Choosing A Domain Name For Your Website -

Choosing A Domain Name For Your Website

domain namesChoosing a domain name for your website is one of the most important steps when starting your online business.

Not only is it the beginning of your online brand.

Your domain name is going to make you stand out from everyone else so you need to take some time choosing the right one.

There are two different kinds of domain names you can choose from.

First You Can Have An Exact Match Domain Name

An exact match domain name would be your domain name that has your your main keyword(s) in the domain name.

So for example if you were in the relationship niche and your main keywords were “how to find love”.

Your exact match domain name would be –

Now exact match domain names use to be very powerful domain names in the past as these domain names use to get ranked at the top of the search engines very fast and that’s why people used them.

However after the latest updates that Google has done they do not have as much SEO power as they once had, and do not rank as fast as they use too.

But that’s not to say they don’t still have a small advantage.

People will be using the keyword(s) of your domain name and after your site has gained some authority and your other content is ranking your exact match domain name has the opportunity to be ranked at the top of the search results.

And of course that’s a good thing.

I have an exact match domain name for one of my niches and it’s ranking at the top of the search results along with my other content.

And even though exact match domain names are getting harder to come by if you can get an exact match domain name, go for it.

But if you can’t don’t worry about it too much it’s not the end of the world. If you’re doing things right it’s your content that will get top rankings and people will come to your site through this content.

Also if you’re going to use an exact match domain name make sure your domain name reads properly. Don’t get a exact match domain name that makes NO sense.

You want the exact keywords people would actually type into the search engines.

So having this an an exact match domain name that makes sense would be:

How To Make Money Online

But this make no real sense, you’re talking backwards:

Make Money Online Free

Your Next Choice Is A Brandable Domain Name

I like brandable domain names because you can do so much with a branded domain name.

There’s a lot going on online so anything you can do to stand out from all that noise is just going to work in your favor.

And a brandable domain name gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Companies spend millions of dollars developing their brand so they can do just that “stand out” from the crowd.

But you don’t have to spend millions, it can all start with your own brandable domain name.

And as a online marketer you can either brand yourself or create a brand (name) to be the go to place within your niche.

If you were going to brand yourself the best way is to use your name as your domain name. So

If you’re going to create a brand and be the person behind the brand not the brand yourself then you need to create a brandable domain name.

Now I have several niches that I’m in so I have domains that are brandable to each niche.

For example this sites brand is Net Wise Profits – the name speaks for itself. How to profit wisely online.

Domain Names How To Choose A Great Domain Name

Choosing your domain name can be a little bit of a process.

So here’s 6 tips for choosing a great domain name:

1) Make your name short, catchy and memorable, and also make sure your domain name is easy to spell and easy to pronounce.

2) Make sure your name is not too close to someone else’s domain name (spelling and sounding like) and absolutely make sure you’re not violating someone’s trademark.

3) Make it a .COM – this is the best top level domain name you can have. But if for some reason the .COM is taken you can use .NET.

I own a .NET domain. You could also use .ORG, but those are typically associated with charitable organizations.

If you’re selling specifically in one country the only one to really worry about is for the United Kingdom – and for that you would want a .CO.UK domain extension.

4) Be creative. Having a single word domain is getting harder and harder to find so this is where you can have fun.

You can fuse two whole words together like “YouTube” or how about blending parts of two words together like “Microsoft” Or you could play around with a word and tweak it such as “Flickr”.

Maybe affixing a word with a prefix or a suffix that’s how “Shopify” was born, or you can even create your own word such as “FounderFly”

5) Make sure you domain name can past the Radio Test.

When you’re listening to the radio you can’t see anything (duh). And being on the radio when you have to spell something it can cause problems, especially if it’s a domain name.

For example let’s say I said this domain name over the radio Easy Help For You, but the domain is actually spelt EZHelpForU.

If you heard me say this over the radio how would you spell it?

You would probably spell it – when in reality it’s spelled like

My point is you don’t want to have to spell your domain name every time you tell people your domain name.

6) Avoid hyphens and numbers.

More often than not hyphens and numbers are misunderstood and forgotten.

Like I mentioned in the radio test if your domain name as the number “5” in it, when people hear it they may not know if it is the number or the word five.

And as for hyphens people usually forget them all together.

question markWhere To Get Your Domain Name?

There are plenty of places to buy your domain name and most domain names will cost between $4 to $14 per year.

I say that because many of the domain name companies have sales at any given time on domain purchases.

Here are the places I have purchased domain names from:

NOTE: You always want to purchase WhoisGuard. This is also known as as Private Registration. Having this makes sure none of your personal information is made public.

Here’s a few of the better places to buy domain names:

Go Daddy – Biggest domain and hosting company around. They have sales all the time – plus if you do a search for “Go Daddy Coupons” you can find even more savings for your domain name.

Be prepared for a ton of up-sells while doing your domain purchase – none of which you need except to buy WhoisGuard to protect your privacy online.

NameCheap – As the name suggests they have great prices on domain names – sometimes as low as $1.99. – they also offer WhoisGuard.

How To Get A Domain Name And Hosting For Free

Yep it’s absolutely true you can get top notch hosting and a domain name absolutely free!

If you’re just starting out using free services is perfectly fine, just be careful of who you use. As you may or may not know I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

And there they have a free starter membership and with this free membership comes 2 free websites and world class hosting for your free websites (domains).

And don’t worry if you’ve never built a website. The wealthy affiliate has the most powerful free web builder called Site Rubix. In fact site rubix is so powerful you can have your website set up in less than 30 seconds. I did a demo video showing how easy it to use the site rubix web builder, you can see that video here.

And when you’re ready to take the next step for your business you can buy your own domain through wealthy affiliate. And what I really like about buying a domain through wealthy affiliate is that what other registrars charge you extra for wealthy affiliate includes.

Included with your domain name purchase is: email, WHOis privacy protection, Domain security and DNS Automation, all that for only $13.99 per year.

But there is so much more wealthy affiliate has to help started building a thriving online business. Including step by step training to build your online business, 24/7 support, tools and additional resources. You can check out everything wealthy affiliate has to offer you right here.

No matter which way you decide to go. Whether it’s an exact match domain name or a brandable domain name. Picking the proper domain name is a very important step and one you should not do to quickly.

Remember you’re building your affiliate business for a lifetime!

I hope you found this information helpful. If so, feel free to share it with your audience, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

And as always if you need a hand with anything you can email me anytime.

I believe in you!!
Leowealthy affiliate

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