Best Affiliate Marketing Programs – How Can You Tell?

With so many different affiliate programs to choose from, and every one of them claiming they’re the best affiliate marketing program going not to mention with the best money making opportunity.

How can you really tell which affiliate programs are the reliable ones?

Things You Need To Consider

Weather you are part of an affiliate network or working with an individual affiliate program.

Not every affiliate program is created equal so there are some very important factors you need to keep in mind when aligning yourself with ANY affiliate program.

Affiliate Networks vs Individual Programs

Affiliate Networks

The advantage of joining an affiliate network such as Commission Junction or Share-a-Sale is that they have done a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

Just like you the affiliate marketer, every affiliate program (company) must apply to be part of the affiliate network itself. And if they don’t meet the networks standards they are not accepted within the network.

Another advantage of affiliate networks is there are hundreds if not thousands of affiliate products in one place. This will save you a ton of time sourcing out products.

Not All Affiliate Networks Are Created Equal

Clickbank for example ia a resource for digital products.

But it’s common knowledge among seasoned marketers that many of the products within their network are well let’s say “they are not the greatest products”.

Now clickbank has cleaned up a lot of their vendors – but they still have a reputation for allowing less than quality products within their network so if you’re using clickbank you need to do your homework about the product.

Even Commission Junction, one of the biggest affiliate networks is known for it’s slow commission payments to it’s affiliates.

Individual Programs

Now there is nothing wrong with marketing a company that has their own affiliate program. And depending on the company you’ll be representing either one product from the company or just a handful of products.

With individual affiliate programs you just have to be a little more selective with whom you work with. So more due dilligence is required.

The Product

Bottom line is it a good product?

Is it a product that you would sell to your mom, and not lose any sleep over? If not then don’t represent the product. It’s that simple.

You have to remember your reputation as a marketer will be attached to the products you represent. So if you’re marketing garbage products you’ll become know as a marketer of garbage products.

And if your goal is to become and stay a fulltime affiliate marketer, having a reputation of representing garbage products really does not align with your goals.

You can find out the quality of any product by simply finding reviews of the product online. And don’t just read a few reviews, read a bunch and by a bunch I mean at least 10 to 15.


You’ll find that many reviews are written by affiliate marketers – and many of these reviews are really just long winded sales letters by the affiliate to sell the product.

And there are a lot of affiliate marketers that don’t have your level of morals and will sell anything to make a buck. So you’re going to need to sift through a lot of stuff before you can get a real picture of the quality of the product.

The Affiliate Companies Track Record

Finding out about the company that is offering the affiliate program is very important, especially if it’s an individual affiliate program.

For example one job of an affiliate network is to manage affiliate commission payments. Whereas individual companies have to manage affiliate commissions and there have been and still are companies that do not pay their affiliate on time or not at all.

So you need to do your homework before you jump into bed with any company.

Again you can find out everything about any affiliate program by simply heading to Google and doing a search about the company.

You can even go to marketing forums such as the Warrior Forum to source out information about most companies. Just take what people in the forums have to say with a grain of salt.

You can also look for testimonials about the company either off site or on the company’s website.

Other things to look for are:

  • How long have they been in business? (avoid brand new companies)
  • Have they missed any affiliate commission payments?
  • What is their annual revenue?
  • Do they have a strong affiliate tracking mechanism? (you want credit for every sale)
  • Do they have real time tracking?
  • What are terms of service (TOS) with the affiliate program?
  • What is the conversion rate? (the average is 1 to 2%)

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 Affiliate Support

Everyone needs support, especially affiliate marketers new to the business. So make sure you check out the support system that is in place.

For example I was looking for an affiliate in the weight loss niche. And I had found one – everything about the program looked great. So I joined.

Now before I started promoting this company I had a few questions so I sent in a support ticket. I never got a reply, I sent in another one and still nothing so I thought third times a charm, and it was.

But the response I got was completely useless and did not answer my question. So I dumped the program. Yep it had a great commission structure but the support sucked so it’s not worth my time be associated with this kind of company.

I don’t want to be worried about the support I have, I just want to concentrate of generating sales.

And I bet you would be surprised whom I’m talking about.


One of the most important things you need to know is…

How are you getting paid?

Are they sending you a check? If so when do they issue the checks?

Do the do direct deposit? If so on what day?

Do they use PayPal? If they do and most companies nowadays do use paypal you just need to make sure that the country you live in accepts paypal payments.

Some countries like Nigeria and Pakistan don’t because of all the online scams that come from these countries. So if you’re in one of these countries you’re going to pay for the sins of others.


What tools and resources does the affiliate program offer?

A good affiliate program will provide you with the tools of the trade to make marketing their product that much easier.

Things like images and banners. And many top programs will also provide you with sales copy, articles and even email marketing campaigns. Along with ideas and resources of where to market their product.

Just make sure any written promotional material you do use, you re-write it in your own style. This will ensure you don’t get hit with duplicate content and more so will make you stand out from the affiliate marketing crowd in your niche.


Don’t be in a hurry to jump into bed with just any old affiliate program. Take your time, there are plenty of great opportunities available to you.

Gather all the information you can so that you can make an informed decision. And in the mean time just keep generating more and more traffic to your site.

And when you have found the right companies to represent, you’ll have the audience to share it with.

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