103 Affiliate Marketing Tools And Resources

affiliate marketing tools and resources

I received an email from a reader asking what affiliate marketing tools and resources I use for my affiliate marketing business. And could I share them, plus any other tools or resources I know of that could help her grow her business?

Now I do have a link to some of the core tools I use in my business. But when I started thinking about it there are a lot of other resources I use to help me with my business.

And not just actual tools, but resources where I go to learn from experts to keep up to date with what’s happening with this crazy online world of digital marketing.

Because after all affiliate marketing is digital marketing.

And as an affiliate marketer, especially when you’re just starting to build and grow your business you have to wear a lot of different hats. Which forces you to learn many different skills.

Such as search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, website design, website maintenance, WordPress, social media, data analysis, etc.

On one hand, this is a good thing because it definitely expands your skill set. But on the other, it can be very overwhelming for some.

But you don’t have to learn everything all in one day. Baby steps are the key. I certainly didn’t learn everything all at once. And I am still learning to this day.

That’s why I love this business. It’s always changing and it’s always challenging.

So today I want to share with you the tools and resources I use when it comes to running my online business and places I frequent online to expand my knowledge and keep up to date with what’s going on in this goofy ever-changing world of online marketing.

As well as resources that I have not personally used. But have been suggested to me by people I trust.

I’ve put things in alphabetical order for you. I have also added a table of contents so you can click on things and jump right to that listing.

Just a heads up there are affiliate links throughout this post. So. if you purchase something I will earn a commission from any sales. But at no extra cost to you.


Google Analytics

google analytics

Google Analytics is definitely the 800-pound gorilla in the room when it comes to knowing your website’s traffic sources. And this data allows you to effectively measure your website’s performance and understand your visitors.

And the best part Google Analytics is free to use. You simply have to set up your account and you’re good to go. With new accounts, it can take several days before you start seeing any data.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console helps you best understand how Google sees your website within Google’s search results.

And by having a better understanding of how Google sees your website you can fix any issues and improve your website’s overall SEO (search engine optimization) performance.



If you have a YouTube channel VidIQ is a must-have tool. VidIQ is a growth tool that helps you increase your viewers and subscribers.

With VidIQ you can see what’s working for your channel and never miss an opportunity to grow your views as well as make more money with your videos.

GT Metrix


With site speed being a top-ranking signal used by Google. Your website’s site speed is very important to the success of your business. And one of the best resources for checking your site’s website speed is GTMetrix.

Simply enter your website’s URL and GTMetrix will analyze your site and give you a report about your site’s web speed.

And included in this report are the things you can take to improve your site’s loading speed. Below is a screenshot of my website speed.

gtmetrix site speed test

Affiliate Networks

When it comes to affiliate networks there are plenty to choose from. But like all affiliate networks, there are good ones and there are bad ones.

The advantage of working with a reputable affiliate network is they have vetted the companies that they allow in their network.

And by doing so you know that you’re dealing with reputable companies. And some of these networks have 1000’s of companies in their network.

These are the affiliate networks that I have worked with.

  • CJ (commission junction) Physical products, many brand name companies
  • Click Bank – Digital products
  • Share A Sale – Over 16,500 brands from all sector
  • Max Bounty – Cost per action campaigns from hundreds of advertisers
  • Awin – Over 21,000 advertisers to choose from across different markets
  • Flex Offers – Over 12,000 advertisers across 65 networks
  • Market Health – Health and beauty products
  • Rakuten Advertising (formerly Link Share) – Global brands across multiple industries

Contact Forms

Gravity Forms

gravity forms

Gravity forms is a premium-only WordPress plugin contact form. So there is no free version. This is the form tool I use on all my websites.

The most recent version of Gravity Forms is designed to look like the block editor.

You can create a custom contact form as well as the ability to capture leads, collect payments, quizzes, lead capture, surveys, and subscription forms.

A license for one website is $59.00 per year. $159.00 per year for 3 sites, and $29.00 per year for unlimited sites.

WP Forms

wp forms

WPForms is a very popular drag and drop web form builder. It has a very powerful free version and then you have the option for a paid version which gives you access to all its features.

Prices for the premium version of WPfroms start at $39.00 per year for 1 website.

You can create contact, payment, survey, newsletter, and registration style forms from a library of over 300 templates.

Content Tools


buzz sumo

As we all know content is king and BuzzSumo is an amazing tool that helps you to do content discovery and research allowing you to create high-performing, engaging content that will resonate with your audience.

BuzzSumo also allows you to identify outreach opportunities to influencers across multiple social channels.

And along with monitoring your content and seeing how well it is performing through social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You can also use BuzzSumo to analyze your competitor’s content marketing strategy.



Nothing can ruin a great piece of content better than poor grammar. So, to avoid that you can use tools like Grammarly.

Grammarly not only helps with spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. It also helps with the cohesiveness and fluency of your content. Grammarly is also a plagiarism checker and will tell you if your content contains duplicate content.



Formerly known as Jarvis. Jasper is an AI (artificial intelligence) tool trained to write. Jasper is your writing assistant that can create SEO content that ranks in the search engines.

By using Jasper, you can speed up your content creation 2 to 5 times faster.

Market Muse

market muse

Market Muse is an AI (artificial Intelligence) content planning and optimization tool. The focus of Market Muse is to help you speed up the content research and creation process.

The tool I love inside Market Muse is the optimization tool. Paste your content inside the optimization tool and Market Muse will show you which keyword opportunities you’re missing in your content.

Plus show you the optimal number of times you should have those keywords within your content.

Dragon Speech Recognition

Dragon Speech Recognition

I can type pretty quickly, but I can talk faster. You can talk faster than you type. And when creating content using speech recognition software is going to make creating your content so much quicker.

I’ve been using Dragon Speech Recognition for years. And it’s up my content creation by 10 fold. I can bang out a 2000-word article in less than 15 minutes.

And now all I have to do is clean it up, add my images and links and I’m good to go. In fact, this whole post was done using Dragon.

Content Idea Tools

Getting ideas for new content can be a challenge. So to get those content juices flowing I like to use these resources.

Answer Socrates

Answer Socrates

I really like Answer Socrates because you can enter a term for just about any topic. And Answer Socrates will bring back the answers to the questions people are asking on Google about that topic.

And by doing that you can write a well-researched piece of content around that topic.

Answer The Public

answer the public

Answer The Public gathers the top questions people are asking when they do a search on any given topic. Then displays the how, what, why, who, where, which, can, will, and when.

And now you can write content that answers those questions and give people what they are looking for.

Here are other places you can visit to get content ideas.

Here’s another source you’re probably already familiar with but may not be taking advantage of. And that’s Google search results.

When you do a search in Google within the search results Google will display People Also Ask. And at the bottom of the page, you will also see Related Searches.

Both of these are excellent resources for content ideas. Because these are questions that people are actively looking for the answers to.

people also ask
related searches


Wealthy Affiliate

wealthy affiliate

When it comes to making money online affiliate marketing is by far the best business model to follow.

Not only does it offer unlimited earning potential. But the threshold to get your affiliate marketing business up and running is very low. It cost nothing to become an affiliate and you can run your business for less than $50.00 per month.

If you’ve been looking at affiliate marketing as your way of making a living online but aren’t sure what the right steps are to make that happen.

Then you should take the time and check out Wealthy Affiliate. It has everything you need to build a highly successful affiliate marketing business.

And I’m speaking from experience. Wealthy affiliate has helped my grow my online business by 10 fold.

PowerHouse Affiliate

PowerHouse Affiliate

Most affiliate marketers use free marketing methods to build their business. This is how I have done it.

But there are other options that you can use to speed things up. And that’s by using paid methods. One way is the use of CPA offers. CPA stands for Cost Per Action.

As an affiliate, you would be paid once someone performs a specific action. It could be filling out a form, providing an email address, or signing up for a free trial.

PowerHouse Affiliate is the go-to resource if you want to learn how to make money as an affiliate through CPA campaigns.

But remember when it comes to doing paid advertising there is risk involved. You are spending money. So, you must be in a position to be able to lose your money. There are no guarantees.




I don’t think I’m about to share a big secret. But Canva is an amazing tool for creating almost every kind of graphic you can think of. They offer a free option as well as a paid subscription.

You can start with one of their many templates or create your design from scratch.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop by far is the most recognized graphic design software in the market. Used by both professionals and hobbyists.

If you can imagine it, you can create it with Adobe Photoshop. Just ask the Kardashians – lol.



GIMP is a free open-source image manipulation program. You can use this program to do everything from retouching to restoring. It can also be used for producing icons and creating graphic design elements.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is software focused on vector design. This means any icon, artwork, poster, etc you create can be used at any size and it will not distort when the size is changed.

Adobe Illustrator

Ink Scape

ink scape

Ink Scape is a free open-source program. Like adobe illustrator, Ink Scape is a vector graphics editor. It’s compatible with Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

You can use this free program for clip art, logos, typography, diagramming and flowcharting, and much more.



Screencast-O-Matic is a free tool screen capture tool. With their screen recorder, you can create screencast videos.

Plus, you can add overlays including video, text, shapes, and images. As well as add animations and effects.

Mono Snap

Mono Snap

Mono Snap is another tool you can use to take screenshots and record videos. Once done you can then edit and add annotations to your work. And then upload your files directly to the cloud.


Woo Commerce

Woo Commerce is an eCommerce plugin that you can add to any WordPress website.

With this plugin, you can create your online store and sell anything. From single products to subscriptions for members-only products and services.

Woo Commerce



Shopify is a complete eCommerce platform that hosts your online store. You can sell physical and/or digital products through your store.

The platform also provides training to help you get your store up and running. As well as all the tools for marketing and managing your business.

Email Marketing Tools (autoresponders)

Did you know that email marketing produces the highest ROI (return of investment) of any other form of marketing? For every $1 you spend the average ROI is $36.

So with that type of return, you want to be sure you have the right tools so you can create your mailing list.



I’ve been using Aweber for years now. And the reason being Aweber is affiliate friendly. This means as an affiliate marketer you can send your mailing list affiliate offers and you won’t be penalized for doing so.

And the other reasons I’ve used them for so long is the reliability of the service, the features they offer, and the customer support.

You can get started with Aweber for free. You can create 1 email campaign and have up to 500 subscribers before you would need to upgrade to a paid plan.



Now if you don’t need a full-blown autoresponder service such as Aweber or maybe you have a smaller budget. Then a great alternative for you would be MailerLite.

Just like its competitors, MailerLite has many of the same features, just for less

You can start with them for free. And with the free plan, you can have up to 1000 subscribers. And you can send up to 12,000 emails per month.

And once you’ve grown past what the free plan offers. You can simply upgrade to their paid plan, which starts at $15 per month.

Email Organization



Now if you’re like me you have several different email addresses on top of the dedicated email addresses you have associated with your website(s).

And checking each one individually can be a pain in the ass. So, to make my life easier and more organized I use a free email application called ThunderBird.

With Thunderbird, I can access all my email addresses in one place.


Before you can even begin to build an online business you’re going to need web hosting. And with so many choices when it comes to companies that offer hosting, who do you choose?

Well, don’t choose cheap that’s for sure. With website speed being one of the top-ranking factors Google uses. Low-cost hosting is not the way to go.



HostGator is one of the most popular web hosts. And it’s the hosting company that I’ve been with for years. They offer shared hosting as well as WordPress hosting.

I started with their value hosting plan and as my business grew they have been able to upgrade my hosting needs over the years.

Along with the great hosting they offer. The thing that’s kept me a loyal customer is their customer support. Anytime I needed a hand they have always been able to sort things out.

Hosting plans start as low as $2.75 per month for the first year.



Kinsta is a premium web host that uses the Google cloud platform. Clients that use Kinsta are seeing performance improvements from 30% up to 200%. Plans start at $30 per month for 1 WordPress install.



Along with business hosting SiteGround offers managed WordPress hosting. And has become the most popular recommended host when it comes to WordPress. Their platform is built on the premium Google cloud infrastructure.

Dedicated WordPress hosting plans start at $3.99 per month for the first year.



With BlueHost starting in 1996 it’s one of the oldest hosting companies. They’re also another recommended WordPress hosting provider.

Along with WordPress hosting they also have shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting options.

WordPress hosting plans start at $4.37 per month for the first year.


One thing you never want to do is grab an image by simply doing a search on Google. That can come and bite you in the ass because images come with copyright protection.

It’s always best to purchase or create the image yourself. I do both. Here are the two main resources I use for images.

Presenter Media

presenter media

Presenter Media is known for providing amazing PowerPoint templates. But they also have an amazing resource for custom graphics, clipart, background music, and video backgrounds.

Big Stock

big stock

What I like about Big Stock is not only do they have millions of royalty free images to choose from. You don’t have to go on a monthly plan. You can purchase image credits.

And that’s what I do. I’ll buy some image credits and I have an entire year to use those credits up. Each image depending on its size will determine the number of credits you need to use for whatever image you’ve decided to use.

Along with the two main resources that I use for images here are some other image sites that you can check out.

Information Resources

The Keyword (Google blog)

The Keyword (Google blog)

If you want to be kept up to date with everything Google is up to then subscribing to The Keyword blog by Google is something you may want to do.

Here you’ll discover all about their new products and technologies.



Digital is an independent review website. But it’s not like other review websites. What makes Digital stands out from all other review websites is their use of a sentiment analysis algorithm.

A what? Yeah, big fancy term.

Sentiment analysis is opinion mining. And by using this machine learning algorithm they get opinions from real people to rate companies. Giving people an unbiased review of a company.

They’re constantly rating the best tools and products, such as hosting, eCommerce, website builders, and software to help you run, build and grow your online business. Plus, they have many in-depth guides.

Search Engine Land

Search engine land

Search Engine Land covers all aspects of digital marketing. And not only that they also feature articles from the top industry experts across all digital marketing disciplines.

Many times, when I am searching for a particular subject search engine land often comes up in my search results. To get the latest scoop with what’s going on in digital marketing you can subscribe to their newsletter as I have.

Search Engine Journal

search engine journal

Search Engine Journal provides the SEO community with the latest news and freshest best practices when it comes to SEO. The information they share comes from in-house and online marketing experts.

Neil Patel

neil patel

Neil Patel is one of the top 10 marketers online. And I have learned so much from him over the years. When it comes to SEO he is the go-to guy for sure. Now the resources I use to learn from Neil is through his blog.

So yes, I’m on his mailing list. This way I get notified regarding his latest posts. Many of which are videos.



Brain Dean is (was) the owner of Backlinko. I say was because MOZ bought his website. Brian is one of the top SEO experts around. In fact, his website is one of the most popular blogs online.

Through his website, he shows people the exact tips and strategies for getting higher rankings in Google. His tips and strategies are definitely next-level SEO training and link building.

Keyword Research Tools

The resources listed below all provide their own set of software tools for keyword research, site audits, backlinks, PPC, rank tracking, etc.

Link Management

Pretty Links

pretty links

As an affiliate marketer managing your affiliate links can be challenging. And that’s where Pretty Links comes in.

With Pretty Links, you can put your marketing on autopilot. It can automatically create short links for all your posts and pages. And it can even automatically add relevant links to your posts.

And you can see how your links are doing in real-time. You can track conversions, email opens, or anything else you want. With Pretty Links, you can manage all your links in one place.


Just like image sites, there are plenty of music sites to choose from. And again you don’t want to use music you grabbed off the internet. Unless you like opening yourself up to copyright infringement.

So like images, you want to buy your music. These are the ones I use when I need to add background music, loops, and/or sound effects to my videos.


Sometimes it’s just easier and more cost-effective to have something done for you.

And when it comes to outsourcing you can easily find everyone from programmers to web designers, logo creators, to writers to get things done.

I’ve used all of these resources at one time or another.

Page Builders

Thrive Suite

thrive suite

Within Thrive Suite I have the Thrive Theme Builder which allows you to build a fully customized WordPress website.

With Thrive Architect I can build funnels and landing pages. My home page was built using Thrive Architect.

There’s Thrive Leads for building a mailing list, the Thrive Quiz Builder. With Thrive Apprentice you can create and sell an online course right from your WordPress website.

Also included are Thrive Comments, Thrive Ultimatum, Thrive Ovation and Thrive Optimize.

Optimize Press


With Optimize Press you can create sales pages, review pages, bridge pages, video sales pages, and more.

You can also create sales funnels using its funnel builder. And with their funnel builder you can also include within your funnel upsells, down sells, one-time offers, and order bumps.

And you can accept payments via credit and debit cards through Stripe integration for your own products.

Site Security



Online security is a must. And the best security for your WordPress website is WordFence. Wordfence is a WordPress security plugin. And it’s the security plugin that I use on all my websites.

It is an endpoint firewall and malware scanner which keeps your website safe from malicious traffic. There is a free version as well as a premium version available.



Protecting your passwords is vital. So it only makes sense to use a password manager. So instead of trying to remember all of your passwords you can use a password manager like LastPass. This is the password manager I use.

LastPass stores all your usernames and passwords in a vault that’s encrypted to your device. So now all you have is one master password to access the vault and all your passwords.

LastPass is free to use on a single device type. If you want or need access through multiple devices like through your desktop computer you will need to upgrade to premium.

Site Speed

There is no debate, site speed is a major ranking factor.

And if you want to compete with your competitors your site needs to load in under 2 seconds.

And the good news is you don’t need to be a coding Jedi to make that happen.



WPRocket is a premium web caching plugin for WordPress. And it’s what I use.

As soon as you install the plugin you’ll see the benefits right away because 80% of web performance is applied as soon as you activate the plugin.

But it’s just not a caching plugin. WPRocket does GZIP compression, you can optimize your database, and CDN integration, you can minify and combine the CSS and JS files, and so much more.



One of the biggest things that slows down a website’s site speed is images. And that’s because image files can be huge.

So, to help speed up your website you need to compress your images.

Now I use the Imagify WordPress plugin to compress all my images. And it’s all done automatically for me. As soon as I upload an image Imagify compresses the image.

Once you install the plugin you can compress all your images with 1 click. Depending on your needs Imagify has free and paid options for their plugin.



You can get around using a plugin to compress your images by using a free online resource such as TinyPNG.

Simply upload your Smart WebP, PNG, or JPEG image. Let TinyPNG go to work. Once it’s done you can download your compressed image to your computer and then upload it to your website.

Video & Animated Video Tools

Video is becoming more and more popular. Not just for another content creation option. But more people are also doing video freelancing as a side gig. While others are going all in and making video creation a full-time gig.



Camtasia is my video production/editing tool. It is by far the best all-in-one screen recorder and video editor. And it works on both PC and Mac computers. You can create any type of video you want with this software.



Explaindio is a drag and drop animation, doodle sketch, and motion video creator. And can be used on both PC and Mac computers.



I love Powtoon. This is by far the best animation software for creating engaging explainer and presentation videos. Along with over 30 different types of videos

Powtoon is so popular that 96% of fortune 500 companies use Powtoon.


video scribe

If you’re looking to create whiteboard animation videos then VideoScribe is the software you want to use. You can also create other types of videos for every topic and occasion using their animated video templates.

Crazy Talk

crazy talk

Crazy Talk is 3D facial animation software. It uses voice-to-text to animate facial images.

This software is great for video production, marketing, or for a unique spin when creating training videos.

WordPress Themes

There is no lack of WordPress themes to choose from. Both free and paid. I always recommend you use a professional (paid) WordPress theme purchased from a reputable source.

The reason being is professional themes are kept up to date. And most if not all come with support. Which can be a lifesaver when you need help.

Generate Press Pro

Generate Press

Generate Press is the theme I’m currently using on my sites. It’s lightweight, very stable and it’s fast. And when it comes to site speed. A fast lightweight theme is a must.

Divi By Elegant Themes


Divi is the most popular theme by Elegant Themes. And the reason being is it comes with 100’s of ready-made layouts for multiple niches. And it also includes a built-in drag and drop page builder.

Theme Forest

Theme Forest

Theme Forest is a great resource because you can find thousands of WordPress themes and website templates all in one place.

Misc Tools

Broken Link Check

broekn link check

Broken Link Check is a free online tool, that does what it suggests. It checks your site for broken links.

Checking for broken links is something you want to do. Now Google has said broken links and 404 errors don’t hurt your rankings. However broken links and 404s do create a bad user experience.

So you want to be sure everything thing you link to is in working order. I run a broken link check once a month



TinEye is a reverse image search tool. With this tool, you can find where images appear online.

And you can find an image online by unloading the image or searching by URL. When doing reviews of let’s say questionable products and services I have found the images used come from other sources.

In fact, many images have been stolen and used as fake proof or used as fake identities. And with this tool, you can find the true source.

Remove Image Background

Remove Image Background

Many times when doing a project the image you want to use would do better if the background was removed. Well, now you can do that with the free Remove Image Background tool.

And once removed you can use the image as a transparent image and use it anywhere in any project.


Whois, is the free ICANN registration data lookup tool. With this tool, you can see the registration data for a domain.

I’ve used this tool many times when doing reviews for scam products and online money-making opportunities.

Most time the fake owner says they have been in business for years and years, which you know is a lie.

And to prove it I go to Whois and put in the domain name and it gives me the true year and date when the domain was registered. More often than not the domain is less than a year old.



What ScamDoc does is evaluates “digital identities” reliability. This is a free tool. All you do is enter a domain URL and ScamDoc will give you a trust score.

This is a great tool to use if you’re going about to make a purchase from an unknown source (contact). Or as I have used it when doing reviews of products and services.

Email Checker

Email Checker is another great free online tool. With this tool, you can find out if an email address is valid or not.

Just enter the email address and within a second you’ll know if an email address is real or fake.

Again I have used this tool when doing reviews of online money-making programs.



This is a great tool for expanding your level of content creation. With WordHippo you can find similar or opposite words.

So you simply put your word in the What’s Another Word For search bar and you’ll get all kinds of suggestions.

Their word tools include Synonyms, Antonyms, Rhymes, Sentences, Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Plural, Singular, Past Tense, and Present Tense.

Word Counter

word counter

This is a great little online tool. Not only does it so the word count for your content. It’s also an editor that can improve word choice and writing style. As well as help you to detect grammar mistakes and plagiarism. WordCounter.net

Wrapping Up

Ok, that brings us to the end of this post. Now when it comes to building a thriving affiliate marketing business. You can try and do things for free. This is doable but it going to be 100 times harder to do.

The tools and resources I mentioned in this post will make building your business much easier. But, you’re still going to have to work to build your business. There are no shortcuts.

I hope you enjoyed this post. And if you did let me know in the comment section below.

And if you don’t want to share how wonderful I am – maybe you’d like to share what your top 5 affiliate marketing tools are.

I believe in you!

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