4 Ways For Protecting Website Content

Your content has value, my content has value. And it takes time and work to create great content.

So you need to know the ways of protecting your website content.

The cold hard truth is there are some people just to lazy to create their own content.

So instead of taking the time and energy we take to create content they troll the internet stealing content from you and me for their own use.

And the crazy thing is, if these lazy thieves would simply ask the content owner if they can use their content – chances are most people will say yes.

All we ask in return is to give us a link back to our site to the original content.

Pretty easy.

Oh but wait, that requires morals and effort – not in an abundance with lazy useless thieves.

How To Protect Your Content

So until the day these thieves get morals or a work ethic (don’t hold your breath) you need to protect your content.

Below are 4 ways you can prevent content theft plus the steps to take if you’ve had your content stolen.

1) Use a plugin like WordPress Protection Lite (they also have a paid  pro version).

Once this plugin is installed it disables copy features like CTRL+C, CTRL+A, CTRL+X, CTRL+V” and keyboard copy shortcuts like the right click feature.

So content thieves cannot use these features to copy anything from your site, including your images.

Go ahead try it. Try and copy my content or an image.

This is a pretty good deterrent to content thieves. Like I said most thieves are lazy so if they encounter this on your site they will more than likely just move on and find another easier site to steal from.

2) Copyscape – This is a duplicate content checker that will search the internet for copies of your web pages.

Simply paste the URL of your web page into the search box and it will scan the web for copies. Just a heads up you can only check one page at a time – it will not check your site as a whole.

3) Add a copyright notice and terms of use to your site. This is like a no trespassing sign. Sure it’s not going to completely stop a thief but it does put people on notice.

4) Use Google Alerts. Anyone with a Gmail account, which is free to get – can set up any type of Google Alert.

Simply set up an alert for your content. So when you create content set up the alert by choosing a unique sentence within your content.

And then adjust the alert to notify you of everything as things happen.

Steps To Take If Your Content Is Stolen 

If you have been the victim of content theft here’s what you do.

1) Gather Proof

Gather everything that you have that proves you are the original creator of the content. So this means screen shots, original files. And if it’s a video then the original source files.

And speaking of video theft (which I have been a victim of) if one of your videos has been stolen and put on YouTube you can file a copy right infringement complaint with YouTube.

I have had to do this on several occasions and usually within a few hours the stolen video will be removed.

2) Contact The Thief 

Now that you have your proof it’s time to get in touch with the offender. I know your first thought may be to send a harsh email and rip the person a new one, but don’t do that.

Your first email should be a friendly one. Even though the chances are low it could be that the theft was not intentional. Simply contact them and ask them nicely to remove the content.

This friendly email may result in the blog owner removing the content. So easy peezy.

However if the blog owner does not comply with your request, now is the time to contact their host. Include your evidence of being the original owner and creator of the content.

In some cases if the host finds the theft blatant they can choose to close their account if they refuse to remove the stolen content on their own.

3) File A DMCA Complaint 

More often than not the first 2 steps will resolve stolen content issues.

But if they don’t then you can step things up by filing a complaint with the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) 

These are the big guns, no fooling around here.

By doing this you are requesting that the content that has be stolen from you be de-indexed by Google.

You’ll find that Google is pretty quick to jump on this and get stolen content removed.

Stolen Content Sucks

In reality if someone really wants to steal your content there’re going to do it. They can take a screenshot or spend the time typing out your content.

But having these types of deterrents will stop 98% of the lazy thieves online.

And I know having your content stolen sucks, and it can be a waste of your valuable time to get it removed.

But you have to be diligent and jump into action and get your content removed from the offending site as soon as you find out your content has been stolen.

Not only are your protecting your rights you’re protecting your SEO rankings as well.

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