Auto Mobile Code Scam – No More No Less -

Auto Mobile Code Scam – No More No Less

auto mobile codeProduct Name: Auto Mobile Code
Price: $49 – Plus a ton of upsells and downsells
Owner: Ronnie Montano
Overall Ranking: 0 out of 10

Auto Mobile Code

So by now you may have heard of Auto Mobile Code and if not then you’re in luck because I’m going to save you from a flat out scam of a product.

Being online for as long as I have you just know a scam when you see it. And this is before I dug deeper into this garbage product.

The same old cheesy scam guru sales video with paid actors, and that would be the actors playing husband and wife Giovani Leoni and Tessa.

A rented mansion, with the actor pulling up in a ferrari – not to mention the helicopter and the rented office in california plus the promise that you could earn easy unstoppable automatic cash each and everyday.

$50,000 per day in fact!!

This is a worthless program and should be avoided at all costs. Keep reading and you’ll soon see why.

So What Is Auto Mobile Code?

In a nutshell you’re using a SMS (simple messaging system) to send out text messages to people on your mobile list. It’s a form of email marketing but through mobile phones.

And of course these messages encourage people to visit your site and optin to a web form. And then you’ll offer them to buy products and services that you’re affiliated with.

Who Is Auto Mobile Code For?

This is targeted at beginners and people that are not that savvy online.

SMS messaging does work but you need to be an experienced marketer to venture into this type of marketing.

No automated code like this scam code will make you money with SMS marketing.

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How Does Auto Mobile Code Work?

You’ll use the software to send out SMS (text) messages to people on their phones. It’s no more complicated than that.

But here’s the kicker you have to buy “credits” to send out your text messages.

They do have a starter package for $50 but they don’t tell you how many text messages you can send out.

For that you need to spend a minimum of $300. Which will give you 0 – 5000 texts per month. Then it just goes up from there.

  • 5001 – 10,000 texts per month will cost you $600
  • 10,001 – 15,000 texts per month will cost you $900
  • 15,001 – 20,000 texts per month will cost you $1200

Well you get the idea it just gets more and more expensive.

In fact it goes all the way to $12,000 for 500,000 texts per month. And whatever text package you buy you will have to buy that package every month to send your text messages.

That can get pretty damn expensive if you’re not making money. Even at the low end of $300 per month.

So a system that is suppose to be able to make you $50,000 a day seems to be falling really short of it’s promise. But it’s hitting all cylinders for being a scam.

The only person making this kind of money is Ronnie Montano from all the commissions he is making selling SMS text time.

dollar signWhat’s The Price?

$49.00 for lifetime access. The downsell is $19.00.

Are There Any Upsells?

I’ve seen a lot of programs and I’ve been hit with upsells in other scam products. But damn this program holds the record for upsells and downsells.

Every which way you turn you’re hit with an upsell and downsell. Even in the fricking training videos there are upsells.

The one that pissed me off the most is the one that says if you really want make money the auto mobile code is not enough and you need to buy this to make real money.

And that upsell is $295 – and the downsell is $100.

That is one of the sleaziest marketing techniques on the planet. Telling people on your sales page this is all you need then telling you that’s not enough.

Total scumbag scam move.

toolsWhat Training And Tools Can You Expect?

The training is pretty sad. The “core” training is a total of 5 videos that amount to less than 30 minutes of training.

Plus they include an overview for adding your web form to your website, how set up your first campaign and then how to import and export contacts.

How’s The Support?

You have an FAQ section. Plus if you paid for it you can have the diamond support. One of the many upsells.

What I Liked
  • Usually I can find something – but no there is not one thing I liked. This program is worthless!!
What I Didn’t Like
  • Little training
  • Tons and I mean tons of upsells
  • Sales video is full of actors, rented cars, helicopters and mansions – right from the scam guru handbook for making a sales video
  • The promise of automated cash with no work
  • You’re never shown how to make money – just shown the money you could make – all lies by the way
  • The BS speech about this being an invite only offer
  • Lie about taking this offer away (fake fear of loss)
  • How they are saving you from the scams when this one is one of the worst scam products out there
  • No free trial
  • You need a list of your own contact to use this program (they don’t tell you that part)
AMTMy Final Opinion

This product is completely worthless.

And the biggest elephant in the room and the one they don’t talk about or tell you anywhere in that cheesy sales video is you need your own list of contacts to use this system.

And to go out and get phone numbers to use this system is not cheap. So now you have to buy numbers and then spend money on sending text messages.

Plus you can’t just blast out text messages and expect to make money. Do you know your audience, do you know what to sell? What’s the conversion rate compared to the cost of sending the texts out?

None of that’s in the training. Go figure.

So when do you make your automated let the code do all the work $50,000 per day? Not soon and not ever!!

And look at this. These are right from the sales page below the video. Read the highlighted areas.

They flat out tell you won’t make money. This is to cover their ass against being sued.

auto mobile code

auto mobile code

If you get an invite in your email box to check out this program – just delete it. It’s a flat out scam!!

Ok So Now What?

Stop looking for that instant income online it does not exist.

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You’ll also get all the tools and resources you nee. And you can get started absolutely free!!

I hope you found this review helpful.

I Believe In You!

Do you have a personal experience that you would like to share about the Auto Mobile Code? If you do, I would love to hear about it.

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