Building Your Website -

Building Your Website

It goes without saying – No Website – No Online Business.

Years ago building a website was a major task, you had to hire a website designer and wait and wait for it to be completed.

And once it was done anytime you needed to make an update or change to your site you had to call the webmaster.

It was a real headache and not to mention costly.

But now-a-days services have been updated and things have been simplified so much – you could even call it dummy proof.

You can have a professional looking website up and running in a matter of minutes and you don’t need to be a webmaster to do it.

Your website is your store front – it’s where you’re going to hang out your shingle and advertise to the world your business. So there are some very important aspects your website must have for it to run quickly and efficiently.

Not taking these important functions into account means the difference between a quality robust site with a great user experience to one that is lacking, slow and a bad user experience for your visitors.

What You Must Have For A Quality Website:

1) Your Website Needs To Load Quickly

If your site loads slow people aren’t going to wait around – they’ll simply leave and find another site.

2) Your Site Needs To Have A Clean Professional Design

If your site is hard visually – meaning lots of banners, blinking and flashing, popups and all that stuff again people will not stay on your site. They’ll simply leave and find a site that does not look like a circus.

3) Easy Navigation

People don’t want to struggle getting around your site. It must be really easy to get around and have a nice flow. If you make it hard for people to navigate they’ll get frustrated and leave your site.

4) Easy Engagement

It must be easy for your visitors to engage with you on your site such as allowing comments, and the ability people to contact you. And this ease of engagement leads to a more successful website and ultimately a more successful online business.

Now I will admit there are other factors for having a successful website, such as SEO, content, ranking and things like that.

But by making sure your site has these 4 essential functions you will put yourself light years ahead of most people wanting to build a thriving business online.

And this is not hard to do if you leverage a “system” that is designed for this process and for that I recommend WordPress.


I’m sure you’ve heard of WordPress. It’s the most commonly used website framework to build websites.

Iin fact I built this website along with all my other websites using WordPress.

I remember when I first started online I had no idea how to build a website, so I had no choice but to get a web designer to do it for me.

After a while I got tired of being at the mercy of website designers so I started learning how to do HTML coding and I also used Dream-Weaver to build my sites.

Then came WordPress – a complete content management system that anyone and I truly mean ANYONE can use to build a beautiful website and succeed online.

Man have things come such a long way.

Just Some Of The Benefits Of WordPress

– Most widely used framework for building websites

– Easy installation

– No coding, no HTML, no need for advanced technical skills

– Thousands of templates to choose from

– Tens of thousands of one click add on features and functions

– Content management system based

You can see why I use WordPress exclusively for all my websites – it has everything you need to succeed ONLINE.

In fact you can create your own WordPress website for free and do it under 30 seconds using the free site rubix web builder from the wealthy affiliate.

Watch And See How Fast And Easy Site Rubix Is


To begin using site rubix all you need to do is simply sign up. No personal info and no payment info will be asked of you.

Just fill in your name and email address, a username and a password and you’re good to go. Once you’ve finished with the steps you’ll be given your administrator access where you can edit and customize your site anyway you want.

Benefits Of Using The Site Rubix Web Builder

– As I mentioned it’s completely free to use

– You can build 2 separate websites

– Hosting for each website is free

– Free step by step training on how monetize your website

– Your website is up and running in less than 30 seconds!!

An Additional Bonus

When you create your first free website you’ll now have free access to the wealthy affiliate training. As a matter of fact, it’s the wealthy affiliate that’s the creator of the site rubix web builder.

I recommend taking advantage of the free training you’ll have access to once you create your first site, this way you can get the most out of site rubix.

And of course if you need any help along the way you can email me. And because you’re using site rubix you can get in touch with me inside the wealthy affiliate or you can leave your question or comment below.

I believe in you!!

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