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A Light Bulb Moment

Did you ever have one of those big light bulb moments, when everything became so clear and simple?

I spend every day trying to improve myself, because to me my life is a journey and it provides me the opportunity to continue to grow or if I choose to stay stagnate.
I refuse to stay stagnate, where’s the joy in that, let me grow and experience new things every day!!

Well just a few days ago, I had a real light bulb moment.

I have read more books then I can count on personal development, I have CD’s and gone to seminars so I could keep learning the skills to grow and become better than I was yesterday and I have coached people.

After reading all the books (most), and watching the DVD’s and listening to the CD’s after a while I will admit after everything sounds the same, all the messages are the same, they are just said differently.

Now I am not reducing anything I have been taught, every piece of content I have soaked in has given me a skill set that I would not have had otherwise.

But it’s human nature to reduce things down to their lowest denominator.

And you know what the lowest common denominator for achieving ALL you want to achieve in life is?


It all boils down to taken consistent action.

You could have the most positive mind set on the planet, if you don’t take action you will be just a positive person who has accomplished nothing they set out to accomplish.

If you have positive affirmations you say to yourself and also have these affirmations in places you can read them every day, but you do not take action.

You will be just a person that has a great conversation with yourself everyday but are still not achieving anything you set out to accomplish.

Consistent action is the key. However with that said you must be aware of your actions.
You must be alert to your actions.

You could be taken massive action running to the east looking for a sunset, but because you are going the wrong way you will never see that sun set.

You could be exercising every day, but if you are eating, Macdonald’s and fried food, packaged processed food and drinking pop all day, no amount of action will get you to you ideal weight.

Again you need to be alert to your actions.

So yes set goals, be aware of your intent, and this works in concert to your actions, meaning the action you are about to take, is it going to take you closer to your goal or further away.

Life is really simple; we just like to make it complicated.

1) Choose your goals.
2) Determine what consistent action is required to achieve that goal
3) Take consistent action.
4) Be aware and alert of your actions, are they taken you closer to your goal or further away.
5) Adjust your actions as need.

Now this does not mean you are not going to have challenges, of course you are, and they is a very simple way to overcome any challenge you may have.

Have a great weekend and I’ll chat with you Monday, plus I will go over a very simple way to overcome any challenge you may have om Monday as well.

I believe in you

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