Auto Mass Traffic Scam – Such A Bad Program -

Auto Mass Traffic Scam – Such A Bad Program

Auto mass trafficProduct Name: Auto Mass Traffic
Price: $37
Owners: Mo Latif
Overall Ranking: 2 out of 10

So What Is Auto Mass Traffic?

I’ve heard a lot of you asking about a product called Auto Mass Traffic. So, I’m signing up for the challenge and telling you everything there is to know about it.

Auto Mass Traffic claims to be a system designed to automate the process of generating a ton of traffic through PPC (pay per click) ads using their software and associated training.

Yeah so Mo says.

Keep reading and you’ll see why I want you to avoid this big time scam product.

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question markWho Is Auto Mass Traffic For?

Auto Mass Traffic aims at intermediate and advanced Internet marketers. So people who are familiar with the use of pay per click ads.

But the way it’s marketed it’s sucking in a lot of novice marketers thinking they have found a great piece of software to generate a ton of traffic with little or no effort.

And anytime I come across a product that says you don’t have to do much work – push button – set and forget or it’s all automated. Those little hairs on the back of my neck stand up. That’s my red flag scam warning going off.

Because all of those terms are usually associated with a garbage scam products.

Guess what? I’m right on the money again. This product is absolute garbage.

Oh keep reading you’re going love how this product is marketed – you’re not even getting what’s advertised.

How Does Auto Mass Traffic Work?

The company promises a fantastic piece of software that’s able to generate huge amounts of traffic by generating numerous direct links and backlinks to affiliate landing pages.

However, instead of doing that, you’re actually getting a list of PPC (pay per click) and CPA (cost per action) providers and vendors. Where you can then bid for traffic from these providers and vendors.

You can see why this is frustrating right from the start. There is NO automatic traffic whatsoever, you’re asked to pay for traffic!!

Oh side note. Even if this software did create automated backlinks you would want to avoid it like the plague. Creating automated backlinks is one of the worst things you can do in totoday’s SEO climate.

You want to piss of google off and kill your business before it even gets started? Use programs that create automated backlinks.

toolsWhat Training And Tools Can You Expect?

Remember this program promotes itself as an automated software program that generates all kinds of traffic, and it’s not that at all.

So you’re tricked into thinking you’re going to be trained on how to use the software.

Yeah that’s not what happens.

Instead you’re provided with a bunch of video training and ebooks on how to generate traffic through PPC. And like I just mentioned a list of PPC (pay per click) and CPA (cost per action) providers and vendors.

To bad AMT is not marketed as a training program on PPC. If it was it would have much more credibility.

In fact here’s a screenshot of the table of contents for the training. I don’t see any software training, do you?


In fact the only piece of software you have access to is a very basic and mostly ineffective keyword tool.

All the this tool does is provide you with some SERP sites for reference. It’s more of a web scraper then a keyword tool. Heck you can find those web scrapers for free everywhere online.

A true keyword tool like the one I use tells me the direct competition for my keyword, how much traffic that keyword is getting each month, how easy it would be to rank #1 in the search engines for that keyword.

I can also drill down as deep as I want on any keyword. Now that’s a keyword tool.

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supportHow’s The Support?

Auto Mass Traffic doesn’t really have much support.

In fact, you get some basic level information and links and not much else. The company does provide you with a phone number for customer service with a promise of “help.”

However, this is an automated system. When you call you can only leave a message. And don’t hold your breath waiting for them to call you back.

In fact I’m still waiting.

What’s The Price

The program costs $37.

And it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and that’s only because it’s a standard requirement being a Clickbank product.

What I Liked
  • It’s not overly priced
  • The company offers a 60 day money back guarantee
What I Didn’t Like
  • This product is offering one thing, and providing another (bait and switch – totally illegal)
  • This is not for a beginner
  • You’re not going to get the results this product promises
  • The video training tutorial and eBooks provided are very limit and are of very poor quality.
  • Bad support using an automated system. (easy to hide behind a system like that)
  • Expensive useless upsells
AMTMy Final Opinion/Verdict

Let me cut to the chase. This is a low quality training program for PPC not some superior software program that generates tons of traffic like it’s marketed to be.

You’re lied to right from the start. It’s a total bait and switch.

Look there is no denying you need traffic to your website and Pay Per Click ads can work as a method for getting people to your site. But that’s if you know what you’re doing.

And Auto Mass Traffic promises to help you to overcome the challenges of pay per click ads.

But that’s not what this company is really selling to you. Like I said instead of getting a software program you’re getting a collection of training materials on how to do PPC.

And the only software you do get is a very basic keyword research tool – and a useless one at that.

Plus Mo also tells you that time tested strategies like social media, SEO, Google Adwords, Content Marketing and other legitimate methods are not effective any more.

Yeah that’s a load of crap – there are very effective – they just take time. I know because I use these time tested methods everyday and it’s allowed me to create a full time income online since 2005.

Bottom line – don’t waste your money on Mo’s scam product. In fact make sure to unsubscribe from his list and delete any emails you get from people promoting ANYTHING from this putz.

I want to be clear.

PPC is a very legit way of driving traffic to any website. But if you don’t know what you’re doing you can lose a lot of money in a very short period of time.

And I mean a lot!!

So if you don’t have the money. And I mean money you must be comfortable losing, because it’s going to happen during the learning curve of PPC. Then PPC is not something you want to do right out of the gate as a novice marketer.

There are many ways of driving traffic to your site besides PPC. And many of them you can do for free.

One of the most effect methods is content marketing.

So, if you’re sick an tired of all the scams and crap programs like auto mass traffic then you own it to yourself to check out my #1 recommend resource for building your own thriving online business.

You’ll be provide with step by step training and all the tools and resources you’ll need to build your business plus and 24/7 live support from myself and some of the most success and HONEST marketers working online today!!

Where To Go From Here

I hope you found this review helpful.

I Believe In You!

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