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4 Ways To Increase Affiliate Sales

The following post is from my good friend and top notch affiliate marketer Nathaniell owner of One More Cup of Coffee.

As affiliate marketers, we’d all love to make more money. But increasing affiliate sales isn’t as easy as telling your visitors, “Hey guys, buy more stuff!”

If your sales are disappointing, you’re doing something wrong.

During my journey as an affiliate marketer, one thing was especially hard for me to come around to was the idea of testing, changing, and continuing to work on content that has already been published.

It can be easy to get stuck in the content creation mill, and want to churn out post after post to increase your traffic.

But many times you can increase conversions and create more sales from existing traffic. Here are four things to test, change, and tweak on pages that are already making you money, or are receiving lots of traffic but not making money (and should be!).

1. Change Link Placement

As a beginner, I always wanted to sneak in an affiliate link right at the top of my content. Maybe I could catch a few random sales.

As an experienced marketer, I want to warm up people before a sale, and avoid any potential SEO downsides to placing links at the top of my content.

What works best?

The truth is that there’s probably an advantage to both. Try one, the other, then both. Also try putting your affiliate links in the body of your content.

Try long links, try short links. No one likes a blog riddled with them, so you’ll need to find the best way to make use of as few as possible.

2. Change Your Copy

If you are selling a product that needs to be explained, you may find yourself writing 2,000+ word ad copy. It might take you 3 posts, or a 5 day email course.

But on the flip side, some products are just what they are – how much can you really say about a widget? And who has time to read all that? Some customers just want to know what works, what’s best, and where to get it.

Unfortunately this means you’ll have to test out entirely different content, which may affect your rankings for a particular keyword.

The best way to execute a long copy vs short copy comparison is going to be one of two ways. One, you can start a PPC campaign. With bought traffic, you don’t have to worry about rank or organic traffic.

The other way is going to be if your page is at the end of some kind of sales funnel, IE: the traffic is coming from another source on your blog.

This will ensure that you have ample time and traffic to see which copy is converting better. You may have a personal bias for one, but watch this video below to see some surprising results of long vs short ad copy.

3. Change Internal Linking Strategy

How many links are on your page and where are they going to? If you have links leading to other pages on your website or to external websites, you might be losing visitors before they reach your affiliate link.

Or maybe your visitors don’t have enough information to make an informed purchase, and are leaving to read more and buy somewhere else.

Adding or removing links from this page can create a whole new vibe. Are you trapping them in your sales funnel and scaring them away? Have you got some leaks in your bucket of affiliate money? See what works for you.

4. Change Sale Tone

This is something I struggle – I’m a softie. I absolutely hate a hard sale. Hate it.

The more someone tries to get me to buy something, the more I don’t want to buy from them. Unfortunately, most experienced marketers I know tell me that I need to “man up” and do some selling every once in a while.

There are advantages to both.

A simple comparison page, or object review can help you establish authority. It can show you expertise, without favoritism.

But in the same breath, a #1 choice, or an overt recommendation can help an indecisive buyer make up their mind.

And for particularly unsure visitors, reassuring them that they are making the right decision can help ease their minds. As a professional, it’s our job to not let them pay too much or too little!

Sales tone could be as simple as rewriting a few lines, or it could mean a revamp of the whole page. If you need to rewrite the whole thing, refer to top #2 for ideas on how to do this effectively.

Use some kind of break to separate content here, maybe an HR tag like the one below:


Unfortunately, increasing your affiliate sales isn’t an exact science! What works for MY niche and MY audience might not work for yours.

And this also means that if your pages are currently making sales, changing some of the things I listed above might actually cause you make less money!

Consider it the cost of data. You might have something that’s already 100% optimized for your niche and audience. But do you know that for sure?

A few sales could tell you that you had it right the first time. Great. But those same sales could tell you that you have been missing out on hundreds or thousands of dollars per month.

I think that the risk/reward ratio is obviously in your favor.


Nathaniell Nathaniell is an affiliate marketer and owner of One More Cup of Coffee. Visit his blog for product reviews, exclusive tips, live webinars, and more.

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