing method you’re already driving constant traffic to your site and generating money.

People (you) choose a marketing method and in the beginning you’re focused on that one way – which is great!

But when people haven’t seen any results right away they start second guessing themselves and start looking for other ways. Real bad idea!!

You need to be patient. Contrary to popular belief things take time online.

What Usually Happens?

So you’re buzzing along and then something lands in your inbox from some so-called “expert” or “guru” telling you what you’re doing is old news or does not work any more and you should do this. So off you go and start with this new method.

A few weeks, hell it could even be a few days later, another email and this one tells you what you are currently doing is old news and you should try this never before seen secret method that this person has so graciously decide to share with just you.

And off you go.

So now you’ve tried a 5 or 10 different marketing methods, not giving anyone of them a real try. You’ve spent a ton of money and the worst part is you still have not made a dime.

But rest assured the people pitching you the latest greatest marketing methods are making a killing. So at least someone is making money.

Every single day we get bombarded with products from these so called “Experts” and “Gurus” that are being trumpeted as the ONE thing absolutely EVERY online business owner MUST have if they want to make money on the Internet.

No one is coming up with brand new keys to success. And anyone telling you otherwise are just plain lying to you and playing on your weakness because you think the old stuff hasn’t worked for you so maybe something new will.

Absolutely there are new tools and resources to help you build and automate your business to make it easier.

However the basics to building an online business will never change. Like anything there are logical steps – follow the steps and you will make money online.

NOTE: If you’re on an email list and it’s not providing you valuable content to build your business and is always trying to sell you something – unsubscribe from it right now!! It useless and it’s a waste of time.

So if you decide to choose YouTube Marketing as your method of marketing, then that’s ALL you do. Become an expert in youtube marketing.

Think about it, someone who is making money using youtube marketing probably focuses his or her efforts just on youtube marketing.

I can guarantee you they are not youtube marketing one week, doing PPC click the other week and then doing banner advertising the next week.

They eat breath and sleep youtube marketing. And so should you!! I’m just using youtube marketing as an example because that’s what I do, but this goes for any method you choose.

Need Proof?

Here take a look at the traffic for one of my sites. I started this site in November 2012 and you can see by sticking with one thing (YouTube Marketing) my traffic has increased steadily each month.

At the time of this post I’m currently making over $1000 per month with this site and my traffic and income are growing each month.

If I jumped from one thing to the next I can guarantee you I would not have the same positive results.


Just Follow The Steps..

Once you have found your niche, picked your product and built your website.

Your next step is to choose your primary method of marketing.

Now become 90% good at this one method of marketing and you WILL make more money then 95% of the people that are online… Guaranteed!!

I hope you found this helpful if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

Need Help?

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I believe in you


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