25 Attention Getting Headline Samples

Because of the competition online you only have about 4 seconds to grab someone’s attention.

And your headline is going to be the MAIN reason why a person will want to read your article, open your emails or click on your ad.

Simply put: “A Lousy Headline = Lousy Conversions.”

People always want to know…

“What’s In It For Me?”


“How Can This Help Me?”

People don’t want to hear about the features of your product or service. They want to know the benefits.

They want to know how will your product or service solve their problem. And this includes any affiliate products you’re marketing.

The Different Headlines You Can Create Are…
  • An opening question headline
  • A challenge headline
  • An opening statement headline
  • A slogan headline
  • A clincher headline

To get you jump started I have listed 25 headline starters for you…

Using A Statement:

1) Let me ask you a question….

2) Forget everything you heard about….

3) Imagine being able to get _____ for only $_____

4) Within 30 days, you could be_____

5) For under $____ you can ____

Using A Question:

1) Could you use an extra $_____ each month?

2) Why should you use ____ when you can _____?

3) Tired of empty promises from ____?

4) Tired of the same old ____?

5) Wouldn’t you like to ____?

Using A Slogan:

1) _____ things you should never ….

2) What they don’t want you to know about ____

3) Turn your ____ into ____

4) Don’t make these ____ mistakes

5) Don’t gamble with ____

Using A Challenge:

1) Join a small handful of people who ….

2) I think you’ll be shocked with what you’re about to read.

3) Take a deep breath and ….

4) If you’re seriously interested in ….

5) Dare to live your dreams.

Using A Clincher

1) Why settle for ___ when you can have ___

2) Ask yourself if you can afford not to….

3) But the real payoff comes when….

4) Let this be the year you finally….

5) Try to imagine the alternative.

A powerful headline will get your emails opened, your articles read and your ads clicked on.

And that translates into more revenue for you. Which always a good thing.

Two Fantastic Resources For You:

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2) A book by Richard Bayan called Words That Sell This book has over 6000 entries to help you market any product or service.

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