Big Daddy's Wednesdays Boost – The Fact That You Can -

Big Daddy’s Wednesdays Boost – The Fact That You Can

This is from – Ralph Marston

Not only are you already highly capable, you are capable of becoming even more capable. Exercise your capabilities, and nothing is beyond your reach.

When you’ve enjoyed great success you can step forward and create even more. When you encounter disappointments and obstacles, you can raise your own level of ability to get beyond them.

The way to make full and increasing use of your capabilities is to have an authentic reason. True desire will push your effectiveness higher and higher.

Know that you can, know why you must, and you’ll find a way to get it done. Put your amazing abilities to good use by giving yourself a powerful and meaningful reason to do so.

Do not agonize over why you can’t. Accept, acknowledge and express with your actions the fact that you can.

Every situation is your opportunity to put your dynamic capabilities to good use. Every day is a day in which you can make a real difference in a meaningful and effective way.

— Ralph Marston

I believe in you


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