Are You Walking Your Business Or Running It?

wwwA friend of mine Mark (not his real name) has been online for a while, going on 2 years now.

And in this time he has seen some success, but not enough to create a full time income and quit his job (which he bitches about everyday).

I have and to this day still help him when he asks. And each time he asks for help he usually asks this question too:

I work on my business but I can’t seem to get over the hump and make a full time online income like you do – why is that?

My response is, oh before I tell you what I say.

My reply always pisses him off. One, because it’s the same answer all the time. And two, telling someone the truth tends to upset people because you’re not telling them what they want to hear, you’re telling them what they need to hear.

Ok, my response is:

It’s because your always walking your business not running it!

And he says. “you always say that”

And I’ll say, “When you stop walking your business and start running your business like I keep showing you how to do, I’ll be able to give you a different answer. Until then my answer will always be the same”.

walkingAre You Like Mark And Walking Your Business?

So what’s the difference between walking your business and running your online business?

Well here’s what walking your online business looks like:

  • Not taking things seriously.
  • Not being consistent with your efforts.
  • Not setting weekly, monthly and yearly goals.
  • Not having a daily/weekly to do list.
  • Not having a marketing/promotional strategy.
  • Not taking things seriously and being consistent, oh did I say those? Well they’re that important to say them again.

Mark (again not his real name) is guilty of everything I just mentioned above regarding his online business. His biggest problem is not being serious and not being consistent with his efforts.

He has plans, he also gets specific steps from me on what to do,  but never follows through on them.

And he keeps wondering why he’s not gaining any traction with his business.

And Mark if you’re reading this get your head out of your ass and do what I’ve told you to do on more than one occasion and your business will grow to a full time income. And until you do that – nothing is going to change. Ever!!

Sorry about that, ok back to what I was talking about.

Imagine having a brick and mortar business and you’re not consistent? Maybe you’re open on Monday but you don’t feel like opening up on Tuesday so you don’t.

You were going to do some advertising but you got side tracked and it never got done, or maybe it did but it was half assed and done in a hurry, so it wasn’t as effective as it could have been.

You were open for Wednesday and Thursday but’s it’s so nice Friday you decide to head to the lake for the weekend.

Nice work week – NOT!!

With work weeks like this how long do you think you’ll be in business? And if you manage to stay in business, how much do you think your business will grow?

I don’t think you need me to answer these questions for you.

www.netwiseprofits.comIt’s Not A Game

Having your own online business is not a game, yes you can have fun while your running and building your business everyday.

But it’s not a frickin game people!!

No wonder so many people struggle or fail at building a successful online business, they don’t take it seriously. For some reason many people think of being online as not really having a business or that it doesn’t need serious attention.

What are you stupid – you must be if you think that!! Of course it’s needs serious attention!!

I also think another reason people don’t take things seriously is instead of having to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more on a brick and mortar business – you can literally start an online business with little or no investment.

So because they haven’t invested a big stack of cash they don’t see the risk factor as high. Many people go into things with the attitude of:

“I’ll give it a shot and see what happens and if it doesn’t work out no big deal”

Well no wonder you’re not succeeding at building your online business – you don’t give a shit if it works out or not.

That’s the difference between me and hundreds of thousands of other people online and maybe even you. I do give a shit, I work on my business every single day.

And because of that, since 2005 I enjoy a very comfortable full time income from my online businesses.

Don’t be fooled building an online business is no different than building a brick and mortar business. It takes the same time, energy, effort and dedication to make your business successful.

And if you don’t think it does – you’re an idiot.

runningRunning Your Business

Here’s what running your online business looks like, you’ll notice it’s the complete opposite of walking your business.

  • You take building your online business seriously.
  • You work on your business every day (or at least 5 days a week).
  • You have a daily/weekly to do list.
  • You’re consistent with your efforts.
  • You have a working marketing/promotional strategy.
  • You’re constantly learning so you can grow your business.
  • You have weekly, monthly and yearly goals.
  • You surround yourself with motivated like minded people.

See The Difference?

Can you see why Mark is where he is and myself and other people who take their online business seriously are where we are with our businesses?

First and foremost I take my online business very seriously. And don’t get me wrong I have fun, but I’m online to make money not screw around!!

And because I take my business seriously it’s provides me the freedom to do what I want, when I want, live where I want, vacation where I want, have nice things and to me most importantly have ZERO stress in my life.

But NONE and I mean NONE of this would be possible if I had never taken my online business seriously right from the get go.

Here’s What I’m Doing To Run My Business This Week
  • Writing three pieces of new content for this site to be posted and schedule for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Asking the members of the wealthy affiliate to comment on my content. And also commenting on fellow members content.
  • Producing a new weekly video for my other business in a different niche. Uploaded it and then promoting it.
  • Attending a webinar held by a friend of mine all about podcasting. This is part of expanding my marketing strategy for my businesses.
  • Creating the framework for a new website in a brand new niche.
  • Supporting and answering questions of fellow members of the wealthy affiliate community.
  • Updating my video tour video of the wealthy affiliate and adding it to my review page.
  • Attending a private coaching session with one of my mentors.
  • Help people who have messaged or emailed me this week.
  • Doing my weekly check on my PPC campaign for the WA.
  • Starting the outline of a new PPC campaign in a new niche.
  • Continue to read the latest books by my mentors.
  • Tripling my income again this year. (yearly goal)
  • Taking my dog for his daily morning walks.
  • Do my daily exercises.
  • Hang with friends and family.
  • Eating well to continue having a permanent healthy lifestyle.
  • And enjoy each moment of each and everyday because I’ve earned it!

Now this is my schedule – of course you cannot compair what I decide to do for the week with what you decide to do. It’s not a competition.

My point is you have to have a plan of action each and every week. Each step in your plan will bring you closer and closer to your online goals.

If you’re still struggling or just starting your journey, start with small weekly goals. And if you’re still unsure there is nothing wrong with starting from the beginning. Call it a do over.

I’ve seen many people do that (a do over) and now they’re succeeding at an accelerated rate.

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One of the most effect ways of growing your business is by adding content to your site on a regular basis. You want to post new content at least 3 times per week.

Not only will this build the foundation of your site. But it will also put you on the path of creating an authority site within your niche.

And when it comes to your content make sure you do your keyword research for that low hanging fruit so your content can get ranked at the top of the search engines so it can drive targeted traffic to your website.

And remember the more content you produce, the more opportunity there is for that content to get ranked in the search engines. Which means more traffic to your site, which means more opportunity to generate revenue.

And instead of waiting for Google to discover your new content. you can tell Google to come to your site using the Fetch By Google tool found in your webmaster tools. Using this tool has gotten some of my content ranked as fast as 24 hours.

So What Have You Done To Run Your Business Today?

Let’s be real, you know if you’re walking your business or running your business.

The question is if you’re currently walking your business and have been for some time now, when are you going to run it?



If it’s never, then stop wasting your time, stop fooling yourself and forget about building an online business. And focus on your retirement party at your job.

If it’s today, then throw away that crutch you’ve been leaning on. Strap on some cross trainers and start running your online business like a frickin crazy person.

And NEVER forget I’m here to help you every single step of the way, my crazy little friend!!

I hope you found this information helpful. If so, please feel free to share it with your audience.

And of course if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.

I Believe In You!

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