Can I Make Money At Home Online? Yes If You Avoid These 7 Mistakes -

Can I Make Money At Home Online? Yes If You Avoid These 7 Mistakes

dollar signI don’t think there is a week that doesn’t goes by that I don’t get asked this question…

Can I Make Money At Home Online?

And my answer always is and always will be a resounding YES!!!!

Anyone can make money online.

So in today’s post I’m going to go over the 7 most common mistakes people make when trying to make money online and how you can avoid them.

Plus I’m also going to show you the absolute best business model for any beginner to use for building a thriving online business.

And I’m also going to show you how you can get started building your online business for free.

So let’s get to it.

Mistake Number One

The biggest mistake most people make is thinking there is some secret to making money online.

The truth is, there is NO secret to making money online.

Let me ask you some questions.

  • Have you bought a program that promised wealth with little or no effort?
  • How much money did you make?
  • Are you on a beach drinking margaritas and retired now?

Don’t worry I’m pretty sure I know the answers, and the answers are NO.

If there is ANYTHING you remember after reading this post remember this:

There is no secret or special program or a sit back and do nothing method for making money online

Any program or so called self proclaimed guru pitching anything that mentions stuff like that is selling you a scam product. It’s garbage and you should run far and run fast from these products and con artists.

And if you’re regular visitor to my blog you’ll know it’s my mission to expose as many of these useless programs and con artists as I can, so you don’t fall victim to them.

In fact I did a post last month outlining exactly how to spot a scam product. You can read that post here.

I’ll say it again and I want you to burn this into your brain ….

There Is No Secret To Making Money Online – Never Has Been – Never Will Be

There is a simple process or flow to making money online and I’ll explain all about that later in this post.

clockMistake Number Two

Building an online business takes time.

But for some reason, well I know the reason – it’s those con artists filling peoples heads with lies.

People have been fooled into thinking just because it’s on the internet time moves faster – so that’s why you can make a fortune in 30 days.

Let’s get realistic.

If you’re goal is to earn $5000 per month – that’s $60,000 per year. It’s pretty unrealistic to think you can be earning $5000 per month 30 days after you start online. Especially if you’ve never earned close to $5000 per month in the past.

However it’s much more realistic to think that within one year you can be earning $5000 per month with your online business.

And that simple shift in thinking will propel you towards succeeding online.

I know because I have seen it happen time and time again.

So you need to go into this knowing it’s going to be a marathon and not a sprint building your business.

And by doing that you’re going to be far more successful than thinking it’s going to happen in 30 days or overnight.

Mistake Number Three

Lack of focus.

No denying there are a ton of distractions online. And most of these distraction will provide you with ZERO help in your journey to build your business.

More often than not it’s someone trying to sell you something. And a lot of this junk is coming in your inbox.

As I mentioned in mistake number one this junk coming in your inbox is usually from some so-called guru telling you what you’re doing is out of date and not going to work and you need to buy his/her program from them if you want to succeed.

That’s a load of crap.

But because of all this crap coming at you more often than not you start feeling overwhelmed and you start thinking maybe what you’re doing is not enough so you need to do more so you don’t get left behind.

Or you feel you have to learn so much you’ll never catch up.


This is so not true.

Everyone one of this con artists wants your attention, well actually they want your money. And they will do anything to get it from you.

Building your online business is not complicated in fact it’s very simple to do.

There is a simple process or flow of how to make money online:

  • Someone is searching for something on Google
  • Someone visits your website because you have that something they’re looking for
  • This someone buys what you recommend
  • You make money

Now of course there are things you need to do in order for this flow to happen.

But as I said it’s not complicated once you understand this flow. And you certainly don’t need someone telling you what you’re doing is wrong or you’re not working hard enough.

Ignore these idiots!!

Your best friend is your delete button, go nuts and use it a lot.

supportMistake Number Four

Not having the proper support.

Building an online business can be a very solitary journey. And this journey can be even more difficult if you don’t have the proper support.

Chances are your friends and family don’t really understand what you’re trying to do.

And because of that they could be telling you that everything online is a scam (not everything is) and you’re not going to be successful and you should quit now.

They do have your best interest at heart and they do mean well. But honestly, not the most inspiring group of people to have in your corner.

I’m not saying everyone’s friends and family are like this.

But the truth of the matter is you need to surround yourself with like minded people. Even if your getting support from friends and family and especially if you’re not.

So where can you find the support you need?

Well first off I’m here anytime you need a hand. I’ve been there done that and I know exactly what you’re going through. I can absolutely relate.

So when you feel stuck or have a questions don’t hesitate giving me a buzz. That’s the main reason I am here – is to help you. But I can’t if you don’t ask.

So don’t be shy. Ok?

You can email me or we can chat live. You’ll also find these links at the top of my site.

Forums are a good place to find support. But just be mindful of the forums you participate in.

There are great forums and their are horrible forums.

And speaking of horrible forums, not sure you have heard of it but you need to avoid the Warrior Forum like the plague.

It use to be good forum – it had some great members that could really help you out.

But now more than ever it’s just a collections of very low value and even scam products and services that just take your money and become those distractions I spoke about earlier.

Not to mention very uninformed people giving some really bad advice on what you should do to build an online business.

In fact some of the information can really harm your business, and if you don’t know what to watch out for you could kill your business before it even gets off the ground.

Don’t worry I’m not going to leave you hanging in just one second I’m going to share with you one of the most trusted communities online where you can get all the support you’ll ever need.

So keep reading.

Mistake Number Five

Out of date and improper training.

This is a tough one to avoid when you’re just starting out. Simply because you don’t know much and you don’t know who to trust.

And that’s why so many people get scammed – simply because they are uninformed.

The best way to avoid being taught the wrong way of building an online business is to slow down and become a detective.

Anytime you come across something offering you information about building a business online do your research – spend a day checking things out.

And remember mistake number one while you’re checking out this information.

One day is not going to affect your business start up – in fact more often than not it’s going to save you a ton of aggravation and money.

Don’t worry I’m going to share with you the most trusted website on the internet that has the most up to date training for building your online business.

That’s coming up in a second.

sell thisMistake Number Six

Being told what you should sell online.

Have you noticed everyone selling you these useless scam products is telling you what you should sell?

And more often than not they’re telling you to sell their scam product.

So they’re not teaching you how to build your own business, they just want you to sell their crap to other people, so those people can do the same thing.

Never sell something someone tells you, you should be selling just because you could make a lot of money


Because more often than not you will not stick with it.

I’ve used this analogy before.

If someone told you, you could make a lot of money selling stuff related to taxidermy and you know nothing about taxidermy and you have zero interest in learning about taxidermy.

How long do you think you would stick with a program trying to sell taxidermy stuff?

I can answer that – not long at all.

But let’s say you were an avid gardener – and you loved gardening – you loved talking about it – and of course you loved doing the actual gardening itself. You simply can’t get enough of it.

And I told you, you could make a full time income online sharing what you know about gardening.

How long do you think you would stick to building your business around something you love?

I’ll answer that – FOREVER!!

My point is – to be successful online start with something you’re passionate about. Something that gets you excited.

Think about making money building a thriving online business from something you love doing. How cool would that be?

It’s very cool and I’m going to show you exactly how you can do that in a minute.

targeted strategy Mistake Number Seven

Not using a time tested proven targeted strategy for building a thriving business.

This is the biggest mistake most people make. But it’s a double edged sword.

And I say that because if you’re new online how do you know what is a proven method and what’s not?

Especially if you have all these bozo self proclaimed so-called gurus selling you these pie in the sky programs.

Truth be told – you don’t. And in many cases it takes being ripped off before you do learn.

Well let’s avoid that step shall we.

What You Know Now
  1. You know any program promoting instant wealthy with no work is something to avoid.
  2. You know that it’s going to take time to build a REAL thriving business online.
  3. You need to stay focused.
  4. Find proper support.
  5. Get up to the minute training.
  6. Build your business around your passion or hobby.
  7. Follow a proven strategy.

Now that you know what NOT to look for it’s easier to know what you SHOULD be looking for.

www.netwiseprofits.comThe Best Business Building Model

At the beginning I told you I would share with you the absolute best business model you can follow to build a very successful online business and how to get your business started for free.

Ok first off, that business model is…

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most time tested online business models that you can use to build a thriving online business.

And I speak from experience. I’ve been earning a full time income online with affiliate marketing since 2005.

And it costs NOTHING to become an affiliate.

I did a post a while ago explaining in detail everything about affiliate marketing and you can read that post here.

But in a nut shell being an affiliate marketer simply means you’re marketing other peoples products and you earn a commission each time you sell something.

So no matter what your passion or hobby is there’s a company that sells products related to your passion or hobby and they have an affiliate program.

Let’s Put This All Together Now

Ok if you’ve come this far I know you’re serious about building a REAL online business and you want to know where you can get everything you need to do that.

And start everything for FREE!!

My number one recommended resource is the Wealthy Affiliate. A community I’m very proud member to be a part of.

I did a detailed review of the wealthy affiliate which you can read here.

And I highly recommend you read it. I also have a video tour I did of the wealthy affiliate members area at the end of that post.

But before you read that post let me give you the highlights of this community.

the wealthy affiliate Free To Join

You can join the wealthy affiliate community for free.

24-7 Live Chat Support

There are many, many avenues for support. Everything from blogging to Private Messaging.

But I would say the most popular avenue for support is the live chat. Anytime you need a hand you can get it instantly in live chat.

Plus I’m here for you as well. As soon as you become a free member you have access to me anytime you need help.

Free Training

Remember I said to follow a proven business model. The wealthy affiliate will teach you how to build your business using affiliate marketing.

As a free member you have access to the getting started training. This is step by step training comprised of ten comprehensive video training lessons.

At the end of this training you’ll have a fully functioning website with the understanding of how to drive quality traffic to your site to generate revenue.

And if you decide to take the advance training you can do that too.

Two Free Websites

As a free member the wealthy affiliate will provide you with two free websites.

Free Hosting

Along with your two free websites is free hosting for those sites.

Want To Know A Secret?

If you want to be successful follow someone that’s been there done that!

I’ve been there done that. And there are thousands of people inside the wealthy that have as well. You’ll find people just starting as well as some of the most successful online marketers in the world.

Remember I told you to surround yourself with like minded people. There’s no better place that I know of then the wealthy affiliate to do that.

As promised, I’ve shown you the 7 most common mistakes people make when venturing online to make money.

And I’ve shared with you the absolute best business model to follow, plus given you the most reputable community online that will provide the support, the tools, the resources and the training – all for FREE!!.

But should you believe me?

No You Should Not!

Say what!!

It’s true – you don’t know me and I don’t know you. So now is the time you take that moment or day I told you to take and do your due diligence about the wealthy affiliate.

You can use Google to start your research.

Or the best way to check this out is to simply join the wealthy affiliate. It’s absolute free to do so. All you have to do is create a username and password and you’re in.

This is one of the things I love about the wealthy affiliate. They don’t want any money from you. They offer you a free look as well as provide you with free training, resources, tools and support.

And just wait and see everything else that’s available to you.

You can try everything at ZERO risk and you can start your online business with ZERO investment. If you like what you see then stay – if not you’re free to leave anytime – no fuss no muss.

Now it’s up to you.
wealthy affiliate free starter account

I believe in you

Do you have a personal experience that you would like to share about the Wealthy Affiliate? If you do, I would love to hear about it.

Your feedback is always welcome and it can help others! If you found this post helpful and enjoyed it please share it.

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