Best Selling Affiliate Products – What Are They? -

Best Selling Affiliate Products – What Are They?

I get emails everyday from people asking me about affiliate marketing and that they’ve heard it’s one of the best ways of creating a great income online.

Well the first thing I say to these people is “your right” affiliate marketing is a fantastic way of creating an online income (I speak from experience because I make a fulltime income from affiliate marketing)

And then I’m typically asked this question:

What Are The Best Affiliate Products To Sell?

Well the answer to that is…

There really are no best products to promote. It’s impossible for one product to be the perfect product for everyone.

Everyone is different so what appeals to me may not appeal to you.

It’s better to ask yourself –

What Get’s You Excited?

So what are your hobbies, your passions or what do you have a strong interest in?

Stating from this point will pull you towards the BEST product for YOU.

But not only that – it will also determine what niche (market) you’ll be in. So by asking yourself what gets you excited you can kill two birds with one stone.

Discover your niche and find the product that best fits that niche.

What To Look For In A Product

Ok so you have figured out what market (niche) you’re going to be in now it’s time to find the right product.

The bottom line is your in business to make money, so finding a product your passionate about is one thing, finding a product you can be passionate about and make money with is another.

And if you’re online to make money then you want to find a product that you can get behind and make a lot of money with.

And it’s not hard to find both.

Let me share with you the 2 main things I look for in any product, and a 3rd thing I keep an eye out for as well.

1) Find A Product That Is In High Demand

Simply put you want to be in a large HUNGRY market. Being in such a market gives you more opportunities for selling more of your product and selling it faster.

2) Make Sure You Get Paid Well

You want to paid the highest possible commissions for each sale. It’s going to take hard work to get your sales, so it make sense to be sure you make as much money as possible on each sale.

So you have to choose a threshold; what’s the least you’re wiling to make for each sale. For some people they will not choose a product unless they make at least $100 per sale. For others it’s $20.

I have products where I make $95 per sale and then I have another where I make $22 per sale but this $22 is recurring income.

If you’re going to get behind a product and give it everything you have to promote it you absolutely want to make sure you are getting the appropriate return on your investment your time and energy.

And if your spending money on advertising – the return on your money.

Remember you’re in business to make money not lose money.

3) Can The Product Be Advertised Easily

This 3rd thing is in regards to paid advertising.

Most affiliate marketers at some point may consider to pay for advertising to take their sales to the next level.

So when you choose a product can you see where you could advertise this product with out much trouble – is it obvious?

Such as advertising in ezines (I do this all the time) – there are many advertising options for ezine advertising and it’s easy.

Can your product be advertised on blogs, other websites, can it be advertised easily with banner advertising, pay per click or even media buys.

You don’t want to get behind a product and discover advertising this product is going to be like trying to give a cat a bath, and if you have ever given a cat a bath you know what I’m talking about.

So To Sum It Up
  1. A product that’s in demand (hungry market)
  2. A product that pays you well
  3. Can the product be advertised easily through paid advertising

If you have products that have these 3 things – then you have a winner and it’s time to run with that product.

You can build your business the hard way or the easy way – I prefer easy!!

I hope you found this helpful – feel free to share this post with your audience, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

And as always anytime you need a hand you can email me or even better you can Chat Live one -on-one with me inside the wealthy affiliate.

I believe in you!!

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