9 Diabetes Affiliate Programs With Great Commissions

Diabetes Affiliate Programs

Diabetes Affiliate Programs

Did you know that 1 in 10 people in the United States have diabetes? And approximately 1 in 3 people have prediabetes.

And this can be attributed to not maintaining a healthy diet, not engaging in regular physical activity, or keeping a normal body weight.

Now while it’s true you can’t convince people to adopt a healthier lifestyle you can provide them solutions to help them with their diabetic challenges.

So, if you have a health and wellness website. I’ve sourced out 9 diabetic affiliate programs that you could add to your website.

Diabetes Affiliate Programs

  1. Total Diabetes Supply

  2. Diabetic Warehouse

  3. Diabetes Freedom

  4. Diabetic Diet To Go

  5. Ben’s Natural Health

  6. DiaMetrix

  7. Klinio

  8. Dr. Fuhrman

  9. Diabetic Manual

1) Total Diabetes Supply

Total Diabetes Supply

Total Diabetes Supply is an online discount ecommerce site for diabetes and medical supplies. They carry brand name diabetes supplies that are 20% to 85% off retail prices.

They also carry diabetic food and pet care items. Dietary supplements. Plus medical equipment and supplies.

You can join their affiliate program through ShareASale or CJ (commission junction).

So, you need to first apply to either ShareASale or Commission Junction and then you can apply to the total diabetes supply affiliate program.

They offer a 6% commission and you do have access to banners and text links. The cookie duration is for 45 days.

They also mentioned that they have a 6% conversion rate and that the average size order is $70.

Commission Rate: 6%

Tracking Cookie Duration: 45 days

Payment: Monthly

Application Process: CJ (commisson junction) or Share A Sale

Creatives: Yes

You can join the Total Diabetes Supply affiliate program here

2) Diabetic Warehouse

Diabetic Warehouse

The Diabetic Warehouse is an online diabetic supply e-commerce store that sells directly to the customer at up to 60% below retail prices.

People can save on wide variety of diabetic products such as diabetic test strips, glucose meters, lances, etc. All of these products come from top brands such as Freestyle, life scan, Accu-Chek, and others.

You can apply for the affiliate program through their website and the affiliate program itself is managed by Refersion.

They offer a 10% commission on all sales. With the average order size being $75.00. The cookie length is 30 days. And along with text links you also have banners that you can place on your website.

Commission Rate: 10%

Tracking Cookie Duration: 30 days

Payment: Monthly

Application Process: Refersion

Creatives: Yes

You can join the Diabetic Warehouse affiliate program here

3) Diabetes Freedom

Diabetes Freedom

Diabetes Freedom is a digital product to help men and women get their blood sugar levels under control.

And this is done by following a exercise plan and a specific diet. Along with the core product customers can add a supplement along with additional programs. So that means there are upsells which is a good thing for us as affiliates.

This program is found in the ClickBank affiliate network. And what I love about ClickBank is these are digital products and the commissions are always fantastic.

And it’s no different with Diabetes Freedom. You can earn a whopping 90% commission for every sale. But it doesn’t stop there. If you have over 100 sales in a month you’ll get a 100% commission.

The length of the cooking for this offer is 60 days. You’re provided with add headlines that you can use, email swipes, keyword packs, and different destination landing pages.

And as this is through ClickBank you’re paid weekly or biweekly depending how you set up your account.

Now looking at the affiliate page there is no mention of recurring commissions. So, these will be one-off sales. But at this commission rate there is the potential of making serious money.

I’ve heard in some cases some people are making $5,000 to $10,000 per day with this affiliate offer.

Commission Rate: 90%. You can earn 100% once you hit 100 sales in a month

Tracking Cookie Duration: 60 days

Payment: Weekly or biweekly

Application Process: ClickBank

Creatives: Yes

You can join the Diabetes Freedom affiliate program here

4) Diabetic Diet To Go

Diabetic Diet To Go

Diabetic Diet To Go is a meal delivery service. So, they partnered with top chefs preparing meals in a USDA certified kitchen.

That provides customers with fresh delicious low-calorie food that is nutritionally balanced and to help people lose weight and support a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight.

And using a service such as diabetic diet to go will help you make smarter food choices that just become a natural part of your life.

Their affiliate program is done through Impact. You will receive $40 for each sale. There is a 45 day cookie.

Unfortunately, there is no mention if they supply any types of creative’s or the pay schedule.

However, as with most affiliate programs most do provide some sort of creative’s. And when it comes to the pay schedule usually it’s monthly.

Commission Rate: $40 on every sale. With the opportunity for larger commissions and bonuses

Tracking Cookie Duration: 45 days

Payment: Monthly (not confirmed)

Application Process: Impact

Creatives: Not mentioned

You can join the Diabetic Diet To Go affiliate program here

5) Ben’s Natural Health

Ben’s Natural Health

Ben’s Natural health not only has their Glyco-Optimizer which helps people manage their type II diabetes, reduce their blood sugar levels, and normalize their insulin sensitivity.

They also carry a full line of other products that help with prostate health related issues, sexual health, and other general health issues.

What’s great about being an affiliate for this type of website is since Ben’s natural health carries other health products your visitor may buy other products too.

Their product is managed by the ShareASale affiliate network. So, you’ll need to apply to ShareASale first. And then you can join the Ben’s natural affiliate program.

There commission is set at 12%. And they say that the average order value is $200. You are provided with banners that you can place on your website along with text links.

The cookie duration for this affiliate program is 30 days. And as this affiliate program is managed through ShareASale you will be paid monthly.

Commission Rate: 12%

Tracking Cookie Duration: 30 days

Payment: Monthly

Application Process: Share A Sale

Creatives: Yes

You can join the Ben’s Natural Health affiliate program here

6) DiaMetrix


While diabetes is a great market for affiliates. However, you have to be careful when it comes to the affiliate programs you associate yourself with.

Because there are a lot of companies out there that make some pretty outrageous claims with nothing to back those claims up. And you certainly don’t want to associate yourself with a questionable product or company.

However, when it comes to DiaMetrix and its product it has gone through several clinical studies. And is one of the most advanced natural products for blood glucose health.

Now, there is no guarantee this product is going to work at lowering your blood sugar levels and help your body increase its sensitivity to insulin.

But it’s definitely a far better alternative compared to some of the products that are being marketed by affiliates that are just in it for the money and don’t care about the quality of the product.

With the DiaMetrix affiliate program you will earn 15% of all sales that you generate. There is a 30 day cookie. They do have banners and text ads that you can add to your website.

And even if you need specialized size banners to match your site or custom email ads there are more than happy to create those for you.

Once you become an affiliate you’ll have access to your own back office where you can track all of your clicks and sales in real-time reporting.

Unfortunately, there is no mention of the schedule they have for paying your commissions. But, if it’s like most affiliate programs you’re probably going to be paid monthly.

Commission Rate: 15%

Tracking Cookie Duration: 30 days

Payment: Monthly (not confirmed)

Application Process: In-house

Creatives: Yes

You can join the DiaMetrix affiliate program here

7) Klinio


Klinio is a diabetes management app. And it works for diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. And the app is fully personalized by you.

So how it works is that it helps you eat smarter and be more active. Thus forming a new healthy lifestyle and habits that last a lifetime.

Each meal plan is engineered to fit your personal dietary needs. And through this habit formation by eating properly and exercising you can lose weight which is a contributing factor to helping you manage your diabetes.

It’s currently being used in 192 countries and is available in 7 different languages. And is constantly being improved.

You will earn $10 per sale. And they will assign a dedicated account manager to help you with your campaign so you can start earning money.

Your payments are net 40. Which means you’re be paid within 40 days of your commissions being earned. And your commissions will be paid to you once you meet the minimum $50 threshold.

Unfortunately, there is no mention of the cookie duration. But on average cookie duration is typically 30 days. If you’re interested in this affiliate program you can always email them and confirm what the cookie duration is.

Commission Rate: $10 per sale

Tracking Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

Payment: Net 40

Application Process: In-house

Creatives: Yes

You can join the Klinio affiliate program here

8) Dr. Fuhrman

Dr. Fuhrman

If you’re suffering from diabetes having and maintaining proper nutrition is going go a long way in helping you with your diabetes managment.

And Dr. Fuhrman is one of the most recognized authorities when it comes to nutrition. He is consider the expert on natural healing through food.

He’s written several books on nutrition, including his New York bestseller The End Of Diabetes. So, this would be an excellent affiliate program to add to your health and wellness website.

He offers a 10% commission through his affiliate program. Plus performance bonuses and increase commissions.

His affiliate program is through Rakuten, formerly known as Linkshare. So, you simply apply to Rakuten and then you can join the Fuhrman affiliate program.

They have several different types of banner and ad images that you can used on your website. The cookie duration is 45 days and you would be paid monthly for your commissions.

Commission Rate: 10%

Tracking Cookie Duration: 45 days

Payment: Monthly

Application Process: Rakuten (formerly linkshare)

Creatives: Yes

You can join the Dr. Fuhrman affiliate program here

9) Diabetic Manual

Diabetic Manual

DiabeticManual is a program that includes videos, a guidebook, a supplement and everything you need to begin your journey on a diabetes free life.

The video explains the entire program and getting you to a successful eating strategy and the exact dietary supplements that you will need to naturally support your blood sugar.

This is a patented approach to making the lifestyle changes you need to handle type II diabetes.

With their affiliate program you can earn 10% commission on all BodyManual products. And he 30% commission on DiabeticManual products.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information in regards to the length of the cookie. But as I’ve mentioned before most affiliate programs provide a 30 day cookie.

You will be paid monthly for your commissions. And to get on board with this affiliate program you simply need to create your account and you’re good to go.

Commission Rate: 10% on BodyManual sales and 30% on Diabetic Manual sales

Tracking Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

Payment: PayPal

Application Process: In-house

Creatives: Yes

You can join the Diabetic Manual affiliate program here


Unfortunately, the diabetes niche is growing. However, with that said a growing niche does present the opportunity earn great affiliate commissions.

I will mention though with these types of affiliate programs you really have to be careful with the affiliates you associate yourself with.

There’s a lot of hucksters out there that are making wild claims in regards to what their products can do when it comes to helping people with diabetes.

Yes, there is money to be made here. Just be sure you do your due diligence before you jump into this niche.

Now I’ve been using the term niche and I’m not even sure if you know what a niche is or how affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing programs work.

If that’s the case, don’t worry we all had to start somewhere. When I first started I had no clue what affiliate marketing was.

But now I make a full-time living as an online affiliate marketer.

Now if you like to learn more about how affiliate marketing works and how you can turn it into a full-time online income.

My best recommendation would be taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate. It is the one stop resource for step-by-step training when it comes to building a successful affiliate marketing business.

If you would like to see exactly what wealthy affiliate has to offer. I’ve done a complete in-depth review of their online interactive training platform. And you can check that out here.

I believe in you

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