Borrowed Authority - Outdated Advice -

Borrowed Authority – Outdated Advice

borrowed Product Name: Borrowed Authority Method
Price: $39 Plus Upsells
Owner: Derek Pierce
Ranking: 2 out 10

Internet marketers have noticed one consistent thing with every new animal that Google releases and that is that sites often jump around a lot in rankings right after the updates.

Sometimes these moves are for the better and other times these are detrimental.

This has lead to people looking for ways to secure a Google “resistant” ranking for many of their money making links so that they don’t have to worry every time an update is announced.

The fact of the matter is that trying to game Google often ends up with worse results than before.

So What Is Borrowed Authority?

The Borrowed Authority Method is a system that teaches people how to create links/properties on sites that already have a lot of authority in the search engines.

Who Is Borrowed Authority For?

From reading the sales page I’m not really sure exactly who is being targeted by this product. Is it for people that already have experience with online marketing?

Or is it beginner friendly for people who are just looking to make their first dollar?

Though I do not like the fact that the sales page mentions that you don’t have to buy any domains, don’t have to learn complex link building, don’t have to worry about actually learning on page SEO, and can get away with creating very little content.

Comments like this make it seem like it could work very well for beginners or seasoned marketers.

Realistically after going through the material it seems to really be created for people that already have some experience especially since throughout the videos he constantly says “most of you probably have…” cpanels, websites, autoresponders, etc.

How Does Borrowed Authority Work?

As mentioned before, the idea is that you can create free profiles and web 2.0 sites on platforms that already have a large amount of Google authority such as Twitter and Youtube.

This makes it easier for you because you do not have to start from scratch when it comes to building up your own authority within the search engines.

Because Google already likes these sites and ranks them well, it in theory makes it easier for anything posted on those websites to be ranked not only high but quickly as well. You would then link these sites either directly to the product page or to your main website.

One major issue with linking directly to the main product is that even though it is possible you might make some sales, there is little opportunity to warm up prospects; it’s the equivalent to cold calling on the internet.

What’s The Price?

Currently the price is $39. On release in March 2015, the product was priced at an introductory $17, raised to $19.95 and has now settled at $39.

Apparently it might eventually rise to $97 but odds are slim once a price has stayed stable this long.

Are There Any Upsells?

There are two upsells provided to you after the initial purchase.

I want to discuss the second upsell first. It is called RankGold.

This really should just be part of the original course. The last hour of the 1.5 hour bonus webinar and the entire fourth module is based around you having this product and using it. If I had to guess, it really seems like Borrowed Authority is the product used to try to get you into this particular one.

RankGold has two membership options – $99 and $49 billed monthly. This adds up to a lot more than the initial investment of $39.


For anyone familiar with the term Private Blog Network; then you might have a general idea of what this upsell is used for when it comes to your website and your campaigns.

It’s a dashboard that instantly creates different posts, platforms, accounts, etc for your selected keyword. The software is supposed to spin things enough and stagger out posting enough that all the linking seems natural to the search engines.

Well module four of BAM is called the Backlinking Blitz – what an interesting name for 25% of a program that doesn’t rely on backlining.

The other upsell is access to four ranking formulas for the cost of $49. This is promoted as Green Hat Linking (as opposed to black hat I suppose) and is supposed to guarantee that you have a ranking strategy for a variety of different situations.

borrowed authority

As he says in his video, you can’t cook chicken like you would cook a ribeye – so you need different techniques for different campaigns.

Once again, there is an emphasis on the importance of backlinking.

He even has a case study on using a black hat method of creating backlinks to quickly push something up in the rankings. This case study was used to demonstrate the importance of backlinking.

Then why in giant red letters on the sales page does it mention that you do not need to worry about link building?

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What Training And Tools Can You Expect?

There are four modules with a bonus area within the BAM dashboard. Each module is made up of 3-4 videos that have Derek walking you through each lesson. They aren’t necessarily cohesive and the information could have been arranged in a better way.

For example, when showing you a particular website to search for available usernames on some of the authority sites.

He jumps right into the fact that you can outsource all of this and shows you how to do some things in your cpanel for your outsourcers before getting back to the original lesson.

Why not just recap all of that at the end of the lesson; this can cause people to easily become lost.

Besides the videos, there are also links to google drive examples for site management, a webinar, image files, and links to the resources he uses for each step.

supportHow’s The Support?

There is a facebook group that I would imagine would let you get some assistance from other members or from Derek himself if he pops up on a regular basis.

I requested an invite to the facebook group a week ago and still have not been approved but this could simply be an oversight. There are at this time about 560 people in the group.

The main login area also has a support link at the bottom. Even though the topics on the main support page seem somewhat outdated (one asks when the 2013 update was coming out for a product) you do have the ability to open tickets.

What I Liked

There are some valuable tidbits of information throughout the training videos even though the concept as a whole has been around for a while and can really only be used to a certain extent.

If done incorrectly you can very easily tank any rankings you may have for your main money site.

What I Didn’t Like

Upsells – It’s not that I have a problem with upsells. On the contrary, I expect them with many of these products. It is a common sales tactic.

What I dislike is the fact that part of the training for the main purchase is solely based on the idea that you shelled out the extra cash for one of the upsells. That simply isn’t fair.

Might as well have made them one product so people could buy a complete package.

Main Concept – Don’t get me wrong, you can get stuff ranked this way; though there are problems with the system which has caused more and more people to stray away from it when it comes to long term strategies.

Not to mention that all of these sites can remove whatever content they like and can change their Terms of Service without your permission.

Just like your website suddenly losing ranking in Google, you can just as easily have your accounts shut down or pages taken down with no warning.

While Derek does reference having your main money making sites a few times, this still implies that you should buy your own domains and hosting…this is kind of misleading on the sales page.

Additional Expenses – This is just a reiteration on things I have already mentioned.

You cannot complete the Borrowed Authority system to the full extent that the training videos try to tell you unless you open up your wallet here and there. This can quickly add up.

Let’s Compare Things To My #1 Recommendation

my opinionMy Final Opinion

While the information being presented isn’t absolutely horrible, this is no longer a viable method for the majority of internet marketers to make enough money to support a cost of living.

Taking up a bunch of spots on the search engines is one thing, getting people to buy is really a different beast.

You’ll find some marketers who are big believers in private blog networks but this is not part of the basic foundation of BAM and often costs money to start if you don’t already belong to some (he very graciously lets you know that his upsell can create one for you).

Your money is better spent elsewhere when it comes to learning how to build up your own authority site using the latest real time up to date training.

Granted these techniques can get short term results but they very seldom hold up to the test of time that a well developed authority website could withstand.

I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I answered any questions you may have had about it.

So do you have a personal experience that you would like to share about the borrowed authority?

If you do, I would love to hear about it. Your feedback is always welcome and it can help others make a decision whether or not to spend the money on this program.

And if you did find his review helpful and enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your audience.

I Believe In You!

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