Your 8 Life Forces -

Your 8 Life Forces

I want to share with you your 8 life forces; these are the biologically programmed desires each and every one of us shares.

Understand these and adding them to your arsenal of copy writing techniques will help your conversion rates and income soar.

There is a great book called Ca$hvertising by Drew Eric Whitman, I have mentioned it as one of the books you should read. Well today I want to share with you a very important section within his book.

The section is called “What People Really Want”, and in this section you’ll learn about the Life-Force 8. (Page 21)

Here Drew (the author) shares with us that we as humans are Biologically Programmed with the following eight desires:

• Survival, enjoyment of life, life extension.

• Enjoyment of food and beverages.

• Freedom from fear, pain and danger.

• Sexual companionship.

• Comfortable living conditions.

• To be superior, winning, keeping up with the Joneses.

• Care and protection of loved ones.

• Social approval.

We cannot help ourselves from chasing these desires in life. And as marketers, our job becomes so much easier when we realize that tapping into these Biologically Programmed desires are job of selling our products and services becomes a lot easier.

So why do so many of us get it wrong?

It goes back to the “Benefits vs. Features” argument. As you know, writing about the benefits of a product and answering the question everyone has “What’s in it for me” is what sells your product or service — not the features.

So for an example let’s take the Acai Berry Diet, you’ve probably come across this diet online somewhere, it does seem to be everywhere.

In reality no really cares about the acai berry diet being rich in antioxidants, boosting your metabolism… blah, blah, blah. All people care about is that this diet is going promote weight loss and lose that belly fat.

While we would all love to lose weight and have that perfect waistline, you’re not selling hard enough if this is your only quiver in your bow. This is a want not a need.

Let’s forget about the features and the benefits of the product, let’s focus on how you can use those biologically programmed desires to your benefit, and when I say benefit I mean MAKING MONEY!!

With the acai berry diet, it’s not that people want to lose weight and be slim.

Here are their REAL desires:

– Looking good for the opposite sex

– Getting those looks on the beach when we take off our shirt (guys)

– Guys stopping in their tracks as you walk by in a bikini

– Increasing your confidence

– How about the jealousy factor (people want to be like you)

– And on and on…

People can tell themselves all day long they are doing it for their health, and yes this is one reason why, but if they (you) dig deeper and you will find out what their real desires are. And that’s what you want to tap into.

Tell me which headline would make you sit up and take notice?

By following our proven method of losing weight, you’ll get into shape and be lean and sexy just in time for summer.”

“You WILL see results in just 11 days!! So PLEASE only use our proven method of losing weight if you can handle all the attention and jealous stares you’ll get everywhere you go.”

Most marketers are satisfied with the first example. They assume that getting lean is the real benefit of the product. And it’s not.

The second example taps into several biologically programmed desires that every person struggling with weight loss has. They can’t escape them. They have a running dialogue in their heads with their real desires.

As marketers, there is no greater weapon than the ability to write copy that creates powerful emotions that go straight to the readers innermost conscience.

Ca$hvertising states the importance of using positive imagery with your writing. And I absolutely agree. It’s probably the single most effective copy writing technique you could ever master. You need to master!!

Sit back and picture your most satisfied customer, got it? Now see how your product or service has affected them in a very positive way.

Now all you need to do is write your copy that forces your reader to live those scenes you create for them. Paint the picture for them. You are the director, create the picture you want.

And the best way of doing this is by telling a story. Everyone has a story, you do, I do, everyone has. If your story resonates with your reader, you own them, you can get them do what you want, and that is to BUY your product!

If you struggled with weight loss but now have it under control, TELL YOUR STORY!

If you struggled with making money online and now you make money online, TELL YOUR STORY!

If you had failed relationships and now you have the perfect one, TELL YOUR STORY!

And if you don’t have your own story yet, use someone else’s until you do.

Take a look at your sales and landing pages. Understanding these biological desires you will probably find some examples of weak selling. You need to stir up the right emotions, people buy on emotion not logic.

No matter what you’re selling you’ll always have more success when you adapt the benefits of the product to appeal to those biological human desires.

Instead of using creating plain and vague pictures in your readers mind use vivid imagery and tap into those biological desires that inspire them to answer their own questions positively so they do buy.


Leo Emery

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