My Big Commission Blueprint Review – What’s Going On Here?

Big Commission Blueprint

Welcome to my Big Commission Blueprint review.

Now there are a handful of decent training programs out there that will teach you how to make a passive income using affiliate marketing.

And there’s been a lot of talk about Big Commission Blueprint, some of it positive and some negative. So, I thought I would take a look at Dean Hollands program and see what all the talk is about.

So let’s see if his training program will actually help you make money online as an affiliate marketer. Or is it just slick marketing to get your money.

Now, before we get into things, you need to know, I’m not associated with Big Commission Blueprint in any way at all.

I’m simply here to show you the pros and cons of Big Commission Blueprint and give you my personal opinion. What you decide to do after reading my review is up to you.

Alright, let’s see what Big Commission Blueprint is all about shall we?

Quick Overview

Product Name: Big Commission Blueprint


Price: $19.95 to $4,997

Owner: Dean Holland

Type Of Product: Affiliate marketing training

Target Audience: People who want to learn about affiliate marketing

Quick Summary: The basic training is decent, but the problem I have with this program is you have to buy the very expensive upsells in order to make this system work. Unlike what Dean says in his sales video you’re NOT going to make $1000’s per day unless you do spend money on his upsells.

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

Recommended: No

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So, What Is Big Commission Blueprint?

Big Commission Blueprint or BCB is an affiliate marketing training program that’s designed to teach you how to make big ticket commissions as an affiliate marketer as opposed to making small affiliate commissions.

Yeah don’t get to excited just yet about earning those big affiliate commission. Deans program has a few expensive catches, which I get into in a moment.

So, Who Is Dean Holland?

Dean is the man behind BCB and is also the managing director of Internet Profit Ltd which is located in the UK.

dean holland

Now like many people Dean tried making money online and like most he struggled for years until he figured things out.

What I really like is the Dean never says he was struggling and broke and then one day he found this “magic, secret method” for making money online and he wants to share it with you.

He simply says, he struggled for years, he found a way to make money online and then over time he built on his success which brings him to where he is today.

After Buying

Alright once you’ve paid your $19.95, you’re going to be offered 3 upsells.

Upsell 1 – Pre-Recorded Training Videos – $197

This is a collection of 8 videos recorded from one of Dean’s live events. It’s over 10 hours of content. Now if you decide to take a pass you will be offered a down sell price of $99.

Upsell 2 – Social Media Training

This upsell does not provide the price up front, which is something I have not come across in a while. So, you’re forced to watch a sales video to find out about this upsell and the price.

Well, I didn’t feel like sitting through this sales video to find out what this costs and there is no way I was going to click the “Add to cart” button to see the price, because I’ve seen this before and as soon as you do, you’re automatically billed. No thank you.

But I’m not losing any sleep over passing this by because it’s probably overpriced and nothing I would want anyway.

Upsell 3 – Affiliate Club – Recurring $47/Month

This membership allows you to market BCB and these upsells as an affiliate giving you the opportunity to earn higher commissions.

You also get access to additional tools and training. And access to the monthly live coaching webinars. If you decide to blow past this, you’ll be offered a two week trial for $5.

What’s Inside The Members Area?

There are 11 modules in the training area, all of which are videos so it’s easy to follow along and understand.

But you can’t access all 11 modules. You’re going to have to step up and spend some BIG money to get to the meat of this program and those other modules.


Module 1: The System Explained

Ok, this module begins with Dean showing you the amount his company is making using this system and explain how it works and understanding the high ticket sales funnel concept.

Ok, I know the first question you have. What the heck is a high ticket sales funnel?

The concept is very simple. It starts off by getting peoples email addresses to build a mailing list. Now this is typically done through a landing page. This is a 1 page website where its sole purpose is to get your mailing address and get you in the sakes funnel.

And to get people’s email addresses you give away something of value for free. This is known as an ethical bribe.

As soon as someone signs up, they will automatically be sent to a sales page that offers a low ticket product, say $19.95. And if they buy that low priced product, they are then sent to another sales page that now offers an even higher ticketed product.

And these products are known as upsells. And these upsells can run into the thousands of dollars.

Now unlike what Dean says in his sales video this is far from a new and controversial way of making money online. This type of marketing method has been around for a long time. And it has been because when done right it is very effective.

And Why Is It So Effective?

It’s so effective because once some has bought something from you and has enjoyed the experience. The likelihood of this person buying from you again and again increases.

But with that said it only works if the upsells you’re offering actually add value to the original product. But you don’t need to buy the upsell in order for you to do what the original product is intended to do.

And it should go without saying that throughout the whole upsell process you’re marketing things in a very ethical and transparent manor.

Module 2: Creating Your Number

I like this module because you don’t see this very often. I don’t think people realize how important it is to develop the right mindset and setting measurable goals for yourself so you can achieve what you want in life and business.

So here Dean talks about deciding the type of life you want and why you want it. Then setting your goals and figuring out what it’s going to cost to live the life you want so you know how much you need to earn to live this lifestyle. And to make things easier for you, Dean provides you with a downloadable worksheet.

Module 3: Your Personal Income Blueprint

This is where Dean gets into the numbers, showing you what it’s going to take to achieve your money goals by promoting his products an affiliate marketer.

Module 4: Create Your Free Account

Now as a free “basic” affiliate Dean gives you the opportunity to promote BCB. And as a basic affiliate, you can earn $10 for every BCB sale you make.

But if you really want to leverage his program and the earning potential, you’re going to have to upgrade to the other tier levels. And it’s not cheap to get to those other levels.

Case in point. If you don’t upgrade and someone you refer upgrades to one of the premium memberships you will not earn the commission from that upgrade if you’re not at that level as well.

But you will earn your $10 commission for the referral itself. I can’t stand these types of tiered affiliate programs because they force you into spending money and in most cases BIG money in order to make these bigger commissions. It’s a pay to play system and I for one would never spend the money to play.

Module 5: The Affiliate Club ($47 Monthly Recurring)

Ok, this is the first upsell. For $47 per month you can become part of the Affiliate Club. This will give you more tools, training, Bi-Weekly live coaching calls and support along with the opportunity to earn higher commissions.

So, you’ll earn a higher commission on the BCB product itself, a recurring commission is someone joins the affiliate club as well as commissions from the 3 upsells people are hit with right after they join BCB.

  • Here’s the commission breakdown.
  • Earn 90% commission on BCB
  • Earn up to $98 per sale on upsells
  • Earn $23 recurring monthly commission from affiliate club sale

Now if you’re going to promote Dean’s product at the very least this is the level you want to be at. This is not much of an affiliate offer without having the ability to earn revenue from affiliate club sales.

But besides that, and for me what’s important is that you have the opportunity to create a truly residual income from the recurring monthly commissions for the affiliate club sales.

So, if you’re comfortable spending $47 per month. At this level, you do have the chance to make a decent amount of money.

Module 6: How To Make $1000 Commissions Without Any Extra Work (iPro Platinum Membership – $1,997 – One Time Fee)

Alright, this is the next upsell and it’s a bit of a jump from $47 per month. If you want to get to this level of membership, you’re going to have to spend $1997.

And for that just like the last upsell, this will give you more training, tool, and earning capacity. Along with a live weekly coaching call with Dean and the team. In-depth marketing training, traffic training, and success group access.

Here’s the breakdown for this membership level:

  • $1000 commission for each iPro Platinum sale
  • Earn 90% commission on all frontend offers
  • Earn 90% commission on upsell offers (up to $473 per sale)
  • Earn 90% recurring commission

Now there is no doubt the opportunity to earn more money is there. But you don’t have to spend nearly $2000 to have the opportunity to make money as an affiliate marketer. I would never pay someone $1997 to become an affiliate for them, no way!!

Module 7: How To Make $2500 Commissions Without Any Extra Work (iPro Masters Membership ($4,997)

This is the last upsell and the most expensive. If you want to be able to earn $2000 commission from the sale of any iPro Masters Membership you’re going to have to step up big time and spend $4,997 to qualify for that commission.

At this level you’ll also get more training, weekly coaching and personal support from Dean himself.

Once again there is no way in hell, I’m going to spend nearly $5000 to I can have the opportunity to make these commissions. There are thousands of high-ticket affiliate programs that you can market right now and you don’t have to spend a single dime to become an affiliate.

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Module 8: Getting Traffic

In this module, Deans talks about traffic both free and paid as well as the pros and cons of each method. He also talks about the differences between targeted and un-targeted traffic. Knowing the difference between targeted and un-targeted traffic is critical to your success if you’re promoting Dean’s program.

Well, the fact is it does not apply just to Dean’s program that uses a sales funnel marketing concept. Because you’ll be sending traffic to a sales funnel you want to be sure you’re sending targeted traffic, especially if you’re spending money to get that traffic.

The paid traffic method that Dean recommends is solo ads. If you’re not sure what a solo ad is. This is an ad that is sent out “solo” to an Ezine owner’s mailing list.

I’ve had some experience with solo ads and frankly, it’s not the best method of paid advertising available nowadays.

Also, keep in mind that if you use paid advertising it’s going to be another added monthly expense for you. Yes, you can start generating traffic right away, but like all paid advertising there is no guarantee you’ll get a return on your investment.

In fact, when you first start out no matter how great the training, there is still that learning curve, and that learning curve is going to cost you money. It could be hundreds and it could even be thousands of dollars.

As for free traffic, which does take longer to develop. But it can provide you with free traffic for years and years to come. This is how I generate my website traffic, and it works. And you know how I know it works? You’re here reading my review, aren’t you? And thank you.

Now Deans talks about suing the Warrior Forum as a source of free traffic. The idea is to post content and answer questions within the forum and by having a link in your bio. People will click that link and this will be the beginning of getting people into your BCB sales funnel.

This can work but you need to be careful of being spammer. You need to truly provide people with valuable resources, help, and information.

Module 9: Making Your First Sale

Here Dean talks more about the Warrior Forum strategy.

Module 10: Scaling Your Income

Dean talks about re-investing your profits into your business and about outsourcing things so you can scale your business.

Module 11: The Next Steps And Your Completion Bonus

This is pretty much just a recap of the modules and you journey if you upgrade your membership. I found it more to be just another sales pitch to get you to upgrade to the iPro membership.

What I Like About Big Commission Blueprint

#1) Basic Training Is Decent

This is a good introduction to being an affiliate for Dean’s products. He starts off with understanding the power of having the right mindset and setting goals. You’ll learn about the function of a sales funnel and basic traffic training.

#2) Money Back Guarantee

You do have a 30 day money back guarantee. So, if this program is not what you thought it was or something you want to work with you can get a refund.

What I Didn’t Like About Big Commission Blueprint

#1) Pay To Play

This is my biggest issue with Dean’s program it’s a pay-to-play program. Meaning if you want to earn bigger commissions you have to step up and pay for that privilege.

Dean has it set up so that you don’t get the “how to” training of how actually go out and set things up if you’re a beginner affiliate marketer.

It’s not until you spend the big bucks at the iPro level do you get the full power of his program. And it’s at this level you’re going to get the how-to part that’s missing at the basic level. Such as traffic generation, which is the most important key to any successful online business.

Not to mention the resources, tools, and coaching to help you.

But you don’t have to spend $4000 or even $2000 to be an affiliate marketer. And you don’t have to be making these big commissions to make great money as an affiliate marketer.

I make a very good full time income as an affiliate marketer and I didn’t spend this kind of money so I could promote a product. In fact, I have never spent a dime to become an affiliate for anyone. Because you don’t have to.

And Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because Dean says his program has been tested and proven that it’s going to be a success for you.

#2) Hyped Sales Video

In his sales video Dean says he’s going to show you how to you can make $1000 per day even if you’re a complete beginner using his new and controversial way of making money online.

Well that not a good start. There is absolutely nothing new nor controversial about his method for making money online. He is simple using a sales funnel marketing strategy which has been around for a very long time.

Big Commission Blueprint

And as for a complete beginner earning $1000’s per day weeks from now, well that’s far from the truth. If you have zero knowledge even with his training the chances of you learning this level of money within weeks is nil to nothing.

And the one thing that Dean leaves out of this very long dragged out sales video is that you’re going to need to invest thousands if you want any chance at making the money he’s talking about. But if he did say that he probably would not have as many people buying into his hype.

Sorry, I just find all this to be shady and unethical marketing.

#3) You’re Not Taught How To Build Your Own Business

The whole idea of wanting to learn how to make money online is to learn how to build your own business around something that you’re interested in. Such as a hobby or passion.

Well with Dean’s program, you can’t do that. Everything that you’re taught is intended to promote Big Commission Blueprint only, and nothing else.

And not only that but what if Dean decides to shut down his program? If he does that means your business is shut down too. And there’s not a dame thing you can do about it.

Of course, any affiliate program can be shut down, but when all your doing is promoting one product and one product only then you’re at the biggest risk.

For example, let’s say you love drones and you are building your affiliate marketing business around drones and you’re an affiliate for several types of drones. If one of these companies decides to shut down their affiliate program, yes it would be a pain in the ass for you.

But it’s not going to kill your business. Because there are alternative companies with affiliate drone programs you can simply join another affiliate program and keep moving forward with your business.

But because Dean’s program is the only one, if it closes down, you have ZERO options. You NEVER want to put the fate of your business in the hands of someone else.

#4) Paid Traffic Is Encouraged

The encouraged method of driving traffic to your landing page is paid traffic. Now there are a few problems with that.

If you’ve never done it before no matter how great the training, there is a learning curve and that learning curve is going to cost you real money. And that can run into the thousands.

And there’s also no guarantee that you’re going to see any profit spending this money. Paid traffic is not the method I would recommend any new online marketer tackle.

It’s best to start with free methods. Yes, they take longer to develop but you have reduced your risk big time as you have not risked any of your money. Free traffic is the primary method I use.

Also, with paid traffic as soon as you stop spending money, your traffic stops. With free traffic, you can keep getting that free traffic for years to come.

My Final Opinion Of Big Commission Blueprint

In my opinion, I feel that Dean’s program is better suited for experienced affiliate marketers. People that are aware of the challenges and ins and outs of paid advertising and know it’s going to take money to make things work.

As well as people that can afford to spend up to $7000 just to have the ability to make those big commissions.

You don’t need to pay this kind of money to learn, build and grow a thriving online affiliate marketing business. Not to mention you’re not being taught how to build a business around something that really gets you excited like a hobby or passion.

You’re forced to promote Dean’s program and nothing else. And because of this reason, I don’t recommend this program to anyone who is just starting out.

Save Your Money And Look At This

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Now is wealthy affiliate the place for you?

Who knows, maybe it is, maybe it’s not. And the truth is only you can decide that. If after looking at wealthy affiliate, you decide it’s the place for you, then stay. And if you do stay I will personally coach you while you’re building your business.

If wealthy affiliate is not for you, then simply walk away.

And the great thing is it won’t cost a single penny to see what wealthy affiliate has to offer.

I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I answered any questions you may have had about Dean Holland’s Big Commission Blueprint.

Of course, if you have any questions or just want to leave a comment you can do that below.

And if you did find this review helpful and enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your audience. And as always anytime you need a hand you can Email Me anytime.

I believe in you!!

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