22 Different Blog Post Ideas To Fill Your Content Calendar

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Have you hit a wall and having a hard time coming up with blog post ideas? Not sure what you should write next?

Don’t worry, in this article we’ll cover 22 different blog post ideas giving you a never ending supply of blog content.

Now before we get into things, I want to just speak a bit about content.

When people get online 9 times out of 10 people are looking for information and/or a solution to a problem. So, your goal is to help people and provide the information and/or solutions to their problems.

Now I know content creation is about providing quality information to people while at the same time creating content that will rank high in the search engines so you can drive traffic to your website.

But never forget this when it comes to your content.

You are writing for people first. NOT the search engines.

Ok, let’s look at the different blog posts you can write.

1) The How To Post

One of the more popular search terms usually starts with “How to…”

And if you’re like me when I see “How To” as part of a headline, I get drawn in every time. And that’s because that headline has told me with this information, I’m going to learn something new and/or it’s going to answer my question or solve my problem.

So to me, and other people this information has high perceived value.

Think about it.

If you’re looking for a solution to something and then you come across a post while doing a search in Google that says it has the answer you’re looking for.

Wouldn’t you click on the link to read it? Of course, you would. And so will other people.

An example of a how to post is the post I did on How To Be Successful At Affiliate Marketing.

2) The List Post

List posts sometimes referred to as a Round Up Post our super popular and create a lot of traffic, comments, and shares.

And the reason why list post do so well is that when people are sourcing out information if you can provide several different resources for information all in one spot you’re really catering to the needs of your audience because you’re making things easy for them.

So, what a list post is, is exactly what it implies. A list of items, strategies, tips, etc. That are all bundled up into one fantastic post. And the bigger the list the better.

Here’s an example of a list post that I did. 32 working from home ideas.

3) The Best Of Post

Now like I mentioned when people get online, they’re looking for products or solution to a problem.

And for those people that are looking for products one of the best post that you can create is a Best Of Post.

And the reason why these post do so well is people can find information on several different products all in one spot.

For example, I was hired to create a post for a health website regarding high-end blenders. So, the post I wrote was a Best Of Post.

So, I researched each blender on the list I was provided. And then created a mini review of each blender that gave people all the information that they needed to make an informed decision when it came to purchasing a high-end blender.

And of course, each condensed review of each blender sent people to Amazon and if they purchased that blender the owner of the site would earn a commission.

And the great thing about best of posts, is you can do a best of post for any product or service.

4) The Tools Post

Again, like all the other types of posts it really makes no difference what niche you’re in.

But I have to say when it comes to the Tools Post for the making money online niche these posts do really well.

Because there is an abundance of people out there that want to understand and learn how to make money online and part of that is wanting to know what tools are being used.

So, providing them the tools that people use and the tools that you use to successfully make money is exactly what people are looking for.

Now I’ve done several different posts regarding the tools I use. Such as one about Thrive Architect and one about Jaaxy just to name a few.

But I also did something a little different I created a page with the top 3 tools that I use that help me make a full-time living online as an affiliate marketer.

And if you look at the top of my site, you’ll see a link there that says Tools I Use.

5) The Tips Post

Everybody’s always looking for tips, tricks, strategies, or even a secret of some kind. But in order for a post like this to work it has to be a valuable unique tip, trick, strategy or secret.

We all read the same stuff every day that says this is a new tip, strategy or trick for something when in fact it’s usually just the same rehashed information.

So, when a visitor finds your post and it tells them something new and something they’ve never heard of.

That’s when you get real engagement on your blog and that’s when you find your content being shared by your audience.


6) The Resource Post

I really like Resource Posts because if you’re like most people when you see somebody that has achieve something that you want to achieve your first thought is how did they do it?

What things did they use?

And when it comes to a Resource Post it makes no difference what niche you’re in. You could be in weight loss, making money online, relationships, etc. Again, it makes no difference what niche you’re in every niche has resources that people can use.

So, let’s say you’re in the weight loss niche and you’re sharing your journey of how you lost weight and gotten healthy.

People are obviously going to want to know how you did it and what resources you used to achieve what you’ve achieved.

So, you can put together a Resource Post and provide your readers all the resources that you used that they could use to achieve their health goals.

And that can be everything from the exercise program that you used to your diet and everything in between.

The reason why post like this do very well is because your fulfilling your ultimate responsibility to your reader and providing them with huge value.

7) The Review Post

I love Review Posts. The majority of my content are reviews. And the reason why Review Posts do so well is when people are looking for anything online people will search out reviews of the product, service, or opportunity that they’re looking for before they buy.

And the reason why they do this is because a review gives people insight about the product, service, or opportunity that they’re looking at.

The other thing is people trust reviews and they feel confident that a review will help them make a better informed decision.

So, for example I do a lot of reviews on home-based business opportunities, Wealthy Affiliate being one of those. And I do these types of reviews because there’s a lot of people looking for ways to make money from home online.

And through the reviews that I do of these various home-based business opportunities. It provides people with the valuable information that they need so they can make an informed decision whether or not to get involved with that particular business opportunity.

Also Review Posts do very, very well when it comes to search engine rankings. And if you’ve done your keyword research when it comes to doing your review you can drive a lot of free traffic to your website.

And I’m speaking from experience because a lot of the traffic that comes to my website is from the reviews that I’ve done and do.

8) The Opinion Post

When it comes to any type of social circle whether it’s online or off-line the people that are going to follow you or be around you are the people that you resonate with.

And the best way for people to understand who you are and what you believe when it comes to certain subjects and topics is by writing an Opinion Post.

Also, a great Opinion Post will create engagement on your website. And that’s what you want. But also understand not everyone’s going to agree with what you have to say. And that’s ok.

I love it when people disagree and are willing to stand up and share their opinion of something that I’ve talked about.

It’s funny, the best engagement that you’ll ever have is when you’re talking with somebody that has a different opinion or point of view than you do.

As long as that engagement stays respectful and people understand that other people can have different opinions from you. And sure, you may sway that person to your side of the fence and heck they may sway you to their side of the fence.

But there is also the very strong possibility that you have to agree to disagree. And you know what? That’s okay.

9) The Case Study Post

People love case studies. And the reason is a case study gives people that over the shoulder look of how something was done step-by-step.

In 2018 I did a case study of how I made over $77,000 in 2017 in a very competitive niche using just videos with YouTube.

And with that post I walked people through every single step that I was using at that time to make money through YouTube.

10) Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ post can do really well because chances are your reader may have already searched google for these answers.

Now you can create this type of post in a couple of ways.

First, you can create one long post answering all of the frequently asked questions.

Or you can create a series of posts. Now you don’t have to tell anyone that it a series. You can simply create a post once a week answering one common (FAQ) question.


11) The Comparisons Post

A companion to a review post is the comparison post. So, depending on what niche you’re in you can compare products or services.

So maybe you’re food blogger. You could compare stand mixers, weight loss programs, exercise programs, etc.

Maybe you’re a digital marketer. You can compare training courses, software, website plugins. You can even compare online business models. I did that when I compared Multi Level Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

With a comparison post your goal is to highlight the differences (pros and cons) of each product/service.

You’re there to give people all the information they need so they can choose the best product/service themselves. You don’t necessarily have to pick a winner yourself, but you can if you want.

12) Inspirational Stories

In such a crazy world which seems to focus on the not so good stuff. Do the opposite and share inspirational stories.

Stories of hope and inspirations can and do really connect with people. Because it’s something everyone wants to experience themselves.

So, go ahead and tell you story. You may not think so but your story needs to be shared. And don’t forget to share any other inspirational stories that you’ve experienced.


13) The Listicle Post

If you’re like me and most everyone else you like (love) lists. They are easy to consume and lists are the most shared type of content on the internet.

Now the great things about a Listicle Post is that you decide what that list is going to be.

It could be a list of your favorite places to eat. Or your favorite software. Maybe it’s a list of the best books you’ve read.

It makes no difference what the list is about. It’s your blog – you decide. This post is an example of a Listicle Post.

14) Infographic

Just like listicles people love to share images. And the reason is images are a very effective type of content. Think about it, an image does not take long to consume and they are highly engaging.

And when it comes to infographics anything you can think of can be turned into an infographic.

The best infographics contain data on a certain topic. Or information (steps) that solves a problem.

And even if you’re not a graphic designer you can still create a very professional looking infographic using tools like Canva or Piktochart.

And if you still feel you can’t create your infographic. You can head to places like Fiverr. And depending on what type of design you’re after. You can get a great infographic done for under $10.00.

15) The Rant Post

Yes, you can rant. It’s your blog and because it is you can speak your mind. I bet there’s not a day goes by that you want to share a frustration or something that really got under your skin.

Now a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

First, anything you write (post) stays online.

And second. After you’ve written your rant don’t publish right away. Let things simmer for a while and read what you’ve said. Even share it with a friend and have them read it.

And the reason is, a rant can become viral. And because of that it can help you. And it can also come back and bite you in the ass. And even burn relationship bridges.

16) Beginner Guide Posts

These are fantastic post to create. Because beginners are always looking to learn more. And many want to be sure they are going in the right direction and are doing things write.

Another reason these posts do well is from an SEO standpoint. Because with a beginner’s guide, you’re going to be explaining and defining terms. Using synonyms and so on. So, your beginner guide will end up having a lot of keywords in it.

And because of that your guide can be ranked not only for your main keyword but for a lot of other keywords and terms as well.

17) Screencasts

Screencasts are one of the easiest posts to create. You can use a screencast post as a how to post. Now, if you’re not sure what a screencast is. It’s simply a video recording of what’s going on, on your computer screen.

These types of post are great for walkthroughs of how a product or service works or how to perform a task. A screencast video depending on how detailed you plan on being can take as little as a few minutes to create.

Now the editing process will take longer. But overall, you can easily create a screen cast video in under an hour. And once you’ve created your screencast you can use resources like YouTube to upload and host your video.

And now you can embed that video into your post. To create your screencast, you can use free services such as Screencast-O-Matic. Or you can use recording and editing software such as Camtasia.

18) Guest Bloggers

Maybe you just don’t feel like writing your next post. That’s fine, been there done that. And will do it again LOL. Or maybe your taking time off. Either way have you considered guest bloggers?

It’s easy. Simply reach out to people you like and know and ask if they would be willing to write a guest post.

19) Facts vs Myth Post

These post are fun to make. Plus, it’s a real eye opening type of post. I’ve read many of these and I’ve been blown away at what I’ve learnt.

Think about the niche you’re in and the myths that get confused as facts. Well now you can set things straight with this type of post.

These are also great posts to add lots of graphics to. So, if have a flair with graphics make sure to include them in your post.

Psst, make sure you really do your research when doing this post. You don’t want to add to the confusion.

20) A Glossary Post

Glossary posts can be very helpful to your readers of all levels. Experienced people get a refresher of less common terms and beginner readers learn new things.

To get started with this type of post start looking at current glossaries in your niche. Make sure to include the most searched terms and of course any terms that have been missed.

WPBeginner did a great glossary post for beginners explaining all the different WordPress terms. And I did one about common digital marketing terms and definitions.

21) Roundup Post

A roundup post is quite simply a “roundup” of aggregated content in a particular niche or on a particular topic. So, for example, “10 must read marketing books”. Or “The top 9 mistakes every beginner marketer makes”.

You can also do expert roundup posts. This is where you reach out to experts within your niche and ask them if they would like to be part of your expert roundup post. And if so, simply answer a question that you have come up with.

For example, if you’re reaching out to expert bloggers. Your question could be. “What’s the one tip you would give to a new blogger?”

Now gather all the answers from all the experts. Format your post in the way you want it, and boom you’re done. The great thing about these types of posts is that 99% of all the content is created for you.

I’ve been included in many roundup posts. And I love being part of those types of posts because I know I’m part of a post that’s potentially going to help a lot of people.

22) Update Old Posts

As we know Google loves up to date content. So, a good habit to get into is updating older posts. So, jump into your Google Analytics and see which posts have been your most successful posts.

Now see if there is anything you can do to update that post. Maybe there are new resources that could be added. Maybe there’s more up to date statistical information that can be added. Maybe you can update the images.

The upside to updating old content is that you can get Google to crawl your site more often without having to publish more content more often.

Also, by doing these updates your content has the chance of gaining better rankings in the search results.

Now Get Cracking

I hope these 22 different types of blog posts have giving you more ideas of how you can create valuable content that will not only drive traffic to your site but be content people will want to read and share.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I’ll get back to you right away.

And if you did find this review helpful and enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your audience. And as always anytime you need a hand don’t hesitate Emailing Me anytime.

I believe in you

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