Ali Express Wholesale – Not So Express -

Ali Express Wholesale – Not So Express

Name: Ali Express Wholesale
Price: Free to join – several restrictions
Owners: Jack Ma, Chairman
Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

Ok What Is Ali Express Wholesale?

Ali express is suppose to be the brand name outlet for clothes, electronics, accessories and more at deeply discounted prices.

It’s set up so that as an affiliate you can promote their products on your website and earn large commissions. But here’s the problem – there are a ton of issues with this company.

So keep reading to find out why everything ali express has to offer is not such a great deal

The Pros And Cons

The Pros

  • It’s free to join as an affiliate, wholesaler or a buyer
  • There is a large selection of products to choose from

The Cons

  • Many of the products are NOT brand name but cheap knock offs and fakes
  • Consumer complaints are more than you can count
  • It has been reported that there are some sellers setting up more than one fake account to intentionally rip customers off
  • It’s been reported that consumers are being asked for personal information when filing a complaint.
  • In several reports people have stated to have been asked for their passport information prior to the rep proceeding with a refund
  • Many current customer review websites have given Ali Express a low or failing grade
  • Lack of real support
  • Many complaints of how the owners handle questions, concerns and real problems from the members
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Ok So Who Is Ali Express Wholesale For?

Well if you have a product to sell you can do so at the so-called claimed discounted prices.

And if you’re a buyer you can buy these products at these discounts that’s if you don’t mind not being able to physically see the item or know where the item is coming from.

And also not knowing if there is a real trusted company standing behind the item.

If you’re an affiliate then be ready to wait 60 days for any commissions from ali express wholesale. They say they need to hold commissions this long incase there are returns or if the sale has been cancelled for any reason.

And with the high return rates and customer complaints chances of making any commissions is going to be a challenge.

Any Tools?

There is no description of help on their website. However former members have mentioned that the help is no more than tips and shortcuts that may or may not be legal.

And for affiliates, well there is none. And the only requirement is to have all advertising and other marketing actions approved prior to posting.

How’s The Support?

What support!!

There is a platform for you to network with other sellers who are marketing the same knock off junk products.

And the forum is broken down so it’s easy to get around. So you have sections like – “Introduce yourself” – “buyers questions” and so on.

After that there really isn’t any real support.

So What’s The Cost?

There is no cost for buyers or affiliates. But you do have to jump through a bunch of hoops (restrictions) to become either.

My Final Thoughts About Ali Express Wholesale

Wow where to start.

First off as an affiliate why bother joining a program that holds your commissions for 60 days because the products you’re marketing have a high chance of being returned or staying sold. It makes no sense.

Remember as an affiliate your reputation is attached to products you market. Market crap – your reputation is crap. Not to hard to figure that one out.

But that’s if you can be approved. You must have sufficient traffic and interest before you’re allowed to become an affiliate. And if you do get approved all advertising has to be approved by ali express before you can use it.

You’re a buy and you need a refund. No problem right?

Yeah right, in what world have you EVER had to provide your passport information to get a refund for a product. Tell me – I really want to know. And other than the ali express wholesale scam company.

There are just to many problems with this company.

On their website they say they have ten million products, but go to the affiliate page and they say they have tens of millions. They can’t even stay consistent.

If you want to build an ethical business online and have access to millions of products you can promote from reputable companies that stand behind their products then join Amazon’s Associates Program. And it’s absolutely free to join.

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Name: Ali Express Wholesale
Price: Free to join – several restrictions
Owners: Jack Ma, Chairman
Overall Rating: 2 out of 10
Verdict: SCAM just a collection of knock off products

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