Amazing Cash System Review – Yeah Not So Amazing -

Amazing Cash System Review – Yeah Not So Amazing

Product Name: Amazing Cash System
Price: $17 – No Upsells
Owner: Robert Adziashvili
Ranking: 1 Out Of 10

Since I’m a video marketer I was very interested in checking out Robert’s amazing cash system program.

Now the sales video for Amazing Cash System claims to be able to teach you how to increase the profits from your online business by 345% in just 24 hours.

It’s an impressive claim, but does it really deliver? In a nutshell, not even close.

In fact this is the most boring, unexciting program I had to go through. And most of what is taught is very obvious. No secrets going on here that’s for sure.

But robert sure makes it sound like there are.

How Does Amazing Cash System Work?

The premise of the course is if you can keep your visitor on your site longer, you increase the chances of converting that visitor into a customer (sale).

So the course goes over how to use videos instead of long sales letters full of text to convert your visitors into buyers.

The course is divided into seven different modules with a few extra resources and bonuses. Each module consists of a video, an audio and a PDF transcript.

Sounds impressive but in reality is quite redundant and offers no additional value to the course. The audio is just of Robert talking which clearly he is reading from a script.

And the videos are just text with Robert reading from the same script. And the PDF is the transcript. Can you now see why it’s pointless to have all three?

Here’s the modules:

http://www.netwiseprofits.comModule 1 – Quick Start Guide:

A 10 minute video that really boils down to this:

Properly created videos convert better than plain text. BIG surprise!!

Module 2 – DFY Simple Video Sales Template:

Here he has his 12 steps for crafting your sales copy (video).

From the opening hook to identifying the problem, providing a solution all the way to the close. And doing it with storytelling.

This is actually a good module and provides some great theory, because if done right it can produce great results.

But here’s the problem – because of the lack of examples the module is not as good as it could have been.

Module 3. A Step By Step Checklist

He just talks about using powerpoint presentations and the different powerpoint presentation software available.

And then talks about the type of text to use, and how to voice your presentation.. No big revelations here.

But the problem AGAIN is he shows NO examples. I thought this was a video course?

Show me a power point presentation you’ve done Robert? Show me what you’re using and how you use it.

So far such a very weak course from a so-called expert video marketer.

Module 4. 365% Sales Booster:

Not much here other than Robert telling you that you need to do split testing, also known as A/B testing. Try your video with or without music, change the content, the images, change the headline and so on.

Again no big revelation or secrets here. You need to test your videos, your copy and other elements. You need to test everything!

But why not show me some of the video’s he has done and show what type of A/B testing he did and the change in conversion. Good or bad.

Nope you get nothing, just more boring video text with Robert talking. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Module 5. Instant Traffic System:

In this module he talks about how using YouTube is a bad idea (idiot). He talks about how YouTube videos can look unprofessional on a website (that’s not true).

He talks about how you have limitations with YouTube such as not having an optin form in the video or sharing buttons and no clickable links.

This boy needs to do his homework.

Sure with YouTube you cannot have an optin form in a YouTube video, but you don’t need to. You can have one below your video it works just fine.

He talks about how the YouTube video shows related videos after your video is over and how this is bad.

He obviously not aware you can turn that function off. When you grab the embed code there is a box where you can deactivate the related video feature.

You can even make the change directly in the embed code if you want. “Rel” means related videos, and 0 is a binary command, meaning No.

You can have sharing buttons and links directly to your website. You simply need to activate the Annotations function. Plus with addition of Cards you can have your related videos appear in your video.

I use my Youtube video to drive traffic to one of my niches sites. In fact on average I get over 25,000 visitors to my site just from my YouTube videos.

But you’ll never learn how create those types of videos from Roberts weak training. In fact you’ll see no examples at all in his course.

He does show other paid options, such as lead player and wistia. Personally I use Vimeo as my paid alternative for my videos.

Module 6. Resource Tools Guide:

For the most part this module is a list of presentation tools and software.

He does talk about how you should have a script for your video. How you should keep the length of a video less then 3 minute. Well that depends on the type of video. But he never mentions that.

Plus there are no examples, have I mentioned that.

You know what here’s some of his bland, boring information right from his transcript, and you tell me if this is high quality training?

  • Be comfortable in front of the camera for 150 seconds or more.
  • The white background for filming provides least costly solution.
  • The announcers must be believable; we must believe in what and how they say it. They must be likeable; are they animated or they are believable as human beings?
  • Try to follow these practical tips for immediate and best results.

Well? I call this weak and pathetic at best.

Module 7. The Lazy Man Guide:

He just talks about outsourcing your videos to places like Odesk, Fivver and other outsource resources.

But heads up if you’re not making any money and you have little to spend, outsourcing is probably an option.

A simple 20 second motion video can cost $300. A powerpoint video can cost $600 and up. And a video scribe video can cost $1500 per minute and up.

Sure you can get something from Fivver but remember you get what you pay for.


This is actually pretty good.

If you’re unfamiliar with differnt video software and programs you’ll find links to various YouTube videos showing the different software and programs you can use.

This information is actually better than his whole program. Hey guess what, you can find everything Robert has in his program for free on YouTube and the information and training is far better.


You’ll find 11 videos of different traffic generation methods. A PDF with 101 attention grabbing headlines as well as other tips for getting more sales with videos. This is a pretty good bonus.

Actually it’s better than most of the course.

www.netwiseprofits.comWhat’s The Price?

While the price is pretty low for this system at $17. Save your $17 you can find a lot of the same information in his course online and it’s better training.

Are There Any Upsells?

This is actually one of the things that I did like about this product as it does not have a single upsell present during the purchase process or within the course itself.

How’s The Support?

Well after several tries of clicking the support button at the top of the members area (it would not do anything). I actually had to type in “support” at the end of the members url to get to the support page.

Here’s the support page.

As you can see it’s just a contact form. No knowlege base, no FAQ, no nothing. Mind you the program is only $17 so I can’t say I am too surprised.

The downside to this support system is that it’s difficult to determine just how long you’ll be waiting for support to get back in touch with you.

You could be waiting as little as an hour or as long as several days. Who knows?

What I Liked About Amazing Cash System

Honestly the only two things I like about this program was the Resource area and the Bonuses.

What I Didn’t Like

In my opinion and this is coming from a guy who has been video marketing for over 10 years. This course has NO shot in hell in teaching you how to increase your profits by over 300% let alone in 24 hours.

There is just so much left out and the information is basic and very general and if you spent a little time online you can find out everything Robert is teaching (well for a lack of a better word) – and find better and more substantive information and training all for FREE!!.

Oh and this brings to me the other thing I didn’t like about this course, the lack of examples. This is a video course, why not have more examples, I just don’t understand that.

For instance Robert could have taken the time to create a video and then break it down showing you what a good converting video can look like. But you get nothing like that, just a bunch of video with text and him talking.

Ok Let’s Compare This Program To My #1 Recommended Program

my opinionMy Final Opinion

Even through the bonus section had some good info and the resource section was linked to some good additional training, this still has to go into the Bad category.

This is a weak course and is so lacking in any real training.

Thank god it’s only $17 and thank god it’s done through clickbank. Because with clickbank you have a 60 day money back guarantee. Trust me you’re going to use it if you buy this course.

I would love to know what this guys return rate is. It has to be through the roof. I know I’m adding to it, I’m asking for a refund right after I post this review.

Look doing video can absolutely increase traffic to your website, there is no doubt about that. And I speak from experience.

But you’re not going to learn what you need to learn to become an expert video marketer using this course. It’s jut not going to happen.

And with that said even though it has a few resources and bonuses that do have value, there is no way I would suggest you waste $17 on this program.

If you’re wanting to learn how to truly create an online business that will not only convert your traffic into buyers, but also withstand the test of time for many years to come, check out my number one recommendation below.

We even have a dedicated Video Marketing classroom.

Hell I’ll personally help you with your video marketing if you become part of our community. Click the big blue banner below to find out more.

I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I answered any questions you may have had about it.

So do you have a personal experience that you would like to share about the Amazing Cash System.

If you do, I would love to hear about it. Your feedback is always welcome and it can help others make a decision whether or not to spend the money on this program. Not just take my advice not to.

And if you did find his review helpful and enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your audience.

I Believe In You!

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