Can I Make Money Following My Passion? -

Can I Make Money Following My Passion? Absolutely – YES!!!!

I have lost count how many times I've been asked "can I make money following my passion?"

And my answer is always a resounding YES!!!!


In fact this is the real secret (for a lack of a better word) to succeeding online​. The biggest mistake, well a few of the biggest mistakes people make when they jump online with the goal of earning money is...

1) They ignore thier passion or thier hobby as an income source.​

What tends to happen for many people is they end up listening to some so-called self proclaimed idiot guru that says to make money online​ you have to sell this product or service or you won't make money.

Let let me clear that up for you right now.

That's the biggest load of bullshit ​online!!

In fact listening to these idiots is the hardest way to make money online. It actually goes against everything the average person should do when just starting out online to make any money online.

Don't listen to these idiot gurus​. In fact many if not most of these so-called experts (gurus) are marketing programs showing how to make money online and they themselves have not made money online.

They are trying to make money online selling a program showing how to make money online. It's the classic scam cycle.

​And That Brings Me To Mistake Number 2

People tend to chase shiny objects. Meaning they get sucked into spending money on the never revealed secret to making money online.​

There is no secret, never has been, never will be.

But we as humans are always looking for the path of least resistance. So if someone well skilled in spreading bullshit tells you, or I should say hits all your hot buttons.

That they have the secret for making money online, that's when good people get screwed out of thier money. It happens everyday, in fact it's happening as you're reading this. 

I Want You To Think About This

If I had a secret for making thousands and thousands of dollars every day online. Do you really think I'm going to share that with the world for the one time low price of $47?

Come on, give your head a shake!!​ I would never tell a soul. I'd be an idiot to share that secret.

Or maybe I'm just a scam artist with no secret because there isn't one.​ Usually this is the case. 

Here's The Secret - Sorry Had To Say It​

Making money online all start with your passion or hobby​.

Now I want you to think about that.

And the reason I want you to think about this is if you're going into this, and I mean wanting to build a profitable online business​ you have a far greater chance of success going into this with something you love.

Building a business online is a long term journey. It's not going to happen overnight​, and because of that building your business which includes a huge amount of talking about it (blogging), makes things so much easier.

Can you agian see why listening to some putz telling you the only way to make money online is you have to sell XYZ product is the recipe for failure/ Not to mention losing your hard earned money to the putz in question.

​Ok So How Do You Start?

​Yeah I get this question a lot as well.

The easiest way to get started building a successful​ (thriving) online business is to become an affiliate marketer.

Now if you're not a familiar with affiliate marketing, in a nutshell as an affilaite you're a commissioned salesperson. Now don't let the word salesperson freak you out, that's just the best description for what you're doing.​

Let me put it another way. When you go to a great restaurant you're probably really excited to share your new find with the people you know and even with people you don't know well, like the people you meet in passing everyday.

Well the only difference with simply recommending your new found resturant as an affiliate you would earn a commission​ from the people you refered to go to the restaurant and spent money.

The other reason becoming an affiliate is the best business model to start out with is​...

  • You don't need your own product or service
  • It cost nothing to join affiliate programs
  • You have millions of products to choose from
  • You don't have to carry any inventory
  • You don't have to deal with shipping product
  • You don't have to deal with returns
  • You don't have to deal or speak with any customers
  • You can run your affiliate business from anywhere as long as you have internet access 

​The Process Of Making Money Online As An Affiliate

The process of making money online is not that complicated.

Unfortunately people are lead to believe it is and this falls into the guru scam arena and how people get screwed falling for the "I have a secret BS"

Here this picture shows the process:

dollar sign

Your audience, that would be your niche. If you're not familiar with the term "niche". A niche is specific segment of customers within a market. So for example, if you were in the weight loss market. Weight loss for men over 50 would be a niche within that market.

So going with that ​example, men over 50 looking for weight loss solutions will do a search in Google. And within the search results if your content or website is listed within the search results, typically on the first page of the search results, people can click those links and end up at your site.

On your site you would have affiliate links of products and or services. If your visitors click these links and do purchase products and or services, you earn a commission - you make money.​

Now of course there are steps you must take in order for your site or your content to be found on the first page of the search results. And that's called SEO - Search Engine Optimization.

Yeah sound pretty technical but really it's not. Here let me explain how you get people to your site (SEO)...

What Is The Internet?

All the internet is, is Content and lots of of it.​

Think of the internet as one big ass digital library. ​And a search engine is the librarian, the person you ask to find things you're looking for.

So the way you get your content listed at the top of the search engines is by using the keywords that people would use to search for the things thier looking for. And create content around these keywords.

And that content is what you have posted on your website. So let's circle back here for a second. Can you see why building your business on the foundation of something you're passionate about or your hobby makes things so much easier to build your business?

You're going to be talking about it a lot, and that means writing content. Content is what fuels the internet and why the search engines do what they do.

But it's just not any old content. You need to use properly researched keywords for your content. And the best keywords for your content is known as low hanging fruit keywords.

These are keywords that have good search volume but low competition. And that's the secret for gaining first page rankings in the search engines.

You see most people are looking for those few keywords that have a ton of searches every month, however the problem with that is the competition for those keywords is through the roof. So getting ranked for these keywords could takes years, even if it happens at all.

By using low competition keywords with good search volume and I mean monthly searches of 50 or more, and less than 200 competing pages. You're chances of getting ranked on the first page of the search results goes through the roof.

Ok, Maybe You're Thinking...

But with keywords with just good search volume, that's not much potential traffic to my site?

Yes your right, if you were just relying on a few keywords for traffic, but you're not. Remember I said you're going to do a lot of talking (writing) about the niche you're in?

You're not just using a few keywords, your going to be creating new and fresh content using hundreds of different well researched keywords. And that my friend adds up to a ton of traffic coming to your site every month.

Think about it, if you have lets say 100 different keywords ranking on the first page results each having on average of 50 searches per month. That's 5000 potential customers each and every month that can come to your site.

So don't let the lower search volume fool you, everything builds on everything. And I speak from experience, I'm in the financial niche, a very tough niche. And I use videos as my content source. 

And that niche last year using keywords with average search volume and low competition 
generated an additional $50,000 in income - and I'm track to do even better for 2016.

Ok, Let's Recap​

To make money online and I mean a full time income, one that can easily surpass what you're making at your current job.

To do this, here's the steps:​

  • Start with a passion or hobby (niche)
  • Build your website (your online storefront)

I realize I didn't mention the creation of your website, this is where you're going to build your online buisness. And please do not let that freak you out thinking you can't create a beautiful website. I don't care if you've never built a website before.

I know of a free website builder that you can use to create ​a beautiful looking, revenue ready website in less than 30 seconds. Yep it's that easy. Ok, back to the steps:

  • Attract visitors to your site (content)
  • Generate revenue (income)

When you break it down, that's all there is to it. No secret method, no never before known system, no just discovered method. Just a simple step by step blueprint that millions of people are using each and everyday to make money online.

Ok I Can Hear Your Next Question

How am I supposed to learn how to do all this? That's easy, it's all within the community of the Wealthy Affiliate.

​One thing I love about the WA is there is no false promises, no BS and it's totally scam and spam free.

wealthy affiliate

You can learn everything you need to build a thriving online affiliate marketing business. And do it in a simple step by step format at your own pace. The wealthy affiliate includes all the tools you'll need, all the support you could ever ask for and of course all the resources to scale up your business to any level you want.

I've been a member of the wealthy affiliate since 2012 so I know exactly what the WA has to offer. Hell, I wouldn't stick around if it didn't delivery on everything it says it can.

And I've personally been making a full time income from affiliate marketing since 2005. So I know this is the best model for creating a successful online business.​

But of course don't take my word for it. The wealthy affilaite is set up as such that it costs absolutely nothing to join. You can check out everything it has to offer for free, you can talk to new and seasoned members in live chat and you can even begin your training for free.

In fact by the end of the first round of training you'll have a fully functional website up and running ready to generate income.​ I did a detailed post about the wealthy affiliate. You can check that out by clicking here.

Ok that's it, I've rambled on long enough. If you get anything from this post, just know, you're path to online success starts with a passion or hobby, not some so called never before revealed secret from some idiot self-proclaimed guru.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them below​.

I believe in you

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