Do People Make Money On YouTube? -

Do People Make Money On YouTube?

You’re always hearing of people making money on YouTube.

But how are they doing it?

There are 3 main ways that you can make money on YouTube.

However one of these ways is far more effect at generating profits and builds a longer stronger business then the other two ways. It’s a shame so few people are doing it this one way, they’re missing out on so much!

Ok, so let me share with you the 2 ways people make money with YouTube and then the 3rd and best way to make money on YouTube.

The First Way Of Making Money On YouTube

One way to make money on YouTube is by using Google’s AdSense Program.

To do this all you have to do is monetize your account on YouTube and then Google will give you a very small, and I mean very small amount of money based on the amount of views you get.

And once you’ve activated the monetization on your videos you’ll start seeing ads EVER where.

You’ll see ads overlaid in your videos, you’ll see ads to the side of your video, you’ll see banners, and you’ll even see starter ads before your video plays.

So Should You Monetize Your Videos?

NO Absolutely NOT!!

The number one reason why you do not want to activate monetization is why in the world would you want to send someone away from your video for just a few pennies?

It makes no sense.

There are channels on YouTube WAY larger than mine – channels that have millions and millions of views, thousands and thousands of subscribers and the owners of these channels that have monetized their videos are making less than $400 or $500 per month from adsence.

So if you’re just starting out with YouTube and knowing that you would need
millions and millions of views and thousands and thousands of subscribers to your channel to earn less than $500 per month do you think it’s worth it?

I sure don’t – especially if you’re trying to build a fulltime business online.

I can make more money with less subscribers and viewers – sorry let me rephrase that – I do make more money with less subscribers and viewers.

Ok moving on..

The Second Way Of Making Money On YouTube

A better way of making money on YouTube is by promoting and recommending affiliate products.

You can also do reviews of products or services as well.

With so many opportunities with affiliate networks such as Commission Junction and Amazon just to name a few you’re opportunity to make money with this model is really only limited to your interests and imagination.

The best products to promote are ones that you use yourself. This gives you much better credibility with your audience.

And of those products the ones that you can show how to use (demonstrate) have the best conversion to sales.

So for example if you’re into remote control planes having videos of how a plane works, tricks and such is perfect for affiliate marketing on YouTube.

Or maybe an exclusive private tour of a members area showing what people can expect as a member is a great video to share.

I’ve done many review videos for affiliate products and I’ve even done a private tour video of the Wealthy Affiliate

Ok here’s what you’ve waiting for…

The Best Way To Make Money On YouTube

The absolute best way to make money with YouTube is to use YouTube as a lead generation source.

You want to get people off of YouTube and get them to your website. That’s how you make the real money on YouTube.

How Do You Do That?

This is very easy to do.

With all the videos you make at the end of each video you want to end your video with something like:

Come to my site and get…

  • My Free Report
  • My Free training
  • My Free Consultation
  • My Free Video Series
  • A Free Quote
  • More Free Training
  • More Free Information

This of course leads them to your site where you have an optin form on your page offering whatever it is you’re offering for free.

Why Do This?

You want to do this because you’re now getting ALL the traffic from YouTube and directing that traffic to your site.

And that’s where you want people, on your site – NOT YouTube.

And by directing people to an optin form and getting people to give you their contact information for your free offer you now have a way of following up with these people or have them go through your sales funnel.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re building your mailing list – you’ve heard it a million times – the money is in the list!!

If someone sees your video and that’s all they do, what use is your video? To me it’s worth nothing. But if you’re video directs people to your website – now that video is worth something.

You see you need to build relationships with people and you can’t do that in a 2 minute video – it this takes time.

You must build the Know, Like and Trust factor with people before many people will purchase from you.

It’s funny – to make real money with YouTube you need to get people off of YouTube. Especially if you’re goal is to build a real income generating business online.

See It In Action

Let me show you how this works.

I’m in a very competitive niche and I use YouTube to get traffic to my site and to get people to call us or go to my site.

The niche I’m in is the payday loan niche and I help people get out of payday loan debt and in these very short and simple videos I explain to people how we can start getting them out of their payday loan nightmare in as little as 2 hours.

So within my videos I tell people they can call us toll free for a free consultation and quote or they can go to my site and use our free online form.

My goal is to get people off of YouTube and that’s exactly what happens.

I get requests from people every single day asking for a quote to get them out of their payday loan debt. And this of course translates into daily profits.

But more importantly for me and this is the reason why I’m in this niche, is I get to help people every single day get out of this payday loan nightmare. A total win/win for everyone!!

Ok, here is one of my videos so you can see how simple this is.

In this video I give people the call to action to call us and I do it a few times during the video and at the end of the video I also have a popup in the bottom left of the video with a link right in the video that takes people to my site so they can use our online form if the like.

Like I said my goal is to get them off YouTube and to call us or go to my site.


It’s That Easy

So remember you want to use YouTube as a lead generation source. That’s how people are making money on YouTube – by getting their viewers off YouTube and to their site.

I hope you found this helpful if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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