Best Keyword Research Tool – Has To Be Jaxxy

Name: Jaxxy
Price: Free – Pro $19 per mth. – Enterprise $49 per mth.
Owners: Kyle & Carson owners of the wealthy affiliate
Support: Excellent
Overall Rating: 9 out of 10

Keyword Research

The success of any online business to generate free organic traffic is done by spending time doing constant keyword research for the terms people are using in the search engines to find what you’re marketing.

And if you don’t spend time doing your keyword research then you’re really just taking guesses and shooting in the dark.

And you have little chance of generating any significant traffic to your website.

There a many, many features within Jaaxy all designed to give you the information you need about the keywords you’re researching. No fluff, just pure information, as well as some great additional tools.

So with that said in this review I’m going to share with you why Jaaxy is the best tool for keyword research.


Unlike many other keyword research tools, and I have used a lot. What I like about Jaaxy is it gives me the information I need at a glance.

I don’t have to wade through a bunch of useless information like other tools provide. And these other tools do that (in my opinion) because they have to provide something more because the actual tool is not that useful.

There are only three things that are important for ANY keyword or keyword phrase:

  1. How much competition is there regarding this keyword – so how easy will it be to rank for?
  2. How many searches does this keyword get each month?
  3. Does the keyword phrase make sense? I’ll tell you what I mean in a second.
Jaaxy’s Key Feature

The bread and butter of Jaaxy is it’s keyword data function.

Which is finding those keywords that people are using when using the search engines to find what you’re marketing. And the more keywords you find – means the more traffic you can have come to your website.

Once you have entered the keyword or keyword phrase you wish to search – here is the information you’ll get back about that search.

  1. Keywords – Your primary keyword result plus 30 other results.
  2. Monthly Searchs – this will give the total number of searches for your keyword.
  3. Estimated Traffic – This number tells you what you can expect for traffic if you rank number 1.
  4. QSR – Quoted Search Results – this is your TRUE competition – this number tells you the total number of competing pages for your exact keyword. The lower the number the better. No other keyword tool has this feature.
  5. KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator – this light system gives you an overview of all the factors of your keyword – a green light mean you have a high probability of ranking, so go for it – yellow is an average keyword, still doable and red mean forget it waste of time trying way to much competition.
  6. SEO Power – This number tells you how easily an search engine optimized post will rank. You will that long tail keywords have a higher power than short keywords. And the reason is that a long tail keyword are more specific to a search and are less competitive.
  7. Domain Availability – Here you can check and see if your keyword or keyword phrase is available as a domain name.
  8. To Do – Just an easy way to add a keyword to your to do list.
  9. Related Keywords – Here you can see the related keywords to your original keyword search.

So here’s a search I did and you can see the results.

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Other Features 

Keyword Lists 

More the more keyword research you do the more keywords you’re going to acquire. So what do you do with all this valuable information?

You can make keyword lists and keep them inside Jaaxy. Or if you prefer you can export your keyword lists to your computer with a click of a button.

 Site Rank

With site rank you can monitor your sites page and ranking in relation to keywords you have used. This way you can see how well things are working for your site.

And since you can track data for any site, you can for a lack of a better word “spy” on your competition and see who they are doing.


Here you can see who is ranking for the keywords you’re after and what they are ranking with. You’ll get information from youtube, squidoo, vimeo, hubpages, flicker, dailymotion, viddler, metacafe and others.

Not only do you see what your competition is ranking for you also see what they are not ranking for. Knowing what someone is not ranking for is golden information. This means you can jump in there and take that ranking.

Web Site SERP’s

This feature will provide you with the top 10 websites for your keyword. The data that is included for each result consists of the number of backlinks, google rank, keyword density, links on the site, meta data, word count, title tag and alexa ranking.

This information can be used to see what the top ranked sites are doing to get their rankings – and then you can adjust your site/page SEO for the search engines to achieve a top ranking.

Search History

Similar to looking at your browser history – it’s a way to look back at your past searches.

Affiliate Programs

Most people do their affiliate research through Google.

However if you quickly want to see what affiliate programs are available related to your niche/keyword this feature will show you affiliate information from Commission Junction, Linkshare, Digital River, Clickbank and Zanox.


Researching a new niche and need a little inspiration? Jaaxy’s brainstorming feature may do the trick. Here you’ll find popular topics that are being searched on Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Amazon and Alexa.

Does Jaxxy Offer Training?

Personally I learnt all about keyword, niche and market research inside the Wealthy Affiliate. And because of this great training I get first page and first place rankings all the time.

With that said, as a new user of jaaxy you’ll find video training within the jaaxy platform. This is a great foundation for anyone who is new to keyword research.

What’s The Price For Jaaxy?

The great thing about jaaxy is you get to test drive it for FREE before you have to pay anything.

As you can see in the chart below the first 30 searches are FREE!!

Then the prices are as follows:

  • Pro version $19 per month or $199 yearly (A savings of $40)
  • Enterprise $49 per month or $499 yearly ( A saving of $89)

Simply pick the jaaxy plan the works best for you.

Does Jaaxy Offer Support?

The support you’ll find with jaaxy is top notch. There is a Contact Us link at the bottom of the home page. They are very good at getting back to you within 24 hours.

You can also contact Kyle or Carson directly inside the wealthy affiliate. You can either catch them in Live Chat or you can leave a message on their profiles.

Who Is Jaaxy For?

Jaaxy caters to a variety of people. It’s the perfect research tool for the person who is new to online marketing, due to its easy and simplicity of use.

No trying to figure out the information that is giving to you. It really boils down to green lights are a go. How can it get any easier?

And for those internet marketers that are doing keyword research on a daily basis, jaaxy can keep up with your demands and easily cut your research time in half compared to other research tools.

Maybe you’re a domain flipper, with jaaxy’s domain availability feature you can easily find those hot property domain names. No more going to your domain register and search for availability.

Meaning one less step, and one less thing to do means you can get more done quickly.

My Final Thoughts About Jaaxy

www.netwiseprofits.comI’m a path of least resistance kind of a guy, I’ve always prefer to work smart not hard. And jaaxy allows me to work smart.

Building an online business has enough challenges why add one more?

Especially such a key component like keyword research which is the most important step in the growth and success of your business.

Content is KING – and it’s what gets people to your website.

And like I mentioned earlier if you don’t know what terms people are using to find what you have to offer, then you’re just shooting in the dark – honestly you’re just wasting your time online.

The bottom line is you’ll have an unfair advantage over your competition by using jaaxy allowing you to dominate your niche or any other niche you want to enter.

I hope this review has helped you with your decision on choosing a keyword research tool.

And before you go why not give jaaxy a try? Remember it’s free to use for the first 30 searches.

Jaaxy At A Glance…

Name: Jaxxy Website:
Price: Free – Pro $19 per mth. – Enterprise $49 per mth.
Owner: Kyle & Carson owners of the wealthy affiliate
Support: Excellent
Overall Rating: 9 out of 10
Verdict: Superior Service

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Do you have a personal experience that you would like to add about Jaaxy? If you do, I would love to hear about it. Your feedback is always welcome and it can help others!

If you found this review helpful and enjoyed it please share it.

I believe in you!

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