Big Daddy's Wednesday Boost – What's Your Intention? -

Big Daddy’s Wednesday Boost – What’s Your Intention?

What do I mean?

Let me ask it another way, “What are you going to do today?

Let’s say you have all the tools you need to build your business, you have the support and resources as well.

But you don’t do anything or very little at best. What do you think your outcome will be?

Poor to say the least.

So what was your intention?

Obviously your intention was to do nothing.

Each day as your building your business or just living your day to day life you have the choice of what your intentions will be. And each one of your intentions will determine your destiny … positively or negatively.

If you say to yourself “My intention today is to drive 100 visitors to my website” and you take the action to do that.

How do you think your business will grow?

Each day you have the choice of what your intentions will be.

Let’s take losing weight. A hard task to accomplish, and let’s say your intention is to lose 30lbs. And in order to do that you need to eat right and exercise. Pretty straight forward, right?

Yeah we wish.

Anyone who is trying to lose weight is going to be tempted, there are foods out there I swear talk to you when you see them. Before you reach for that temptation ask yourself “what is my intention”

And the answer is “I am in the process of losing 30lbs” And because of that answer chances are you will not eat that donut, because that is not your intention.

If your intention is to build financial independence, you must do everything it takes to accomplish that goal, that is your intention. While on this journey of financial independence you will be tested… probably every day.

And when you are tested, ask yourself this question “Will doing this take me closer to my goal or farther away?”

If it’s taking you in the wrong direction then that is not your intention. Now remind yourself what your intention is:

“I am in the process of creating my financial independence”

By simply asking yourself what your intention is before you act on anything will guarantee you’ll stay on track towards your goals and absolutely skyrocket your success.

I believe in you

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