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The start of another beautiful day. The weather we are having is crazy, but I'll take it.

Because I know we're going to get hammered with winter when we least expect it. So the warm weather is nice because it makes protecting my house and getting prepared for the cold weather an easier job.

website protection

And speaking of protection....

What are you doing to protect your website?

I hope you're not like so many other people and aren't really doing anything.If you're part of the "I'll be fine, and so will my site" attitude. Sorry to say that approach is going to come and bite you in the ass one day.

The reality is that it's not a matter of "if" something will happen with your site. It's a matter of "when" something will happen to your site.

So I thought I would share with you what I have place to protect my sites.The first program I have is called Wordfence. This is for threat defence.

It's a program that prevents my site from being hacked.I use the premium program but there is a free program.One of teh features is I can view the live traffic of hack attempts on my site.

Want a real eye opener?

Watch the live traffic.

Let me say, the very first thing I have as defence for my sites is very. very strong passwords. Most sites are hacked due to simple passwords, or lazy people not changing their passwords. So if you're not going to use a program like wordfence.

Make sure you are using crazy strong passwords. For me, I use Lastpass to create all my sites passwords.Each one of my sites has a 20 character password.

Dear hacker; Good luck cracking those.

Having a strong password is going to prevent most of the problems you may have with your site. Also Lastpass is also the same tool I use to remember all my passwords. Kind of need that since I have killer long passwords.

Now on the off chance my site(s) did get hacked or somethings else bad happened to my site(s) I use a cloud backup service called CodeGaurd and this service is provided through my host, hostgator.

You don't have to be a customer of hostgator to use codegaurd, but as a customer we do get special pricing.​ In fact because I am a customer of hostgator I pay per year what people pay per month.


This program actively monitors my site 24/7 and backs up my site anytime I make a change to my site. And when a change has been made by me or by automated updates it sends me notifications of those changes.

The absolute best feature of this program is the one click restore feature. So if something bad were to happen to my site(s). I can restore my site from any point in time with one click.

I've never had to use it, but it's nice to know I can repair my site with just one click. Can you say "no more stress".

Now there is other option you may want to have. And that's using a program to protect your content and images. Having someone steal your content or any images off your site can be madding.

Now there are a bunch of free plugins for this.The one I have used is called: WP Content Copy Protection. This simple little plugin prevents people from copying your content or stealing your images by Right Click Blocking.

You can also do a search in Google for: Content Protection WordPress Plugins to source out other plugins. Ok that takes care of how I protect my sites, here's how I protect my computer.

There are three programs I use.

The first one is: SpyBot Search and Destroy. This is a malware and virus protection program. I use the paid pro version, which not only has more features is also provides real time protection.

However their free version works really well, it's just not live protection. Instead of live updates the program is updated weekly with new threats. For me, I run the immunization program and a complete scan of my site once a week.

Second I use Advanced System Care Pro from iobit. Just like SpyBot it has malware and virus protection. But it also has other levels of protection not included with Spybot.

Of course there is also a free version of this program available as well. And finally I use AVG Internet Protection for my firewall protection. There are many internet protection programs and I have used many of them.

Personally I have found that AVG does the best job.And there you have it. This is what I use to protect my sites and my computer. Some may think that's a little to much. But when your business is online.


Personally I don't think you can protect yourself to much. Plus it makes me sleep well at night. So it's worth it.

Unfortunately there are a lot of threats online and you must be proactive against them. Like I said it's not a matter of "if" something is going to happen it's a matter of "when".

I believe in you!

And of course if you need a hand with anything don't hesitate giving me a buzz here or we can chat live inside the wealthy affiliate.

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