Back In The Saddle -

Back In The Saddle

Wow did you ever have one of those days (weeks) where every thing seemed to happen all at once? I just did.

So I did the right thing I stepped away from my business and took care of the most important people in my life…. my parents.

You see my parents are in their late 80’s and early 90’s. My mom had to go to the hospital and once there she needed an operation, so a one day visit turned into 7 days.

While she was in the hospital I needed to care care of my father who has serious mobility issues.

Happy to say mom is back home but she will need plenty of time to rest, we have a home care nurse coming everyday to check on her and my father has is health care nurse coming to see him once a week.

The lesson here is know your priorities, I understand that building a successful business is a priority, but this priority should never come at the expense of what is really important … family.

When your priorities are in order all will be fine.

I love you all


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