Are You Willing To Hold Your Vision? -

Are You Willing To Hold Your Vision?

It’s one thing to say what you’re going to do to manifest the life or the kind of person you intend to become; it’s totally different to be committed to holding the vision no matter what obstacles may come your way.

Holding your vision means that you’re unwilling to compromise what you’re visualizing for yourself. So this means you probably you have to suffer through some criticism and what appears to be an uncooperative universe.

Now to get to the point where you can hold your vision you’re going to have to release some very powerful images that you’ve carried with you since a very young age.

And these visions that you been carrying are actually excuses, you have to remember excuses are not only words explaining themselves for your lack of success they show themselves as pictures and visions that you’ve been carrying around with you.

Remember you have a movie theater in your head and it’s up to you what you want to show on that screen, and these visuals are very, very strong because you’ve played them over and over again in so many different circumstances that they have become your reality.

Plus they’ve been reinforced by friends and family. These are well-meaning friends and family but they have been given you the same advice and encouragement about your life from the perspective of what you can’t accomplish, or maybe you’re just not lucky enough, or you’re unlucky to have the experiences you’ve had in your life, all of this is code for excuses.

Now these images that you have will not disappear or fade away right away and the reason is that you’ve been looking at these images for such a long time and you’re so accustomed to them, that you’ve actually forgotten that they’re false.

So if you see yourself as not being financially successful you’re actually displaying an unworthy image, so this image is defining your destiny. By playing this image on your screen over and over again you are manifest into reality not being financially successful.

But you can change your destiny all you have to do is vow to yourself that you’re willing to show alternative visions.

Remember this is your own inner movie screen and you can display whatever you want on it, nobody or anything from the past has the right to play on your screen unless you feel that it’s appropriate, so why not display things on your inner screen that drives you towards your destiny.

So instead of playing the movies that you’re currently playing that are denying your destiny, hold visions that entitle you to respect, to be loved, to be prosperous, to be healthy and vibrant and to enjoy every moment of life.

That last paragraph I can actually turn into an affirmation that I could say to myself every single day, so it could read something like this:

“I am entitled to respect and to love and to be prosperous to be healthy and vibrant and enjoy every moment of life. This is my vision and I’m absolutely determined this is what will come my way”

So what movie would you rather have playing in your head?

The one where you DON’T see yourself being prosperous.


The one where you’re being respected and loved, you’re prosperous your healthy and vibrant and energetic and you’re enjoying every moment of life!!

You know life is not that complicated we make it complicated, to put it very simply to stay in line with your vision when something inconsistent pops up about your vision simply ignore the negative influences.

I know that sounds very simple, but it is simple and it’s very powerful.

I believe in you

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