Can I Earn Money Online? - Of Course You Can -

Can I Earn Money Online? Yep, If You Do These 9 Things

can I make money onlineI always get asked “can I make money online” and I always respond, “of course you can, anyone can”.

So today I want to share with you 9 tips to insure you do make money online. FYI tip 9 is the most important one.

Here’s How To Make Money Online

1) Stop Jumping From One Thing To Another

People are always getting distracted by what I call the Guru Launch Parade.

So here you are with your head down your ass in the air and you’re build building your business, and then an email arrives that tells you what you’re doing is old news and doesn’t work anymore and you should try this new never before revealed “Secret” way.

Or worse yet, you’ve been actively searching for secrets for making money online and you came across a website talking about a “new secret” way of making money online.

So you stop doing what you’re doing and start this new “Secret” way which of course does not work. And now you’ve just wasted a ton of time and some money on another so-called secret.

But guess what?

Another email with the next latest greatest secret comes along and off you go to try that or head back to the internet searching for this mythical secret. And this happens again and again. No wonder poeple never make money online.

Burn this into your brain!!! There are no secrets to making money online, never has been, never will be. There is no one program that’s going to magically pour money into your bank account.

Making money overnight online is an illusion being pitched each and everyday by so-called experts and con artists, and unfortunately people buy into this illusion each and everyday and instead of making money they’re losing money.

2) Understand You’re Building A Real Business

For some reason many people look at making money online as not being a real business, and I don’t get that. Maybe it’s because you don’t have a brick and mortar store you don’t think it’s real.

Maybe because you really don’t have to invest a whole lot to get started online you think it’s not a real business. But you’re wrong.

So you haven’t invested a lot to get started online, isn’t your time worth anything? Your hard work is not worth anything? Dame straight they are.

Your online business is like any other business it takes hard work to build, whether it’s off line or online and until you understand that this is a real business that you’re building you’ll never make any money online.

3) Decide On Your Marketing Plan

So many people that are trying to make money online are 10% good at 9 different things when they should concentrate on being 100% good at one thing.

This is where a lot of people stumble, they’re trying everything. And this is how people get sucked into buying those useless programs being pitched everyday.

If you’re going to do content marketing, then that’s all you do, learn everything you can about content marketing, become the student and then the master.

I’m not saying you’re not going to try other methods of marketing, but master one method first and get that traffic flowing. Then you can look at other methods to enhance your current marketing.

sell4) Be A Seller Not A Buyer

Sounds obvious, but STOP buying product after product. Now I’m not talking about things that you need for your business, such as hosting or an auto-responder and such.

I’m taking about the shit products and programs I mentioned in the first tip of this post.

How many products or programs do you have on your computer right now that you’ve never looked at again after buying it and checking it out?

1, 5, 10 maybe more. Hell, when I first started online I had program after program. I was no different than may people, but that changed years ago.

Every person selling these programs, their primary goal is to get you to buy it. Now whether you use it or not or you’re successful or not is not important. They just want the sale.

I don’t like most of the stuff that’s sold in the make money online niche because it’s usally garbage, but they are sellers, not buyers.

Become a seller!!!

5) Find Your Niche

What do I mean?

I mean find something that gets you excited like a hobby or a passion. Marketing something you have little or no interest in just because you were told you could make a lot of money in my experience is a sure-fire path to failure.

By marketing something you’re excited about and enjoy talking about increases your chances of succeeding online increase 10-fold.

Not sure how to find your niche I did a post all about finding your niche.

6) Sell Your Own Product If You Can

Many people start out as affiliate marketers, to this day I’m an affiliate marketer and it’s allowed me to earn a full-time income since 2005.

But I have also had my own products as well. Affiliate marketing is fantastic, but the reality is you’re still not in complete control of your income.

If the company you’re affiliated with decides to terminate or change the rules your income can and will suffer. I have seen this happen many times. Overnight I saw my friend’s income get cut by 75% and there was nothing he could do about it. He now has his own product and is making even more money.

mailing list7) Build Your Mailing List

No mater what you market you want to build your mailing list. Do not send your traffic directly to your affiliate site, send them to your site first and there have an optin form to get people on your list.

Most people that come to your site will not buy from you on the first visit. That’s reality. So you need to generate a lot of traffic to your site in order to make money, and it’s very doable. In fact a friend of mine Steve has generated over 10 Million visitors to his site with one very simple traffic method.

Studies have shown it takes on average 7 to 10 contacts before the average person will even consider buying from you.

Even if you’re generating lots of traffic or minimal traffic to your website you need to take advantage of the traffic that is coming to your site and you do that by getting as many people on your mailing list as possible. This allows you to also market other related products to your list thus giving you the opportunity to increase your income.

Your list is a huge asset and you need to treat it as such. This is how you are going to earn your long-term income. Once people know, like and trust you they will do almost anything for you, and that includes buying from you over and over again.

When It Comes To Your Mailing List

Selling online is like dating. You don’t ask to meet his/her parents on the first date… right?. You grow and nurture a relationship – taking one baby step at a time.

Well the same concepts hold true when selling online. You have a much greater chance of making money from your list if you nurture and truly care about your list.

On my mailing lists (I have several) my first and foremost goal is to provide great resources and content that will help my subscribers.

And when I do send an email that is promoting a product or service that I feel has real value and can help people my conversion rate is very good. Why? Because I don’t view my mailing list like a personal ATM. Helping people first, money second.

8) Unsubscribe From Useless Mailing Lists

If the mailing list you’re on is not providing you any real value other then constantly pitching you to buy something, then get off it, it’s doing you no good other than distracting you.

So really look through your inbox and get rid of all the junk, I use to be on 17 lists. I’m on only 4 lists now.

9) Get The Proper Training

To me is the most important tip I can give you. And this comes from personal experience. When I first got online I got scammed more then once with promises of easy money and because of that I struggled for 3 years. Then I found my mentor Cory Rudl and within 3 months I earned my first money online, it was just over $300.

And then within 18 short months I was earning 3 times what I was making at my job each month. That’s when I left my day job. I could have left after 11 months but I wanted to be sure that I created a steady online income.

If you want to fast track your success for creating and building a thriving online business and avoid all the scams and bullshit being pitched online, then you absolutely need to check out my top resource for doing that. This is the same resource that’s helped me add an additional $7900 to my monthly income.

My Final Thoughts

The bottom line is if you keep jumping from one thing to another chasing that so-called secret for making money online, you’ll never make any money online.

And unfortunately, this gets proven everyday. Please don’t prove it again today.

I hope you found this information helpful. If so, feel free to share it with your audience, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

And as always if you need a hand with anything you can email me anytime.

I believe in you!!
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