7 WordPress Mistakes

Let’s get right to this so if you need to you can make any corrections to your WordPress site right away.

Mistake #1

Not Having WordPress Installed On Your Own Domain

This most common mistake people make when using WordPress.

So what’s the big deal?

The big deal is if you set up your website through WordPress.com you DO NOT own any of the content for that site, WordPress.com owns it.

Also be aware that if you violate their TOS (terms of service) your site can be shut down. And I get that, you have to have TOS for the idiots of the internet who will abuse the use of WordPress.com.

But the problem with that is it’s in “their” opinion if you have violated their terms of service.

Which means WordPress without warning can shut your site down if they feel the content violates any Automattic (that’s wordpress.com) policy or is in any way harmful or objectionable.

So you may be doing everything right, so you think, but if WordPress.com thinks you’re not, your site can be shut down and you denied access to it.

Here is the link to the all of the TOS of WordPress.com. To further understand the specifics of your sites potential venerability to being shut down read the section “2 Responsibility of Contributors” and scroll to the last paragraph.  http://en.wordpress.com/tos/

The Fix:

Make sure to host your site with a private hosting company – more about that later in this report.

Mistake #2

Not Regularly Backing Up Your Site

So many websites get wiped out because the site has not been backed up. But maybe you’re saying “I have a free plug in that backs up my site, heck it even does it automatically”

I know there are many free backup plugins and sure they can do an adequate job of backing up your site, but these free programs are still lacking.

If you’re using just a WordPress database back up as your back up solution, you’re setting yourself up for a huge potential headache!

And here’s why…

The ONLY thing that is being backed up is your content, not your whole site.

If you had to restore your site you would have your content but you would be left with a plain vanilla website. You would have to design your site all over again from scratch.

Can you say NOT FUN!!

Backup Mistake: In the Tools section of WordPress there is an Export function that will save your Posts, Pages, Comments, Custom Fields, Categories and Tags.

This function is designed for transferring content to another site, not a backup solution, which many people mistake it for. It creates a XML file that you download to your computer and then you can upload it into a different WordPress site.

You have to think of the worst thing that can happen to your site to make sure your site is completely protected.

We’re all guilty of saying “It won’t happen to me”.

You need to start thinking it’s not a matter of “IF” it’s going to happen but a matter of “WHEN” it’s going to happen.

There are something’s that none of us are in control of.

The Fix:

So to know your site is completely safe it’s best to step up and pay for a backup service.

My recommendation is a service from a company called Backup Buddy, it’s what I use. It’s the best out there and it now integrates with Drop Box.

The most powerful feature of Backup Buddy is the Restore Feature. Many backup services ONLY backup but Backup Buddy restores your site.

It restores WordPress, your theme, widgets, plugins and everything else and the cool thing is you don’t need to install WordPress first.

The cost is $75 per year for 2 sites, 10 sites is $100 and $150 is for unlimited sites. Here is the direct link (not an affiliate link, actually none of the links in this post are affiliate links)


TIP: Do not pay for a backup service that charges you a monthly service fee because in many cases it will cost you more than buying a yearly subscription for a service.

Mistake #3

Not Keeping Your WordPress Site Up To Date

About once every month WordPress comes out with an update, and you’ve probably seen it when you log in.

When there is an update you’ll see a yellow bar at the top of your dashboard notifying you of the update.

One of the biggest problems with not updating your WordPress platform is that sometimes software contains security vulnerabilities.

So if your version has them, it could be possible for a malicious hacker to exploit them.

You’ve probably heard of someone screaming “Someone hacked my site”

Make sure you’re not the next person screaming this.

The Fix:

When you see the yellow notification bar at the top of your WordPress dashboard telling you of an updated version, click it and update your platform.

And if you’re using a service like Backup Buddy just make sure you have the latest backup of your site prior to updating your WordPress platform.

So on the off chance the upgrade screws up you can re-install the latest backup of your site and you’ll be fine and try the WordPress update again.

Mistake #4

Not Updating Your Theme & Plugins

Just like keeping your WordPress platform up to date you want to keep your theme and your plugins up to date.

You’ll find if you’re using a premium theme, and you should be (more about that later). You’ll find they’ll have periodic updates.

Just like the notification you get from WordPress when there is an update you’ll see the same type of notification at the top of your dashboard telling you about any updates for your theme.

When it comes to your plugins, you’ll see a number beside the Plugin navigation link; this means it’s time to update your plugins.

Not updating your theme and your plugins leaves you open to these security issues.


The Fix:

Make sure you’re always updating your theme and your plugins when you get notified.

For your theme just click the link within the notification bar to complete the update, as for your plugins, click the Plugin navigational link and once on the page you’ll see the link(s) to update your plugin(s).

Easy peeze and it will save you a ton of potential headaches.

TIP: You’ll also see a notification in your navigation bar just under the Dashboard header called Updates, if you click this link you’ll see ALL of the updates you need to perform.


Mistake #5

Hosting Your Site with a Bad Hosting Company

There are so many hosting companies to choose from. And yes many of them are cheap. And the reason they’re cheap is because they offer less services, features and support.

DO NOT skimp on your hosting, having a bad hosting company is directly related to your income and your online reputation.

If you’re constantly struggling with your hosting company you’re not making money and what’s worse you and your business are getting a bad reputation for not being reliable.

The great thing is there are so many top notch hosting companies that don’t cost much at all.

The Fix:

Use a reliable hosting company. I personally recommend http://hostgator.com/ (nope not an affiliate link)

You can have hosting for as little as $4.00 per month and this gives you 24/7 support, unlimited domains, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and so much more.

It’s very comforting to know your business in being supported by a top notch hosting company.

Mistake #6

Coding Errors

Many people attempt to make changes to their WordPress site and often times the changes they’re attempting are a little beyond their capabilities.

And when this happens WordPress can crash or cause a conflict and all of a sudden your site looks like Picasso designed it.

In some cases it’s just a simple correction and in other’s cases it requires a complete re-install and starting from scratch.

If you’re not sure how to perform a certain coding task DON’T do it. You’re just setting yourself up for all kinds of headaches.

Spending the time to find someone who can do what you need is worth its weight in gold. Plus you can be doing other tasks and be that much further ahead with your site.

The Fix:

Find an expert, and an expert does not have to cost a king’s ransom.

Of course depending on want you want done will determine the cost, but in many cases I’ve found that you can get many things done for a few bucks.

Here are a few resources for finding people with the experience to make custom or coding changes. There are many more, but these are the resources I have used.

http://www.vworker.com/ (was called Rent A Coder)

http://fiverr.com/ (Get jobs done for $5 … love fiverr!!)

https://www.elance.com/ (from writers to designers)

Mistake #7

Using A Free WordPress Theme

One of the great things about WordPress is there are so many free themes to choose from.

But the biggest problem with that is in many cases the themes themselves are not stable. And if you have any issues with the theme you’re usually left on your own to try to fix things.

Even some paid themes can have issues if they’re not purchased from very reputable theme companies.

The last thing you want to have happen after spending hours, days weeks or even months designing and populating your site with content is to have it crash, or have an issue and have no support to turn to.

I know of many people who have bought themes just because they were cheap, just to have problem after problem that it affected their sites so bad they had to start from scratch… not fun.

So NO free or cheap themes!!

The Fix:

Buy your theme from reputable theme company.

You’ll pay more but you’ll have a top notch theme that comes with great support and in some cases private forums where you can get help and even hire people to do custom work for you for the theme.

The best companies I know of and have bought premium WordPress themes from are:

http://diythemes.com/ – I use this theme for Net Wise Profits

http://www.studiopress.com/ (Genesis framework)

http://themeforest.net/ (huge selection of themes)

http://www.optimizepress.com/ (the best marketing theme)

So that’s the 7 most popular mistakes people make with WordPress. I hope you found this information helpful.

Leo Emery

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