Best Article Directory – Sorry There Isn’t One Anymore

If you’ve been online for more than a couple of years then you were around when article directories were the big thing.

You could crack out a quick 500 word article add to as many article directories as you wanted creating a quick backlink and then hope people would use your article on their sites for more backlinks and glean traffic from those sites.

Ah the good old days.

But since then there’s been many Google updates regarding duplicate content and linking penalties. So many smart webmasters and SEO experts stop using article directories for creating backlinks a long time ago.

And because of duplicate and just plain old crap content that was being submitted to article directories. In just the last year article directories got slammed big time in the ranking. Some even disappeared completely from the serp’s.

But here’s the kicker, they’re still some people that think submitting to article directories is a good idea.

But what they don’t understand or even realize is that article directories are over run with spammy, crappy and sometimes stolen content – none of which you want your website be to associated with.

You see what many people don’t understand is when you submit an article to an article directory and your article gets used on some spammy, crappy website and because it links back to your site.

Your site is guilty by association because of this backlink. Thus hurting your website. And you don’t want any part of that. You’ve worked to hard to have some crap site drag you down.

And worse yet there are still SEO companies providing submission services to article directories.

Either these companies don’t have a clue (most SEO companies don’t have a clue about SEO) or they do but they’re happy just stealing money from unsuspecting and uninformed people.

The only value any article directory has in my opinion is they’re a resource for content ideas – no more no less.

Even Matt Cutts says using article directories is a bad idea:

So the bottom line is if you’re still using article directories it’s time to stop.

You’re not doing yourself or your website any favours and the only thing you can be sure of is your hurting your site and your business.

Creating valuable, useful engaging content on your site should be your main focus. By doing this you’ll be the one that is rewarded with top rankings in the search engines generating lots of targeted traffic.

And you never have to worry you’re website is associated with any spammy, crappy websites with garbage backlinks.

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