5k Formula System Review – What You’re Not Being Told

5k formula system

Welcome to my 5k Formula System review.

The 5K formula system is a training program put together by Matthew Neer. And with his system he claims that you can start making as much as $5000 on autopilot for free using what he has dubbed as his “instant commission system”.

And all you have to do is sign up, use his done for you funnel system and you can start making these $5000 paydays over and over again.

Now that sounds all fine and dandy but the first question that pops into my mind is Matthew’s program legit or is it just another overhyped money grabbing scam?

Now you before you get into my review and I let you know what I think about this program you need to know that I’m not associated with the program in any way.

As with all my reviews I’m simply here to give you my personal opinion and tell you what I think of the program. What you decide to do after reading my review is completely up to you. So, if you do decide to buy this program I will not be compensated.

And with that said, let me first say, good on you for taking the time to do your own research before buying any online product or service. That alone tells me your serious about finding a legitimate way to make money online.

Alright, let’s see what 5k Formula System is all about.

Quick Overview

Product Name: 5k Formula System

Price: $39.99 plus upsells

Owner: Matthew Neer

Type Of Product: Affiliate Sales funnel

Overall Rating: 1/5

Recommended: NO

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So, What Is 5k Formula System?

In a nutshell the 5K formula system will give you access to premade sales funnels. Now if you’re not sure how a sales funnel works this is a form of affiliate marketing combined with email marketing.

So, here’s how a sales funnel works. It all starts with having one page website that is designed to capture people’s contact information. These are also known as squeeze pages or landing pages.

This page gets people onto your email list and it also gets them into your sales funnel.

Now that they’re in the sales funnel they will be presented with the main product or service you’re offering and they will also be presented with what are called upsells.

Upsells are additional products and services that are promoted to people as they are going through the sales funnel. And these upsells typically become more expensive as they go through the funnel.

Now if the person does not buy anything within your funnel (it happens). Because they are on your mailing list. You still have the opportunity to market other products and services to these people in the future for as long as they stay on your mailing list.

How You Make Money? 

The premade sales funnel that you’re going to be using is the sales funnel that’s going to be promoting the 5K formula system.

So, anyone that goes through the sales funnel and purchases the 5K formula system you will earn a 75% commission as well is a 75% commission on all the additional upsell products within the sales funnel.

What Training Can You Expect?

Before you get to the steps of setting everything up your prompted to register for a free workshop.

This workshop has nothing to do with 5K formula system. It’s a webinar hosted by John Crestani which is his high ticket affiliate training program called the Super Affiliate System.

5k formula system

Alright let’s go over the starting guide training.

1: Setting Up Account

In this training video Matthew explains that you’re going to need an autoresponder and you’re also going to need a ClickBank ID.

The autoresponder that he recommends is Get Response which is going to cost you at a minimum $15 per month which allows you to have up to 1000 subscribers on your mailing list.

But Matthew recommends the Pro version that will cost you $49 a month and allow you to have up to 5000 subscribers on your mailing list.

You’re going to need an autoresponder because this is the tool that’s going to allow you to capture email addresses and get people into your funnel.

Next, you’re going to need a ClickBank ID so that you can get paid your commissions.

ClickBank is free to join and is the affiliate network that holds the products that are being sold within the sales funnel and ClickBank is the one that’s going to be paying you your commissions.

2: Upload Link

In this training video you to be shown how to add your Get Response code into the 5K formula system.

3: Funnel Link

Just like in step two where you added your get response code. In this step, you’re going to add your ClickBank ID to your 5K formula system funnel.

And by doing this ClickBank will track all your sales ensuring that you get paid all of your commissions from all of your sales.

4: Click Tracking

In this training video you’re going to learn how to track your clicks through a service called Click Magic.

It’s very important to track your links because this provides you with the analytical data of what’s working and what’s not working.

Click Magic is going to cost you at a minimum $27 per month.

5: Traffic 

In this step of the training Matthew’s going talk about traffic that you can get using his traffic rotator. Apparently, Matthew gets so much traffic from various places he has what’s called his overflow traffic.

Let me just say right now there’s no such thing as too much traffic.

Anyway, so what Matthew is giving you access to his email list and for $19.95 per month he will guarantee you 100 clicks per month. And remember these are just clicks, that doesn’t mean sales. A click is just someone clicking on your link within your email.

Now when you’re using sales funnels as your marketing method using free traffic to drive people to your sales funnel is not the recommended method of traffic generation simply because free traffic takes time to develop.

And because of that Matthew talks about using Solo Ad paid traffic. Now if you’re not familiar with solo ads.

This is where you pay a mailing list owner a fee to send out an individual ad, hence the name solo ad, to his or hers mailing list.

Now the concept of solo ads has merit because if you don’t have a mailing list you can use someone else’s mailing list to promote your product or service.

But the problem with solo advertising is that many of these mailing lists are burnt out because they’re being sent ads over and over again and people are just not responsive to these ads anymore and they simply don’t convert.

The other issue with solo ads is it get very expensive. Depending on the size of the email list that you’re going to be sending your solo ad out to. You’ll find on average a just a single ad run can cost you between $100 and $200.

And of course, there is no guarantee anyone’s going to click your link within your email and obviously there is no guarantee of sales.

So, the advertising method that Matthew is recommending is not the best paid advertising method. It’s expensive, and most of the mailing lists are burnt out with low conversions if any conversions at all.

Are There Upsells?

Well this is a sales funnel and inherently sales funnels do have up sells. And here’s the upsell that you’ll find within the 5K formula system sales funnel.

Webinars -$97

If you decide to buy this upsell you will have access to recorded webinars that cover various topics. Such as understanding conversions and list building.

Pages – $47

When you initially purchased this product you only have access to one landing page. If we decide to buy this upsell, you’ll have access to 12 different landing page templates that you can edit.

And if you don’t bite at the $47 price point, you’ll be offered a down sell price of $19.95.

Resale Rights – $495

This is by far the most expensive upsell but with this one you can brand the 5K formula system as your own. And by doing this you would keep 100% of all the commissions you would earn through this sales funnel.

And if $495 is too much for you to spend all at once. Matthew gives you the option to make 3 equal monthly payments of $199 per month. However, splitting things up into 3 payments you will end up paying $597.

What I Like About 5k Formula System

#1) Sales Funnels Work

Sales funnels are a legitimate business model that many online marketers use. And if done correctly you can make a significant amount of money using this marketing model.

#2) Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with Matthew’s product it does come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

What I Didn’t Like About 5k Formula System

#1) Not That Easy

Unlike what Matthew is telling you in the sales video using sales funnels as a way to make money online is not as easy as he’s claiming it to be.

There are a lot of variables involved when using sales funnels.

If you think you just can plug into this system and send out emails and then have money start pouring in your bank account on autopilot, you’re in for a huge surprise.

This is not how making money online works. No matter what legitimate marketing model you decide to use to make money online it’s going to take a lot of hard work. And there’s no getting around that no matter what anybody tells you.

Remember Matthew is a salesman so he’s selling you the dream and he is doing that by showing a piles of money, flashy cars and exotic vacation locations.

In order to make money online you have to learn the skills for making money online. So remember no program or system that you decide to buy can automatically start making you money without you doing any hard work.

So even after reading my review you do decide to purchase this program make sure you’re doing it with the right expectations and what you’re going to have to do in order for this system to work for you.

#2) Not Your Business

This is not your business. And by that, I mean you don’t own the websites (landing pages). This whole funnel system that Matthew is offering you is on his servers (hosting).

So that means if he decides to close this program down there’s nothing you can do about it. And if he does do that. Your business will disappear along with whatever money you were making.

You never want to put yourself in the position where someone has control of you staying in business are not.

If you do want to use the sales funnel business model for making money online. You want to make sure that you have your own landing pages on your own domain and hosting.

For example, tools like Thrive Architect allow you to make your own landing pages and sales funnels on your own domain.

#3) The Truth About Traffic

You need to know how to drive traffic to your landing page. And it doesn’t matter if you’re using free traffic methods or paid traffic methods.

And you simply can’t push a few buttons or place a few ads and expect an avalanche of traffic to come to your landing page. It just does not work like that. (I wish it did)

And if you don’t know how to generate this traffic, you’re going to have to learn those skills.

When it comes to free traffic which does take a lot longer to develop, you’re going to have to know how to generate organic traffic through SEO (search engine optimization).

And when it comes to paid traffic there is a huge learning curve with this type of traffic. And this learning curve is going to cost you money.

So that means you’re going to need an advertising budget so you can do paid advertising. But you also have to go into paid advertising with the understanding that there is the real risk you’re going to lose that money.

Just because you using paid advertising doesn’t mean there’s a guarantee that you’re going to make that money back or even profit.

And despite what Matthew is telling you, solo ads are probably the worst paid method of traffic generation you can use.

#4) Additional Expenses

Not surprising in the sales video you’re not told of the additional expenses that you’re going to have to incur if you want to use this program.

It’s not until you purchased the program that you’re going find out that it’s going to cost you a lot more to put this sales funnel into action.

You’re going to need that autoresponder from Get Response. And if you go by Matthew suggestion that’s $49 per month.

As suggested you’re told you should use Solo ads to drive traffic to your landing page. And each Solo ad run you do conservatively is going to cost you between $100 and $200. (maybe even more)

Matthew also suggest you use the click tracking service from Click Magic. And that’s going to cost you $27 per month.

So, in addition to paying the $39.99 to get the program. Your ongoing monthly costs are going to be about $276 per month, or more.

And I’m not even including the additional up sells that you may purchase.

I’m a full-time affiliate marketer and I’m making a full-time income online as an affiliate marketer. Do you want to know how much it cost me to run my business which is earning me a multiple six-figure a year income?

It cost me less than $1 per day to run my business.

So, if I can earn that kind of money as an affiliate marketer spending less than $1 per day to run my business. It makes absolutely no sense that you have to spend over $250 per month or more to run a business that you don’t own.

My Final Opinion Of 5k Formula System

I know it sounds like a fantastic idea that you can pay some money and get a completely done for you system. But done for you systems aren’t as good as they sound.

Matthew does a great job of selling you the dream, but in reality, those income claims that he is making are far from truthful. This program really doesn’t deliver on everything that Matthew promises.

And most importantly this is not your business, you’re not in control of your own financial destiny. And as I mentioned earlier you want to be in control of your business right from the very start.

So, for those reasons there’s no way I can recommend this program to you.

Here’s A Much Better Option

Like I just mentioned aside from all the other things I don’t like about this program the biggest issue I have with this program is that you don’t have control over your business. And you absolutely want to be in control your business right from the start.

Affiliate marketing is a phenomenal way of making a full-time living online. And I’m speaking from experience because I’ve been doing that since 2005.

And what I love about affiliate marketing is that you can build your business around your hobby or your passion. You’re not pigeonholed or forced into building your business around something you have little or no interest in.

The other reason why I love affiliate marketing is because there is such a low threshold to get your business started. In fact, you can get your business up and running absolutely free.

Now if being in total control of your own affiliate marketing business is of interest to you and you want to learn more about how to do that.

I highly recommend you check out my number 1 resource called Wealthy Affiliate.

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I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I answered any questions you may have had about 5k Formula System.

And if you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them below and I’ll get back to you right away.

And if you did find this review helpful and enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your audience. And as always anytime you need a hand you can Email Me anytime.

I believe in you!!

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